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If Reddit users didn't have a mod telling them when to eat, breath and shit they would all die.

They're beyond help.

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So I went ahead and tracked png mentions of the user name u/Qisking since he's a handshake and sure as shit a screengrab pops up on REDDIT again.

u/Qisking are you aware of Stephen King's ties to pedophilia organizations? You should really dig into the lincoln project. You know that thing who's head just got busted for being a pedo?

You might also want to go on the dark web and start looking up what Isaac Kaapy was sharing regarding Mr King, Spielberg, and others.

It would be a good idea for you to start waking up now. Reddit is no place to waste your God given brain away.

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Vaguely. Stephen King is a pedophile though. It's a known fact.

NCSWIC. The penalty for this shit is DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD.

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Deep State vs Deep Pharm round 2


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I don't know anything about this. Do you have a source for this claim? I'd like to read more.

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Consistent accuracy. I have yet to catch them in a lie and other anons can attest to this fact.

I don't blame you for being curious.

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I know it's not your profession so I'm going to forgive the gloom and doom shit but you really need to look at where each and every one of the legal battles landed as well as the Maricopa auidit on the 22nd of April.

You're used to hollywood magic and popcorn flicks.

Slow. Down.

The real world moves much slower and you must be more keen.

Stop fretting, fren. Good patriots are keeping an eye on things. We'll sound the alarm if this thing falls apart.

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The day will come when Patriots.win must admit we are right.

When that day comes. Remember. They were and still are our brothers in this.

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How would it spread? Use your noggin' friend.

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THANK GOD. This is what we have been waiting for...for like...YEARS NOW.

The recent alt coin boom coupled with this news means NOW IS THE TIME.

If you have been considering buying crypto you best not hesitate.

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ICANN shut down the internet in portions of spain in the past using a similar type of number table resolution block. I think this is the most likely scenario.

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Hell yeah. The chans are where the best bread is baked. I love GAW but it's more of a "cheerleading" section for our cause.

Reddit users are stuck in a school. A brain washing school.

It continues to give them gold stars and little "100%s" each time they correctly answer questions they're programmed to respond with.

>"Orange man...bad?"

>"Yes here you go, Jimmy. Enjoy your gold star and reddit awards."

It's sad really.

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I've watched a lot of them make excuse after excuse for Biden. We really do need a nuclear scare event, black out, etc. followed by full economic collapse.

NESARA/GESARA requires the old economy to go away anyway... at thhis point I believe that's the only option for these poor brain washed saps.

Dude watch how mad they get if you ask them to open a history book from 1950 before we implemented the gold standard.

They'll melt down. These people will straight suicide if they're forced to admit they helped fuel the evil in the world.

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Hi Fren,

We actually already know who everyone in Antifa is.

A bunch of us on 4chan and 8kun wardrove portland w/ wireshark and laptops and walked through their network traffic to identify them all.

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They spent 0 minutes researching who Flynn was, what he was doing under Obama, what happened under Trump...nada. They're sniffing farts and waiting for the next celebrity tweet to tell them what to think.


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I've found that certain segments of the population respond to different stimuli at various paces.

Redditors only understand shame.

Fucking up the Q thing will be their biggest shame yet. Even bigger than fucking up who the boston marathon bomber was while 4chan was calling in airstrikes in Syria with laser precision.

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Since this was sticked those folk are likely to find us. Hopefully they decide to read my post:

  1. I found your sub because I traced a bunch of you turds wandering in here. No you aren't hidden. Aw shucks.

  2. You're obsessed with us because we keep turning out to be right. Buckle up shit heads. Rides about to get real bumpy.

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This is the first "Storm" sticky I've seen. When did you guys add this feature? I love it.

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