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Just a heads up, Elon Musk did not kill himself.

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This pandemic treaty is being pushed, around the same this monkeypox virus fearmongering is happening? Pure coincidence I bet.

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Potential roadmap, get ready.

America and every other country signs WHO treaty --> Monkeypox is declared very deadly (Obviously fake) --> America becomes locked down and we're back into lock downs. Is this what causes the Militaries of the world to coordintate and take down these vile people who try to control us? I know Q said "US Military = savior of mankind." He also said the "military is the only way" That could be interpreted as any military of the world though.

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He was a big Q follower on Twitter. He had like 340k on twitter before he got banned in the Great Twitter purge.

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I've noticed a lot of bot like activity on Truth so far. Especially when I like or Retruth a Trump post.

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This leaves a terrible precedent, if 12 year olds can consent to these things, according to California, what else can they consent too? You all know what they are gonna try to do.

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