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"Populist right wing forces" = anyone who isn't a satanic globohomo faggot, like this effeminate cocksucker.

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I could see them running with something like: "A convicted felon who got off on a technicality."

That being said, the person who posted the leak is a self-proclaimed 'professional shitposter' so this whole story might be based on nothing more than a bit of trolling.

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Congratulations, man.

Great post for posterity to announce the arrival of the little anon, too.

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To be fair, in this instance, she looked like an absolute psycho bitch to avoid at all costs from the first photo.

(I can tell).

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I remember somebody arguing during the scamdemic that 'fe' referred to iron, as in iron in the blood.

From memory they made a persuasive case at the time, that it was iron x 2 and had something to do with 'covid' itself or the vaccine.

Bottom line: Who the hell knows?!

Could have just been an innocent typo, but probably not, and more likely a 'plausible deniability' typo (for whatever reason).