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Most people in this community fail this daily.

Too many people convinced of their own rightness to allow truth to prevail.

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Besides “riffle” being an appropriately used word… “usually is foreign”?? lol… foreign criminal organizations???…. Hahahaha

Come on, man.

People need to think and investigate before posting. And then this was pinned? For fuck’s sake.

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What… the…

What is all this, man?

Did you really just throw all that random stuff into a comment without so much as an explanation how they’re connected, let alone relevant to the original post?

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A kid’s random, spontaneous response to an interview… is comms?

Come on, man.

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Or it could be a janitor in the TS HQ who found a station left logged in…

Or hackers!

Stop speculating to dismiss.

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Well said, but…

sometimes our community falters

…you’re being too kind here. This community is rife with illogical and emotional thinking. From the way people respond to challenges to the way people comment when they agree… well let’s just say people have become QNPCs and it’s an embarrassment.

I’d like to think it’s mostly bots in here saying the retarded stuff I see all the time… but since the few rational, logical posts and comments come so infrequently I have little hope left.

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No, you haven’t. This board has been a clusterfuck of guesses and incorrect assumptions ALL ALONG.

You don’t have special knowledge that everybody else doesn’t also have access to.

Far better to stay humble and flexible and work together.

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Exactly… but people are desperate to connect dots and “no consequences” and all that…

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Who said that? Did anybody actually say they believe that?

I highly doubt anyone here doesn’t assume Trump is on top of stuff.

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What am I missing? He didn’t say anything about wiping. In fact, he says “preserve” here…

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Seriously. What does this mean? Where’s the proof?

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In this context… what does that even mean? What are you actually suggesting?

Please explain. You can’t just copy+paste phrases without a reason.

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Don’t suppose it’s worth asking for a source… I’d prefer one that doesn’t have anonymous “connections”…

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I don’t suppose it’s worth asking for a source… preferably one that doesn’t attribute their info to anonymous “connections”…

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