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lol what. Its a autist who likes to research and challenge his abilities.

Stop thinking so hard. You really give off the troll vibes

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bro if he can research that hard to find a location, i think he can atleast figure out trump won the election.

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ahh i see, yeah its all love here fam. I hate nobody. and I definitely wouldnt waste my time to follow somebody around and downvote lol

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Ill guess that I do not... I do like the post tho if that counts as a fan. lol

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hi its me

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Lol I love it. This is how I found Q. I’m a very “okay I hear your argument but I can’t just believe anything until I get a basic understanding of events and info.”

So when trump was saying the election was stolen and I looked up the voting charts and the insane number of votes, and the difference in amount of votes from the presidential elections over the years.. I knew ye. Definitely stolen.

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either way it opens up discussion for how heavy metal gets into nature where it shouldnt be.

Even if its from Smog and polluters.

Idk, it seems like stopping the convo at chem trails is what creates this tug of war between people. Just discuss it and be done with it. just like anything else.

Ill even argue Moon Hoaxers is retarded too cause there is plausible info about NASA faking that moon landing.

We have buzz aldrin literally telling a young girl they never went. Kubrick saying he filmed it.


I don't care enough about the subjects past 'there are certain aspects that could be valid'

im not married or willing to argue it cause tbh I have no sweet clue. But these topics show the complete failure of the system to educate us and prove these 'conspiracies' for once. But ill say that the moon landing above all else looks fakes as a son of a bitch now.

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Oh common let’s not turn into Reddit.

I’ll argue here that chem trails are somewhat legitimate

There is aluminum particulates found on top of the untouched snow layers in high up mountains that couldn’t get there unless the air was being contaminated.

If its not specific chem trails then it’s something idk

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Not to mention they’d just remove the tracker when captured anyways. It would serve no purpose beyond nefariousness

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I’d love the day when the only web page that works is 8ch.net 🤣🤣

“Yeah sorry my retired 70 year old aunt stacey, you have to go to this site 8ch.net if you want to do any browsing now, Facebook is down with the rest of them”

Aunt stacey a week later would be hoarding food and ammo like every other Pepe and callin out the derpstate and meanwhile anons will have all the sources backed up to give content and red pills.


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eh ehm... What about the Hurricane Fiona post for The Eastern Canada Pedes? ;-0

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Still waiting, first squak on Twitter posted about the rumour of xi being on house arrest. But besides that no official story. Also we seen London troops on a bridge without further context. Still waiting to see what happens there

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Tbh I ain’t even mad at posts without sauces, I love thinking of those what if situations. I never believe anything 190% anymore so fuckit lol

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Yeah, this system doesnt seem long term sustainable. It seems like an issue going forward assuming this is how it is.

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hearing that put me on the highway to doomersville.

see yall in 2024 lol hopefully military comes in before then in the mean time. no way joe biden keeps this up and currency fails.

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Tbh. this poll is sketchy and the entering data portion is sketchy. I'd just not vote. Its a nothing poll that is probably only passed around here and TDW.

171 votes is nothing. I guarantee this is a name grab but who knows.

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Man, I dont want to even say this. But these events freak me out considering the Azov are known terrorists.

They cant win a war and they know it.

But god bless these patriots and freedom fighters.

DPR and LPR warriors/fights are absolute saviors of the Ruski-Ukranian people.

Nothing but love and respect for the people of Eastern Europe. Some strong motherfuckers living there.

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