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Great reminder of what we are dealing with.

Her daughter is even more open about it. I’m sure you know, but for the broader audience, she’s been photographed several times wearing an upside down cross necklace and often has casual tweets with @churchofsatan.

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Hey Purkiss80. This attitude has served me well.

  • Many people are not worth your time. They will not consider an alternate point of view, much less be open to changing theirs. Engaging these people is a lose/lose proposition. Learn to recognize them and refuse to discuss politics or world news with them.

  • Lefties are often like children. So see them that way. You are above them. It sounds arrogant (maybe it is), but you are the one that does all the deep research and challenges your own convictions. So yes, see them that way. I’m not saying talk down to them like children, but ignore them like children arguing. When you find yourself in a room full of them and the BS starts, just smile because you already know what’s coming. We win. Take comfort.

  • I have a rule in my house. Family comes first. I don’t care if people want to discuss politics, but you cannot attack each other or their politics. If it leads to animosity between family, then shut it down. Protect the integrity of your family.

It’s not perfect or comprehensive, but it really has helped.

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I looked into the image name with Qlueless for a while. I couldn't find anything direct either. My conclusion was, its a direct message.

One thing I did note, but could not tie back to the sealed indictments or the Q post, was the phrase "10,000 years" is apparently common in asian regions.: “In various East Asian languages, the phrase "ten thousand years" is used to wish long life, and is typically translated as "Long live" in English.”

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Perhaps I am not understanding. I see 290,197 "Sealed Remain[ing]".

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Kash has been dishing out the spice directly into the heart of the beast. Love seeing it! 🌶🌶🌶

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Not a freudian slip. This video cuts out a few seconds early where he chuckles then says, "...Iraq too."

He's a puppet who essentially just acknowledged his strings.

Slightly longer clip: https://rumble.com/v159ag7-wow-george-w.-bush-the-decision-of-one-man-to-launch-a-wholly-unjustified-a.html

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Or facebook. Perhaps a distinction without a difference.

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That flag analysis is incredible. Gonna need a few to digest the full significance.

I wanted to respond to this separately, as I thought of an analogy that may help some people understand a little more.

Say you are in a crowded bar. You find out (don't ask me how, just roll with it 😁) that 2 people have exactly $10.27 in cash on them.

That's weird. Maybe if they both had $10 or $20 on them, that would make sense. But to both be at the bar at the same time with exactly $10.27? What a coincidence, but.... it could happen right?

Then you find out they both have a $5 bill, 4 $1 bills, 4 quarters, 2 dimes, and 7 pennies. And they are both named Chad. 🤯

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Phony? I think these assholes are as authentic SJW as it gets! The entire idea of "social justice" is just marxist dribble to twist conversations and call everything racist, sexist, and homophobic.

Otherwise, I am enjoying the show. :)


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I know it was being looked at in real time on the chans/q8kun. Not sure anyone has taken another look at it.

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Very nice summary.

The only reason I looked at and considered the graphic size as possible comms, was because I felt they drew attention to it, coupled with it showing up on another relevant site. Not sure if it will play out with other examples, but it is worth paying attention to.

I wish we had better Q post search sites. Ones that allowed to specify attachments or even full SQL (or equivalent) query support. I'd love to do some more complex searching.

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Pinging u/lonewulf and u/SemperSupra as our resident comms experts, to see if they see anything additional with the flags.

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I believe what u/bubble_bursts is saying, is it is more about the message than the candidate.

There are no great candidates in this race. So wasting an endorsement on Oz doesn't really hurt anything.

In addition, he could be the only one that is not extorted in some way. The devil you know and all that...

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Verbum Vincet” at the end of the video. Motto of the 4th Psyop Division of the Army.

Translation: “Word of the conqueror

In post 474, Q calls their team conquerors and then goes on to talk about the foundation of Psy-Ops; anticipating human nature and behavior.

 THEY Divide.
 WE Conquer.
 Anticipated – human nature. 
 Anticipated – interruptions by others.
 Matlock meant to become PUBLIC.


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u/BQnita is the tip of the spear. 👌

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