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Yeah I watch concerts and see all these people filming it on their phone. What's the point, crappy pic, crappy sound, sit back and get into it.

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And you'd trust a bunch of ambulance chasing lawyers? They are talking it down to discourage people taking action when defamed by the deep state.

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Remember the black hole in the pentagon budgets?

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Yep, generally people abuse someone simply because they are pissed off with them. Often they will use put a term relevant to said person in front, so Cunt becomes fat cunt if the person is over weight, irish cunt, wog cunt (wog is used in Australia for italians and Greeks) etc etc.

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And this cunt replaces him.

Incoming Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, who will shortly replace Jack Dorsey as head of the far-left social media company, uncritically repeated a quote in 2010 suggesting that there should be no need to “distinguish between white people and racists.”

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Outside of the forced vaccine, everything else has been well know re people coming back in from overseas. It was meant to change to home detention with an ankle bracelet so whether this story is current do not know. Something very similar did the rounds about 6 to 12 months ago.

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Oh all the BS, this is the one that amazes me, its so fucking illogocial

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And this fucking thing is not a bio-weapon? To a dumb fuck like me it seems like its fusing with other virus's etc.

Full article:

Scientists have described a new variant of coronavirus – expected to be dubbed Nu by the World Health Organisation – as “very worrying” with an “horrific spike profile”.

The variant, which first emerged in South Africa and is also present in Botswana, has 32 mutations on the spike protein – an extremely high number – and is becoming the dominant variant in areas of South Africa at a much quicker rate that even the Delta variant did.

Experts say it is too early to tell whether the mutation known as B. 1.1.529 will overtake Delta to ­become the dominant variant across the world but that it would likely be less susceptible to vaccines. The variant contains an ­“unusual constellation of mutations” and likely evolved during a chronic infection of an immunocompromised patient, possibly in an untreated HIV/AIDS patient.

Tom Peacock, a virologist at Imperial College London, said due to the very low numbers of ­diagnosed cases, it was difficult to say how widely B. 1.1.529 would spread. “However, it very, very much should be monitored due to that horrific spike profile. I would take a guess that this would be worse antigenically than nearly anything else about,” he said.

Dr Peacock said of particular concern was that the new strain contained two mutations linked to increased infectivity and transmissibility. “This is the first time I’ve seen two of these mutations in a single variant,” he said.

Francois Balloux, a professor at the UCL Genetics Institute, agreed the combination of mutations was extremely rare.

“I would definitely expect it to be poorly recognised by neutralising antibodies relative to Alpha or Delta. It is difficult to predict how transmissible it may be at this stage,” Professor Balloux said. The WHO held an emergency meeting on Friday and discussed whether to declare B.1.1.529 a variant of concern.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said the government was watching the situation in South Africa closely and Australian health officials were working with the WHO to investigate the variant. The variant is not yet believed to have ­arrived in England, but the UK nevertheless imposed travel ­restrictions on six African countries to try to restrict the global spread of the variant. All flights from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) and Lesotho have been banned from entering the UK.

Singapore, Italy and Japan also announced travel restrictions, while India was placed on high alert.

Mr Hunt said there would be no change to Australia’s borders in the immediate term as the country only saw minimal arrivals from South Africa. Recent arrivals from the African nation were in quarantine in Howard Springs outside Darwin.

“I asked the chief medical officer of Australia, Professor (Paul) Kelly, this morning in our conference call to review the status of the potentially emerging variant,” Mr Hunt said. “If more action is needed, more will be implemented.”

He said the strain was “highly unlikely to affect the effectiveness of vaccines” but that view was not shared widely by virologists and was also contradicted by Tulio de Oliveira, the director of South ­Africa’s Centre for Epidemic ­Response and Innovation.

“This variant did surprise us, it has a big jump on evolution (and) many more mutations than we ­expected,” he said.

One piece of positive news was that the variant is able to be ­detected by normal PCR tests so can be closely monitored.

One reason scientists are so concerned about the Nu strain is that it contains more than double the number of the mutations than Delta. “If you look at the other variants, the more mutations they have the worse they seem to be,” said Stuart Tangye, an immunologist at the Garvan Institute and a conjoint professor at St Vincent’s Clinical School in the University of NSW’s faculty of medicine.

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Well this would imply that the vaccines are OK then as why would Trump warp speed them if he knew they were deadly?

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Yeah, family Xmas was at my join this year, one of my relatives hid behind his mum and they wanted to know whether I would be vaxxed by Xmas day as he was worried about his 4 to 10 year old kids being infected by me.

I told them to fuck off, find somewhere else.

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Fauci is the most evil man on the planet right now, he is going after new borns next

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They are sick, they do not want them infecting others, they do not have treatment facilities. How hard is it?

Some of you fuckers sound like left wingers, the inability to apply logic and just brain dead morons. If you think the ADF would follow orders like you imply you have your head up your ass.

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So says a person with the user name seaman, I think you have been swallowing too much of you name.

You do sound like an utter cock sucker to boot.

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This would imply there might be a lot more to this then we currently know.

NO offence, but random acts of violence in America are common but if this was directed in some way and there was proof? Along with Maxwell and Smollett trials people could be an awakening to the evil.

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Epstein and Maxwell would have targeted Trump because of his profile and wealth. They would have moved in the same circles and bumped into each other.

That is probably it, never been any link to the island etc.

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