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John is talking about (confusingly) two different items in his article.

In a bombshell court filing late Monday night, Durham for the first time suggested Hillary Clinton's campaign, her researchers and others formed a "joint venture or conspiracy" for the purpose of weaving the collusion story to harm Trump's election chances and then the start of his presidency.

  1. New text msg confirming a conspiracy in a document filed Monday. Sauce not found.

Durham also revealed he has unearthed a text message showing Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann falsely told the FBI he was not working on behalf of any client when he delivered now-discredited anti-Trump research in the lead-up to the 2016 election.

  1. Sussman’s lying to the fbi has been known and is a throwback. Confusingly, he included sauce for this fact, but not the headline claim.
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It’s a start. 🤷🏼‍♂️

I actually believe Durham biggest revelations are being timed for after DJT’s return. If you watched Trump’s statement about dismantling the DS, then I think Durham’s findings will be used as leverage to execute Trump’s [the] plan.

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Its been down for over a year, moved to qaggregator.news, then that went down a few months ago... So I am hoping the clock means its coming back. It was the only way to link truths to people that can't see them.

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Branco so gets it.

The true genius of his cartoons is always in the details. 😆

  • An Obama mouthpiece/puppet
  • The sippy cup
  • "Red handed"
  • And my favorite, the empty thought bubble 🤣
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I was watching Josh Reid's rumble show the other day (he's also one of the hosts on Earth Chronicles). He was lamenting DJT's trashing of DeSanctimonious. Thinking it was unnecessary and harmful to the movement.

People like him fail to understand the master level tactician that is Donald J Trump. They should sit back and take notes, instead of trying to pretend they are smarter than he is.

Too bad, I want to like the guy. (doesn't help that he said the other day that the fight in UKR is over a working stargate found in a pyramid 🤡)

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lol, not quite. Its a Japanese proverb "After a storm comes a calm". (at least according to here)

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Seemed appropriate. 😉

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So say we all!

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Impressive answer on a few levels.

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Nice job frogs. We've turned it around!

  • 48.0% Yes

  • 48.4% No

  • 3.5% Undecided

EDIT (0851EST):

  • 41.8% Yes

  • 55.1% No

  • 3.0% Undecided

EDIT (0915EST):

  • 39.6% Yes

  • 57.5% No

  • 3.0% Undecided

EDIT (1000EST):

  • 37.7% Yes

  • 59.6% No

  • 2.7% Undecided

EDIT (1100EST):

  • 36.4% Yes

  • 60.7% No

  • 2.9% Undecided


  • 33.0% Yes

  • 64.5% No

  • 2.5% Undecided

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Just so younger frogs know, this isn't just a meme. This was how it really was.

My maternal grandfather was a plumber, my grandmother was a homemaker. They had 8 children. They owned their own home and had a car. They retired into a private gated community.

My paternal grandfather was a truck driver. My grandmother on this side was also a stay at home mother. They had 2 children. They owned their own home, had nice cars, traveled the world, owned vacation property, and retired into a custom built home on 3 acres.

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This is why I am so excited to see this. To me, this announcement confirms it all.

The Plan

Term 1 - Operation Chaos (my words)

  • Let anons know there is a plan in place. Q team knew it was goin to be a 12 year plan and had to let anons know as much as they could to keep the wheels from falling off this nation.
  • Confuse the enemy. Force them to spend all their ammo. Look at what they are using TODAY to go after DJT. They are digging up Stormy Daniels. They have used all their big ammo.
  • He could not go after the lofty goals in this video in 2016. The public wasn't ready for it. Not even most conservatives.


Renegade Part 3 (Joe's turn) - It Had To Be This Way

Building off that last point, we had to see how dark it could get.

  • Corruption of FISA
  • Corruption of DA's
  • Financial collapse
  • Fake News


Term 2 - DECLAS

What did POTUS say in the video?

I will establish a truth and reconciliation commission to declassify and publish all documents on deep state spying, censorship, and corruption."




What does 'I' stand for? INDICTMENTS.



(post 1745, you know it had to be good) u/#q1745


Its all coming together anons. The US is the first domino. The first major western country to have its veil of darkness removed.

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Very true. But it all seems to be falling in place. To take us to the precipice to give GEOTUS the mandate he needs to shatter the DS.

We will need to work hard for 2024, but I am as comfy as I have been in years.

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I think you fail to recognize the magnitude of what he is proposing. He's going to expose it all. Which is most certainly part of the plan.


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As you listen to GEOTUS, keep these posts in mind:


The first Domino: u/#q5

It had to be this way: u/#q4951

DECLAS: u/#q2803

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