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Under budget and ahead of schedule.

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Same day. Coincidence?


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Who is Jenny McCarthy?

No wait…

Who is Robert DeNero?


Who is Alicia Silverstone?

Hang on…

Who is Jim Carrey?

Fuck, this is hard…

Who is Bill Maher?

No? I give up.

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Don't fall for their newly found fake and misapplied morality. ;)

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It is real, but I am not sure why its a big deal. Other than the left, with extreme hypocrisy, is trying to make it one.


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I was starting to lose faith other anons got it.

Its not about getting "better at suffering". Its about learning to suffer less so you can do the right thing.

Seriously proud. 👌

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Sorry you are taking it that way, even though you appear to be getting offended on OP's behalf.

Nonetheless, getting mad at me or the white hats will not improve anyone's situation. White hats are trying to put the power back into our hands. We have to be willing to take it and accepting the responsibility of taking it.

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He should. He probably makes more than me at the moment and I had to shrink what was probably a much bigger budget.

But being mad at me won't help. I didn't put anyone in this position, nor do I want them to be there.

Well, small correction. I didn't do anything directly. I had unnecessary debt that made institutions that hate us, money. I grumbled quietly in DEI indoctrination sessions, instead of speaking out, to protect my lifestyle. I did all the big things "right" but I needed to learn to be ok with being uncomfortable, so that I could do all the little things correctly. And the uncomfortable state is only temporary and worth the price of getting our freedom back, and more importantly... KEEPING IT!

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I say this as a fren.

Figure it out.

Many of us are suffering. Mostly because we have become dependent on the systems and controls that are the problem. What is happening is not happening because "we need to show them". Its happening because black hats are attempting to enslave us.

What you are upset about is, you expect the white hats to fix everything for you and you don't feel they are doing it fast enough. Which means you have not really learned anything. We cannot go back to our lives of comfort above all else. We have to be engaged. We have to educate ourselves about our potential leaders. We have to act and be involved.

That is what the white hats are waiting for. So they know when they do fix it, we will not slip right back into the same problems 5 or 10 years later.

I prepared myself a few years ago. I think the writing on the wall was very clear if you were willing to see it.

I removed all my debts. I prepared myself mentally that things were going to get bad. In the old economy I was making... we'll call it "damn good money". This current economy has me laid off and unable to find even a remotely comparable job. I cannot do a lot of the things I enjoy, but I am able to survive comfortably. Not just financially, but mentally.

I think part of the lesson in all of this is, we cannot become addicted to a consumer and debtor lifestyle. It enslaves us and keeps us from doing the right thing.

Best of luck to you and your family.


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The fact that neither one of them flinched when he said it is epoch. 😁

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I spit my covfefe out when I watched that part of the interview.

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I was having a back channel conversation about that very topic. Fake as fuck. Looks water based and is too clear. Splatter pattern makes zero since.

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Disagree if its electronic. You now know there is a master code that will open your safe. How long before hackers figure out the code(s)?

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I wonder if he has any idea how close to death he was.

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Even if hussein was winning by thin margins, they couldn't risk their manchurian candidate not "winning".

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The one thing we know for sure, there is fuckery afoot.

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They should stop holding back and just make a mercedes symbol blowing zelensky.

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Huge if true!

Have you found the source of this info? Who is this guy?

EDIT: I think this is from last year.

I found this: https://www.thedailybeast.com/musk-secretly-used-starlink-to-foil-ukrainian-drone-attack-on-russian-ships-report

Elon Musk secretly ordered SpaceX engineers to switch off the Starlink satellite communications network near the coast of occupied Crimea in order to thwart a Ukrainian surprise attack on Russia’s naval fleet, according to a report. [Read it at CNN]

Which led to this: https://edition.cnn.com/2023/09/07/politics/elon-musk-biography-walter-isaacson-ukraine-starlink/index.html

Elon Musk secretly ordered his engineers to turn off his company’s Starlink satellite communications network near the Crimean coast last year to disrupt a Ukrainian sneak attack on the Russian naval fleet...

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Very true. There is a ton more concerning information in there. Such as they want to "encourage" employers to provide shuttles for employees.

All movement will be controlled.

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