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I don't think we will get any reprieve without us doing it ourselves with the vax and kung flu. That's a fight we have to hold, and we already have folks fighting back via non compliance.

I've been in countries when they fell in my past, we're not at the precipice just yet. But it's building to that point fast.

Now, on the burden you must carry to have been in the fight for 2 decades, let me tell you the trick I use when bitter. I act in obedience to God and forget the burden and just walk in the commandments.

If I am simply being obediant to a Just God, then I carry no blame, no burden, I'm just following orders.

We are the Watchmen.

Learn your role in this and walk away from that burden.

We've all got your 6.

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You're entire post is complete bullshit.

Let me explain why in the most simple terms.

If we don't continue this fight according to the plan, you and your family dies. My family dies, and everyones family dies.

They only intend for 500 million out of 7.3 Billion humans left.

That's well over 90%, so look around and count out 10 of your family members and dance with that reality for a spell. Walk down the street and just watch people vanish.

You've been at this a long time like myself (35 years as of now).

You get back in this fight. You didn't get this far to give up with a 1st and goal on the 1 yard line.

We're here fighting with you. Stay in the fight my man, we all love you and are not going to let you lag behind.

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It was his message that helped him win. Riding the coat-tails of the GOP was strategy, and no doubt it also helped him win.

But after 8 years of Obama, I think people were paying more attention to the front runners of the two parties and what they said. Trump was brutal in the campaign. 2016 was rigged too, but it was the "Trump's MAGA plan" that really put icing on the cake.

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We don't know for sure, but her case is over in this phase anyway. They probably have days and days of depositions from her as of now, not counting other evidence. We just have to see whos names are on the list. I bet Bill and Hitlery are on the list.

by Taliban
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Moves and counter moves.

Co-Conspirators of Ghislaine Maxwell are to be Named Tomorrow (Oct. 11)

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The wheels of justice have always turned slowly... starting when the people quit paying attention to their civic responsibilities.

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Her death would not negate the court order to release the names of the ones involved.

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I am getting to the point where I am not sure why optics is still so important. Good people and innocent children are suffering cause normies are too fucking retarded to see what’s right in front of their glutinous stupid faces.

It's pretty simple why optics are so important. If optics were given over for the few, 7 billion end up dead, The mass extinction of humanity at the hand of the same tyrants that are killing now. We give up optics and all of humanity is gone.

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Yes, I was aware of everything you've mentioned, and I addressed it already. The entirety of my former post was an answer to these events and theories. What did Q say? Disinformation is...

Then you have to account for words just not coming our right, change of mind based on new information, a decoy for the deep state, we could make quite the list of possibilities.

There is nothing but speculation until they are undeniably part of the bad guys teams based on concrete evidence, hence the phrase "future proves past".

Would it be the end of the world if she is not part of the Tribunals? Would it really matter as long as justice is served?

What about Trey Gowdy?

We could go through everyone tied to DC, and we would be wrong at least 30% of the time absent absolute proof, which is about average for humans in decision making processes.

It's fun to speculate, but future proves past, and that applies until we have more than circumstantial evidence.

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I understand what you're doing and why, and knew of them already, but sometimes flip-flopping is normal based on new information, or as Q stated, disinformation.

Flip flopping is a natural process when learning. I've been at this for 35 years now, I have changed my mind countless times based on new information, just as millions of others have.

Think about the rivers of information flowing across the globe right now. It's literally too much to keep up with at this point, and it's going to get much worse before it get's better.

In fact, the flow is so large as of now that people are starting to group together and pick their battles instead of keeping up with all of it. We see people in schoolboards, election positions and a host of other battles across multiple fronts.

There's no way to know until this fight is done and the dust settles to see who remains standing.

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No matter what you say or suggest, she deposed Dominion and opened up a lot of information.

I don't believe the goal is to "win" in court because the military will still be needed because our legal system is completely saturated with traitors. So she, like Flynn, our pillow guy and others are here to expose, and that she's done consistently. She done it for Flynn, she done it to dominion, she's taken heat from the globalists and other clowns because she is effective.

The last point is the legal system takes time, as we're just now beginning to see with Durham.

It seems that the ones questioning her and others still do not see clearly, but I see all of these people in the fight awakening the people one small step at a time.

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“The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.”

― Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, Mentor to Bill Clinton

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We all reap what others sow sometimes. It's heartbreaking, infuriating and evil that's happening on a global scale. It's so prevelant now that I think most of us are in the same basic situation with loved ones and the vax. I know I am.

It will take generations for this to be dropped from family stories of loss and suffering.

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They are scared of being targeted. They've known a long time that the system is corrupt, and don't want to risk their license or families, or at the very least make their families become targets of the FBI, and we know what they are about.

May God be with all of us as we countinue our walk in the abyss.

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Why a prison guard? Why now? Over the last decade they've been using the 2011 data that someone had prior to that date.

My question is are they eliminating witnesses of who the globalists really are (NAZI) from the public?

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Every claim in your current reply is projection. Stew on that simp. You're no different than the globalists! LMMFAO!

Don't like being called out?

Dude, I've been at this for 35 years, where TF where you 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30+ years ago, you Johhny come lately? I was likely awake before you wet your first diaper.

I've forgotten more details on globalists, satanists, communist, the NWO and much more than you'll ever know.

Stop your mindless projection and be gone.

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Stop the projection.

I've been aware of what you posted for a long time, shortly after it happened info started coming out and the chans had shitloads of speculation and potential leads.

I also understand circumstantial evidence too, but there's still peices missing in the puzzle as of now.

but the ending isnt for everyone, and sounds like that might be you as well.

Looks like that may be you based on your projection and believing incomplete information. You're pretentious, and it shows.

Let's play this game one more time, just for shits and giggles.

I think we are too, you give yourself too much credit to think of yourself as Trump.

I'm not the simp making an indictment on a series of events absent the full view, like Trump has.

I never said i had a full view. In fact, I said "maybe", you know, as in starting a debate to show how open ended it really is.

In complex situations, just one of your "facts" that are found to be inaccurate in some manner screws your entire narrative. And you, being the bright person you are, keeps spreading your theories as dogma absent actual proof beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Grow up... you pretentious child.

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I didn't need it explained. I'm well aware of the events and locations that day on his return flight.

Even with as much information as we have, it's still not all of it like Trump or Q has. It's still speculation, which is the entirety of my point.

You even admit this in your post, and I clearly stated in my first comment that it's speculation and that "future proves past" will give us the correct answers when it's time.

I think we're miscommunicating.

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I have no doubt Trump knows and the crash site is known and picked apart for evidence, but all we can do is speculate as of now.

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Maybe the missile was launched to eliminate the real threat. That would also account for the phrase "the hunt for...". Maybe Red October was a literal sub or a container ship with remote launched missle systems that was put into place to take out Trump, but was intercepted by the missile we have pics of?

We also have to remember "Disinformation is necessary".

Q could have told the truth, just absent context of what happened. People can't stand on the logical thoughts of this comment thread about ICBM or not because it is irellevant until we know what the intent behind that particular missiles launch and target.

What we can bank on is "future proves past".

Like you, I do believe it was associated with an attempt to end Trump.

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