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It’s a giant elaborate psyop against the entrenched and truly dangerous deepstate cabal who will legit burn this world to the ground before conceding power to the Christians.

We’re dealing with a 10,000 year old death cult kid. Just accept that Q And the patriots used us as a deception play against our enemies. And they did it quite well actually.

Have faith in our leadership. If they’re not worried, you shouldn’t be either. Be patient and do what you can to ride out the storm. I’m predicting it will get even more fucked up before it gets better.


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wish people would stop defacing the swastika all the time smh. need a history lesson.

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bump for the entertainment value! kekekekekekeke

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Hold the fuck up... was Trump's NATO dealings a giant pump fake?

Is NATO secretly based??

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Is Trump letting us in on something?

Yesterday he said: “We are no longer even the same Country!”

Today he says: “Can this be happening in the U.S.A.?”

Who even takes the time to add periods in between USA - especially since the period marks presumably refer to United States Inc….

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There’s more going on here than it seems at first glance.

He reposts, but rarely “quote posts”.

The meme wasnt extraordinary in any way, just a typical meme.

It feels as if Trump started with the intention wanting to say something and seeked out a post that would be sufficient to deliver his message.

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What part of “trump is fully insulated” do you not understand?

If he’s not afraid, we shall not be afraid!

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Supposedly it was from the first beta cohort days.

Idk. Not live now tho.

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Lol sorry guys. I couldn’t find it either. Saw it on qalerts


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Hey OP, how do you know the tattoo belongs to Awake The Rapper?

Reverse image search shows one match from anonymous poster:


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More like a CIA asset…

He was likely farm born imo

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Beautiful. Sadly, I don’t have Amazon nor do I feel an Amazon prime membership is on my horizons lol

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Gematria is fake and gay, sorry bud.

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