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I'm telling you what, the 2nd Trump administration is where shit gets done.

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It doesn't remove access the API, this post explains it all:


This will effectively kill off any third party reddit apps like Apollo, RIF, etc.

A lot of people are against it for this reason, since the regular app is shit. I think this could be a white hat op to make people get pissed at reddit and not use it.

Just my thoughts on it.

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If you click on the "Frazzled.rip" link in the first post, you get sent to a webpage with a creepy image of Hillary. Caught me off guard.

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Yeah, creators of videos usually have a little outro showing that they made the video.

It seems to be that the creator of this video is not associated with the Magical Trevor, who made that video Trump posted.

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That's why I said "If ever". I hope eventually he will address the issue head on.

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I know, but he doesn't address what is in the vaccine or cases of died suddenly. He doesn't go in to detail about it.

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I wonder when, if ever, Trump will stop using these rehearsed answers and actually give legitimate responses to questions pertaining to Vaccine deaths, abortion bans, etc.

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So, if we are watching a movie and all the important actors are playing their parts well under control, why would any plan depend upon the variability of an election at this point?

Trump won in 2016, that was part of the plan.

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It's sad to see the decline of The Bee.

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He's been verified for a while now.

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Well yeah, this doesn't mean he is gonna post right away, it might be a couple of days to a week till he starts posting, who knows.

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