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In GTA Chinatown Wars you get email in game of children being tortured and killed and turned into fashion products. This got me looking into all of their games.


GTA IV had a serial killer character named Eddie Low. Eddie openly brags about sodomizing a little boy and choking him to death. He also brags about ripping the intestines out of a little girl.


In game a company called "Little Lacey Surprise", a children's underwear company, runs these strange commercials that infer pedophilia. Someone took the audio of the commercial and put it over this children's underwear ad.


In GTA Chinatown Wars an in game email says they really produce Childporn, and are being run by the FIB (FBI)

"One year later, in 2009, Huang Lee receives an email from "Illegal Teen", which indicates a site in which child pornography is available to see, and furthermore says it is surely legal and that they "wouldn't lie to people where money was concerned", finishing the email by saying "the FIB no longer controls the site", with a post scriptum "on an hourly rate".

This FIB reference and the pedophilia involved clearly points out that the site is indeed littlelacysurprisepageant.com."


Manhunts plot is about an elite organ trafficking and snuff film ring. It is being protected by the police and black ops units. You also fight satanic pedophiles.


"The CCPD are Carcer City's main police force and are led by corrupt police chief Gary Schaffer, who takes bribes from Lionel Starkweather to allow the Director's snuff film ring to operate within the city."


"The Cerberus are Starkweather's private army hired to protect him and his Estate. They also help in the production of his snuff films by setting up cameras, blocking off streets and transporting James Earl Cash from location to location."


"The Innocentz have two factions: the bulk of the Innocentz are composed of the Skullz (more commonly called Skullyz), a group of Latino goths, gangbangers (particularly Sureños) and Satanists who also belong to local gang sets such as Malos and Muerte 187. Most of the Baby Faces, meanwhile, are genuine psychopaths and pedophiles"


Max Payne's plot is about the drug Valkyr (Adrenochrome). Valkyr is a performance enhancing healing drug. It is being made in an underground bunker. When Max Payne's wife get's a leaked memo while working for the District Attorney's office by a whisteblowing senator they send people to kill her and her baby. They kill Max's family and the plot is about getting revenge and stopping Valkyr.



All of these plots are what we have been researching.

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For those wondering I was sent this on my Facebook page Survival War in a PM. I would link my page but I'm not trying to break self promotion rules or the rule against Facebook which is why I used Streamable to get the word out here.

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Dude google drive through LA or any other liberal city right now. Not just this video, any video. This is worse than any dystopian movie.

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This is a still image in a not released as of yet movie by Netflix called Leave the World Behind. I'll link the trailer. In my opinion I feel this is really a coded message. Rather that be to us or them I'm not sure. This is how the film ends - with NYC and America going into a civil war and that message appearing on the television in the film. I saw an early screening of the film.


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Just a trend I'm noticing when searching sick dog, before this month barely any videos like that. Now many. Could be people wanting views yes.

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Good catch!!

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What? I think your on the wrong thread friend. Ive been here for many years. What are you even taking about receipt are you a bot?

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That it's CNN having this discussion out of all networks...

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Exactly. Let people mock. This might be some serious shit.

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