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What movie?

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"blown to smithereens" is literally the exact opposite of what most people think. I hate fake fucking news.

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That's not the right area, it's more towards his ear lobe on his right cheek, about an inch in front of his ear lobe.

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I watched both videos of Crypto Jesus live and even they said both nights it was a nothing burger. Each night.

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What is that aerial photo supposed to be of? Some kind of elite compound?

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how do we vote them out when voter fraud is the problem

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It's not that debt will get cancelled. It's that the fraud that has taken place over X number of years whether it's the IRS, inflation, etc. will get reversed and REFUNDED to people much like the stimulus checks. Then, if people choose to use their refunded fraud money to pay off their debts, that will be up to them. So, let's say it's determined that the average 45 year old adult citizen is owed $720,000 in back payments for fraud, if they choose to use a portion of that to pay off their $200,000 mortgage, that will be up to them. So, it's not so much paying off the debt, but it's indemnifying people for crimes committed.

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I'm more concerned with his deer in the headlights look at the press conference today.

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In at will states they can fire you on the spot for any reason including pulling stunts like this.

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Regarding the Deep State, I'm torn between two concepts. The first is I ask myself why don't the white hats just round up these fucking "symbol loving pricks" and be done with it, thinking they can't be all that powerful. Then, I see the deer in the headlights look like on DeSantis and think, damn, they must be more powerful than we can possibly imagine.

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I actually think "private sector enforcement" was their plan all along. Most of these scum bag CEO's are freemasons and are implementing the jab plan from within. This shit has got to stop.

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Easy on the spaz...who, what, when and where? Remember that lesson in grade school?

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The sad reality is we have no idea what is in the jabs, good, bad or neutral. We may never know. With so many moves and countermoves, and not to mention disinformation is real, we really are just following along with the movie.

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Never cared for his overacting karate horseshit. Give me Van Damme or Seagal or even Norris.

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I had to come to the sad and disappointing realization that just because someone makes you doesn't mean they have the same intelligence as you.

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So it was a tie without those added? j/k all the fraud numbers are equally important

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