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It means you're a culture hypnotized, milgrams failure

It means you're a stupid follower

You don't create culture, you're victimized by it

You did ZERO investigation into the fact that you are injecting toxic heavy metals into your epidermis and thought that would have no systemic effect on you, over time, and as your skin grows and becomes saggy with age and moves with building muscle or changing body shape

Or that the symbols and art you burn into your skin would not become unfashionable later,

How incredibly foolish

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Trump should wear gloves or coat his hand in non permeable and touch nothing

Trump should eat out of cans for 48 hrs up to event

Trump should NOT drink their water but bring his own bottled water

Trump should NOT shake hands without nonpermeable coating

Trump should demand Biden take full panel drug test by independent lab like labcorps or better and refuse the debate if Biden declines

Trump should let RFK Jr in the debate and be super respectful to RFK jr but not to Biden

Trump should bring a fan and aim it at Biden and say the baby smell is distracting...do you smell a diaper change? I can't debate a guy who shit his pants

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More mockery by the cia mean girls

but i agree, it will backfire spectacularly because the left cannot create anything

they have no muse

they steal the muse from others and appropriate their creative genius...this is how they actually steal souls

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Jimmy Savile wore rings on his fingers with eyeballs in it. And of course everyone thought they weren't real, but turns out, they were the glass eyeballs of dead people he killed and experimented on

part of being satanic is mocking people with the truth to their faces

and it's so appalling as to be non believable to people of good sensibilities

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People who live in the south like me really don't like it when they use the southern accent to make someone look stupid or conspiracy or subversive. It gets old. Some of us went to georgia tech and engineered the things that 'so much smarter' stanford university phds in womens' studies use every day.

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Do 30 pushups right now. Then have coffee

I do this now as a habit. 30 pushups to earn a coffee. If I have decaf later in day, another 30 pushups

going to add 30 situps, 30 squats, then eventually up them all to 50

Then it will be a whole routine. That's the plan. But knee surgery has throw a spoke in the wheel so back finally (now that can do a plank without pain) to do the 30 pushups

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It's also a justification for adjudicating 100% of the ballots

and we know that fraud happens during adjudication

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They can try to outlaw Monero--in fact it might be outlawed FIRST before bitcoin--but privacy coins like monero use TOR and it will be impossible for them to stop Monero

But bitcoin is traceable even if you use TOR or I2p or any other traffic anonymizing tool

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Physical. Stored in a private vault with client protection, or buried in vaccum sealed in your backyard

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It's not the only one. Any smart contract based does this. DERO is an example of a privacy coin that enables the same thing as ethereum

dero and monero are going to go to the moon once CDBC is rolled out and they outlaw bitcoin and other shitcoins for currency

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Ethereum is a sham since it moved away from proof of work, now it's a ponzi

Monero (and dero) is going to be king, once they put the screws on non privacy coins like bitcoin and ethereum

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I think you've evolved to emanate hopium from your pores.

Trump added, "I hope that the military revolts at the voting booth", meaning our only choice is to vote

Unless you want to read that the military has always been in charge of SELECTIONS not elections and he's hoping this will cause them to SELECT Trump regardless of the outcome. But that's very cynical!

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Completely false. Tucker lived in DC for many yrs and tried to get the Bidens (Hunter Biden) to write an endorsement for his child to get into university. That was before ANYONE knew all the shit about Hunter. But that's the extent of it.

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We all assume space is real. But what if it's not? How many of us have actually been to space? I haven't. All I know is what the people who hate me and just tried to destroy me (covid-19) are telling me what I'm allowed to believe about space.

From this perspective, I know NOTHING about space. But I can touch the land, and I can touch the sea, and I can fly in a plane

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Resolution, color and motion stabilized AI version of zapruder film shows something flew off jfk's head that Jackie reached across JFK to retrieve, rather than going to him. Jay Weidner says it was a hollywood squib. To make JFK appear to be assassinated.

That they set up Lee Harvey Oswald as the patsy, had him murder officer JD Tippit who was a 'dead ringer' / lookalike for JFK and that he was used in jfk's place with the autopsy. Then jack ruby killed oswald because oswald was aware of the op and ruby allegedly was working for mob the fed was using. Then they killed jack ruby in jail because he knew of the cover up of the op. JFK then was "killed" quote unquote by cia working with the mafia or possibly against the mafia. The CIA covered it all up though

This is the jay weidner "JFK X" conspiracy theory I'm explaining. Not syaing its' true but it's an interesting hypothetical. The AI enhanced zapruder thing really DOES change everything. Weidner says JFK team had foreknowledge of the assassination atttempt by cia+mob, and hijacked their op, killed the killers they flipped, and then jfk fucked off to jackie's dad's island to live out the rest of his life

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They are trying to justify their use of Stratospheric aerosol injections aka <redacted>trails

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