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The messages he sends are good (for the most part). I know he will unfortunately turn on us though, just like Desantis and many others.

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No, if there was a bad actor that gained access to Q's tripcode, why wouldn't they do anything malicious with it? Also, you would also say that "Q got hacked", which I highly doubt anybody could do.

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If you hit ctrl f and type "anonymous", you will see that the question the reporter was asking was "Mr. President, do you know who anonymous is?" So he wasn't talking about Q.

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You are not banned if you just posted this.

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The link still works, and to clarify, frazzled.rip (The URL) has shown Hillary for awhile now.

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"We are returning after a long absence. We anticipate being operational on Sunday, November 19th, 2023."

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"If anyone has questions, please ask. We will answer what we can.

To set the stage a bit, we were taken offline on December 22, 2022. We tried coming back in March of 2023, but had problems finding a reliable facility. We think we have everything sorted out now and are in process of rebuilding the platform as it was with a few minor improvements."

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That's not what he meant.

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