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When catturd dies we probably have to cremate Twitter

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This clarity is helpful

I’m much more ootl on the numbers, but I know a lot of new parents that were advised by doctors to not let the baby sleep alone in a crib very early on, to help prevent what you describe.

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What would cost less money is just arresting BLM terrorists so the worry and fear doesn’t exist

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Lmao he just comes out of the courtroom guns blazing, runs back to Antioch on foot

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luv u

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I want to follow this advice, but unfortunately I’m using dark mode on .win and your text is white, and my teachers in school taught me that white = bad. Sorry! Just don’t want to be a racist, I hope you understand.

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At this point they can’t reveal who Q is without also revealing that time travel exists. It’s getting too weird.

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I saw the mask requirement as the employee’s revenge. It’s their opportunity to finally boss people around.

The other parts I hated was that anything and everything was half staffed. Half of the cabs and uber drivers would rather collect unemployment, or were living on stimulus and free rent, and I don’t blame them.

The walking in Vegas always sucks, and that’s why some casinos will have like 7 starbucks and just things open everywhere, to accommodate the walking. With covid no shits are given - there’s one Starbucks and fuck you if you don’t want to walk there and wait in the long line.

I sound spoiled in this comment, but vegas to a lot of people is the “spoil yourself” vacation. until everything’s back to normal, they can suck it.

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Yep and I was there only a few weeks prior to that in April. I’m glad it’s gotten better.

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Do not go to vegas until covid blows over

Seriously save your time and money it’s fucking awful

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I don’t know anyone who enjoyed this show, and I do not want to.

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Just giving context: this guy has been around for over a decade making mixtapes, albums, freestyles. Used to be about weed and video games at the start lol, he has been pissed off something fierce and his change is crazy.

He always enjoyed doing super long freestyles too, so this song being 7 and a half minutes, and him doing it really well, just shows he’s really stuck to his craft.

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This is fucking hysterical

He’s right about everything, but all else about the video is just so ridiculous (in a good way).

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I’d like to hear if this is a camera issue

Tbh tho, watching it more now, there’s a distinct circle blurring the seal, and when the camera lists to the left, that blur does not shift with the camera.

Last round of devils advocate: at what other times has the seal been purposely blurred? Maybe if the video is getting shared internationally?

If there’s no reason for it I’m jumping in the devolution bunker with ya, just not going in there blindly

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Let’s not go full Law of War before discerning if this is just bad camera man.

Their cam people must be all quadruple jabbed, probably not in the best state of mind rn. If you look at the video again notice the outer ring becomes visible and readable as they zoom in, and I’m curious if that points towards this being just a camera issue.