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Temporal or eternal.

The wrath of God will shake our world. The story is already laid bare before us. The pieces are in place. Evidence of prior Cataclysms in cycles through the universe. Signs that we are on the doorstep of the next.

We are at max population and maximum deviancy. It is close to harvest time.

May all convert before it is too late.

Even though I know, I struggle with temporal needs and desires. This lent I had even greater plans than normal but I can not stay on track. Being off of this site was one of them. Intended to fill it with prayer.

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I am in a Lenten renewal class this year. Many people 60 and up asking for prayers for sick young loved ones.

Also shopping this morning at TSC Walmart and Hone Depot.

Young people aren’t working. It is older people.

2 factors. Need money for survival and the youth have checks out. Sickness, unmotivated or something else?

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I am saying we are lied to constantly and may not have been told the truth. We had a lot of ugly going on here already in US and instigated some stuff.

I have doubts about any of it. In a flash things have drastically changed and our founding fathers are already demonized. And everything just follows the narrative.

I hate to be the guy with the fingers in my ears but I am no longer listening and really question anything we have been told/sold.

I look at the Nazi symbol and se it was used globally and centers around religion. Is it just killed as a symbol because of its importance?

I have questions and no answers.

But there is nothing new under the sun.

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I question whether he was an ethnic cleanser or not.

When we see the lies and deceptions and just doubt so much.

We instigated Japan to attack and allowed it even though we new. We were practicing eugenics in the US as well.

I just don’t buy we are the good guys and Germany was only the bad guys.

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To me the foreign country is the US. They can play shell game. Fly threats to DS into a strip with others change transponders and fly many out to different locations. Make them expend their assets as much as possible. Deplete their resources.

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Trump, Putin, Saddam, Qaddafi, Hitler

Fighters of evil. Tarnished by the lies of history and news media. With regular programming in schools, books, TV and media they destroy those that wish to do good.

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I just thought it parallels tot he great awakening. I like seeing where the conversation light go.

Evil seems to want to destroy all that is wholesome and good. Those too young to know always seem to appreciate the good changes while the good kids reject the evil changes.

No replace those too young with those that are still asleep. Even those sleeping TV are starting to notice.

That was all. Thank you for questioning.

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Just a dude on a couch.

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We should all fear God. Because he makes men that carry out vengeance to protect the innocent.

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We need Putin to come save our kids. Based on recent media stories He is doing it in Ukraine using soldiers that only have shovels for weapons. We need him to come here to save us as We have 400 million guns and can’t stop this shit.

things Ukraine war is proving

  1. America is a nation of greedy oppressors with mental issues
  2. we abuse our Allie’s and cause harm to make sure we get support from our Allie’s
  3. that you can dismantle the western military with Russian shovel warfare.

We must deny evil our time, talent and treasure with a unified front. A continuous strike from work, shopping or paying any corrupt entity until this is rectified. If we stop funding the governments with tax revenue from all sources the strong arms enforcers will stop showing up. I don’t think this needs to go as long as people think it does. People need immediate stimulation so many would fold quickly for a fix. If we could drag it out they might actually detox from the need for bad evil shit.

If nothing else mock them. Pedo Joe and the Pedo Fake Hoe run the pedo abortion party that wants to kill whitey.

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Let them have Cali. Minorities only. They will then Have equity. They will fight among themselves for status and stealing from each other.

Expand the series. Escape from Cali. Kurt Russell needs a new film in CGI.

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If you leave their system only they are left and they will all have the same equity.

Whatever they can create for themselves they will. They will eat each other.

Once that is over you can go back.

My theory is that before we set sail to America, our founding fathers were coming back after doing the above. We took what we had left behind to others for the same reason. No way to prove it but future reveals past.

Where are we now and what is next.

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My son in his 20s said he thinks like the mother in waterboy. Everything is the devil.

But Iran has been right for a long time with America is the Great Satan.

The Biden admin is right. The war is a PR war and they are losing.

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We should call for execution through organ harvesting so it supports multiple greater goods.

Expected results are they would rather die from firing squad hanging or lethal injections because from my understanding is the process is cruel to the donor.

It would eliminate many evil people and save kids from being victims in other crimes as well.

It would reduce the black market and organ donor murder schemes.

The question is would you want a life saving organ form an evil person? Would their evil transfer fully, partially, or not at all?

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May be true. But how many have been let in for the Ds to continue pushing their objectives of anti white and American destruction?

Also, who cares when the federal state and local governments across the nation are weaponized against Americans.

They only one we know who is for us is God. The talking heads and politicians are not for us.

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I remember when the gulf war started and watching with my future wife and joining the navy. Although we only had an air mattress as our bed. And a black and white 13 channel tv on the floor.

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They know and we know. And they know that we know. And we know that they know that we know. And Trump.

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Just carry your phone in a coffee bag. Use it only when necessary.

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I just think that deregulation needs to occur and the regulations we keep are enforced.

I also think the federal government is a bunch of criminals that steal through taxes and only use regulation to hurt people they disagree with and help their personal interests.

I think lawyers are horrible in general and that a company is liable for hiding something dangerous but shouldn’t be held accountable for dumb people misusing a product.

The above keeps people from creating options outside of large companies with deep pockets and stifles small business which is the real travesty.

The government hasn’t made us safer with their regulations and agencies. They just weaponize everything against individuals.

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