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Lol actions speak louder than words… let’s see some action from that cunt tulsi gabbard and maybe we’ll gain some confidence in her.

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What do you mean?

Our greatest ally sells our secrets to our enemies, espouses demoralizing propaganda on all our media channels, and even blows up our buildings, planes, warships, and submarines from time to time…

Truly incredible if you ask me…

by Ehjax78
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What a dumb narrative. Marxists obviously won WW2 lol

Nazis fought the Marxists. Smh. This narrative is so fucking lame.

Der Marxismus muß sterben damit die Nation wieder auferstehe.

Edit: this translation is fake and gay and the entire Nazi narrative is faker and gayer. Fuck the Marxists communists straight back to hell!

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Maybe it’s not blown up… #Psywar

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I believe the whole “no deals” post was deception ops for DS.

I can almost 100% guarantee this entire operation is NOTHING BUT DEALS for people up and down the chain.

From ballot mules to fucking James comey and even that kid fucker Alex soros and all the rest of Hollywood.


I choose to believe lol

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Meh, he’s doing more to redpill the masses about who controls the media and big tech etc than anyone else.

More than Benny boy. Or Jordan Peterson. More than joe rogan.

AJ Is Mossad and he’s at least helping redpill ppl.

Nothing is ever what it seems. Let’s see how this all plays out.

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Global Citizen Festival isn’t Apolitical tho.

It’s definitely in line with the globalist left.

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Cancer is caused by high acidity in the body and low oxygen levels.

Reverse those two things as soon as possible.

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Good point! And she probably tried to whore herself off on him.

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It’s because we voluntarily accept the social security benefits, thus we accept being taxed by the federal government.

Aka voluntary servitude via statutory law vs sovereignty through natural/common law.

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No it’s the wording. But I understand the gist of why it’s not funny

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