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So I have to have an operation in a hospital soon and they force you get a test or your can't get your operation? What do I do? I am dead without the operation. I am hoping the tests are just to check out our DNA to see better how to kill us.

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YES! First time I have seen Walmart shelves even partly empty throughout the store.

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It won't matter soon because nobody speaks english anymore in America.

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I bet you are correct. My Mother said she had zero side effects from both stabs. Yet others felt horrible and others dropped dead.

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The Nazis were just puppets of the bankers. Either that or the Nazi's were trying to kill the bankers. I am not sure there is a way to prove it either way.

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Think about it. These petty, evil fuckers are the same Nazi's we fought in WWII. They always project their values unto us to confuse people. That is why they call us Nazi's even though it is the furthest thing from the truth. Why did they kill Hank Aaron? First, they are white supremacists and hated blacks. To them, they were only good as slaves. Second, Hank Aaron beat Babe Ruth's records. They hated him for that. Imagine a black beating a white! OUTRAGEOUS! To say they harassed Hank Aaron after he beat the Babe's records is a gross understatement.

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I always know I am right when you have negatives and positives fighting to keep me at zero! Think about it. Why was Hank Aaron an enemy? I don't even like baseball and could figure that one out. It is widely known Hank Aaron died shortly after the stab.

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They are part machine part living matter is my guess. Everyone who has gotten the clot shot is now compromised and will be the enemy when triggered via 5G.

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