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Interesting that the two vaccines that are viral vector rather than MRNA are the ones being pulled.

Perhaps planned this way to make the masses think that if the others weren't safe they would get pulled too?

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That's not a forest though is it? A few trees on a golf course?

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Yes! I was toying with the idea of making a social media post about how honored I am to participate in the control group. Maybe make myself a little card. Hahah

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Does anyone actually care to see any of these artists? Haha... what a joke. J Lo hoped that doing a pole dance at the superbowl would revive her career, didnt work so now she's a vaccine advert. Hahaha

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Easy to follow and approachable article on all of the very sensible reason not to get covid jab. Tons of links throughout to back up every point. Great one to share with normies and possibly red pill to those still believing the covid hype

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Yeah that was my immediate thought. A whole other world of abuse/grooming that I hadn't ever even considered before. So fucking horrible.

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Also reminds me of the creepy videos that were all over YouTube kids app, did y'all ever dive into Elsa Gate?

Very similar type videos with well known children's cartoon characters/super heroes. At first the videos would start out normal and then suddenly they are strapped down to chairs getting shots, or suddenly pregnant, weird videos of spider man peeing on Elsa. All kinds of sick stuff and parents wouldn't even know their kid was watching it because it was on a kids app and so many parents just use an ipad as a babysitter.

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Hey look, I'm one of the people who call out others on calling every spiral a pedo calling card.

But this is clearly the triangle spiral, and SO many of them, and the video is creepy as fuck.

Putting children into a virtual world where they get to play hero while an adult does something entirely different to them irl. It's just waaaaay too on the nose to be nothing.

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Came across this video today on Instagram. Virtual reality "game" to help children feel comfortable getting vaccines turns vaccination into a game, where the nurse irl is mirroring what is happening in the VR to administer vaccine while child is immersed in cartoon land where they are being given special "armor" from a "fire stone" which has pedo triangle symbol on it. The entire video is FULL of the spiral triangles 🤮


I cant help but think of the implications of this type of VR being used on children and what other kinds of sick things people could use this type of technology for. Fuck, man.

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I have definitely considered this and it's really the only answer that makes any sense. And further solidifies my resolve to avoid the testing at all costs.

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I've just recently lost my best friend of 17 years (coincidence? Haha)

This was actually a person who introduced me to the deep state/NWO agenda, Rockefellers, 9/11 everything! We were housemates back in the day and dove deep into old old school Alex Jones, David Icke, Michael Tsarion, David Wilcock (not to say I "follow" any of these people currently)

This person was one of the most awake and aware people I knew. All this time I believed that if anything like this ever went down this would he the guy I want on my team.

Then Covid hit. He had to get tested weekly for work/travel and maybe that has something to do with it, but dude slide a complete 180°

He is fully subscribed to the covid narrative, constant masks even though he lives in a state they aren't required, he is scheduled to get the vaccine.

Several times he has become upset at things I was sharing on social media trying to spread the word/wake people up. Tells me I have lost my mind, that I'm embarrassing myself etc (I haven't even posted anything crazy, I stick to straight data re:covid)

Then he started getting angrier, would say really hateful and mean things, it just escalated and I had no choice but to just cut him out.

It's been hard. And just shocking really.

I don't understand how people are buying this. The brainwashing is no joke.

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This was my thought.

Perhaps we can counter this "spell" by utilizing a phrase of our own with an opposite meaning. Some sort of Great Awakening affirmation or something?

Meme magic! Let's go!

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No one ever actually cared about kids in cages.

They were told to care and be outraged, so they were. No one is telling them to care anymore and its completely 100% off their radar.

Several homes in my town had huge "no lids in cages" signs in their yards and took them down the day Biden was installed in the White House.

I doubt they even thought twice about the fact that there were still kids in cages, and I doubt they have any idea that there are now even MORE kids in cages than before.

Watching the way people don't even pay attention to anything Biden is doing has definitely shown me to an even greater extent how truly brainwashed people are. It's pretty sad.

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Interesting. The sightings were in Washington, which then became home to Chaz

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GEOTUS does indeed mean God emperor of the United States

Not everyone uses the phrase or holds Trump on that pedestal.

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