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"Don't judge mannnnnn just let people molest kids and trafficking women it's not your place brah judge not lest ye be judged OR DID U EVEN READ THE BIBLE"

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Woodstock theology lol I like that, I always called them 'kumbaya Christians'

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Hmm I wonder if like most of modern medicine is just expensive worse versions of natural remedies? 🤔

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I mean thats fair enough but can you at least just acknowledge that most of them are Jewish, some are every race. But most are Jewish.

I mean have you ever looked into how many people in us govt have dual Israeli citizenship? How many Hollywood, banking, medical and educational executives are Jewish? Can we at some point admit there is a pattern without being accused of antisemitism?

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The Kenosha Kid does it again. God bless.

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Eh well what can I tell you, I still watch shit on vhs and dvd....

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Paramount plus is absolute shit. The app doesn't work, the website doesn't work and no one wants it. I do AV work and have to install apps for customers sometimes. Paramount plus is never one of them.

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