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both of these peoples BIO's look great. Can you point me to where I should begin learning about these peoples contribution to the world?

Why do you bring them up here, show me the way anon :-)

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Yep, you done fucked up lol. The warrants were like 2$a share today! I was so closed to selling my stock and buying up the warrants

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Couldn’t agree more, we’ve all had our fair share of tough days!

This place keeps me focused

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I put any money I wanted to "save" for after the storm into gold and silver. While making ballsy bets on predictions such as Gamestop and $RVP Crypto.

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I think this: .... Its just an illusion. Like think about it. The entire world is a giant Potemkin Village. AKA a total fraud. The elites make movies and pay kids to play sports to entertain the masses. They let us have jobs cause it doesn't matter what we choose. We all have to work. Taxes are inevitable. Just like debt in the current world. We are slaves regardless. Damned if you do, damned if you dont.

Have you seen netflix lately? I can't believe peoiple watch that shit. Its all trash. I could never sit through so many seasons of bad acting. Its excruciating.

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I’m nearby this lady. I won’t give too much info, but this video was recorded in the summer. Some people asked for proof (we are a small scene of truthers) and she never gave us anything.

Tbh I want to believe her, but she couldn’t proved it so easily. Dr strang even said no kid was in hospital with heart issues when it came out.

Not saying it’s 100% bullshit, but we need better info to share.

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Lin wood said " I think QANON Spun out of your digital warriors.."

Read that again?

Digital warriors = truthers who read Q posts and read between the lines and study news/world events.

I think we are correct when we say QANON is a disinfo campaign, but Q is not.

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I used to binge movies hard. I'd watch 3 a night some-times.

I can't stand them at all. I dont want to support it. The actors seem creepy. there is a message in the movie that ruins it etc.

The real world is more interesting.

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I’m at work and I’d love it if somebody could tell me a summary of what they even talk about or discuss?

Is it the classic “Demon-rats” and “they stole the election” BS that we all know already?

Or am I going to learn something new and stimulate my brain?

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LOL wut, how? is there a naming system to have predicted the new variants name?

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100% great post tbh. Andy is a treasure for sure.

Current dealings in society is fucking nonsense on every level.

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Hey OP, big fan, I clearly recognize your work. Keep up the great work soldier! You’re a treasure around these parts of the internet

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can anybody prove that this person actually posted this? any proof thats his account?

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Terrain theory? Got any good documentaries/videos to watch on it?

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Bahhahaha, I thought the same thing tbh

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I’ll be honest, men are definitely weaker than they should be. But I hardly know anybody who eats that shit besides a one off to try it.

It’s more expensive here and most people are happy to eat regular meat.

That’s just what I’ve witnessed. They try to paint it to be more popular than it is. It’d never catch on unless propaganda improved

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Is this anime good or something? What is the meaning of this post? srs

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