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I've posted a few times about how my 10-person office is reacting to vaccines. I told my boss I wouldn't get one, that I would leave the company if mandated.

Today, 2 of my coworkers got vaccinated in the morning with one more going this afternoon. They're posting on instagram, they're all excited on our morning conference call about getting vaccinated, they're trying to push it on our social media accounts. I'm so disappointed. I'm sad for them, that they just get sucked into this giant socially engineered web. They've been victims of marketing by the cabal, they're being manipulated and forced into something they just "trust" and don't know anything about. They're blind to the numbers of deaths and illnesses caused by the "vaccines" and then I'm the crazy person who is refusing.

It's like all of a sudden, "everyone else is doing it" is the attitude, when literally less than half a year ago, it was "nobody should do it because Orange Man bad." Everybody seems to have amnesia or something. It's driving me fucking crazy and all I can do is sit back and be silent and allow them to hopefully realize they've been played.

It's so infuriating I can't help but feel disengaged and just pity them at this point. Bless their sweet, dumb hearts.

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similar situation here. the co-founder of the company and myself, a C-level employee, are the only ones at our 12 person op not interested in getting vaxxed, update: our hr girl is not getting the vax too