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I tried talking to it about a minced pork meatball, called a faggot in Britain. It refused to talk about it. Or made overt signs that i should stop talking about the meatball or asking about the ingredients that make them so good :D

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No PAYtriots/No Self Promotion: Linking or promoting merchandise, fundraising, or spamming personal websites, blogs, or channels is not permitted. Do not attempt to profit from Q or advertise for those who do. Peace is the prize. We do it for free.

I might have jumped the gun.. sorry

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I was getting some headway into describing how if pedophiles were in government and all the polices forces and raping and abusing children, it was saying that would be wrong.

But it said anyone trying to stop them would be wrong. I gave up.

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i have tried to get ChatGPT to go into Q, ,but it keeps tossing out

"QANON conspiracy theory.. no no no.. bad bad bad!"

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Notices his 80k watch is visible.

while talking he puts his hands under the table and takes it off.

Then hands it off to someone to his side, all off camera.

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Sounds good.

I'll give you seekers a tip. Find a thread of love, and follow it (if you can)

Yes. there is a source!

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In this case you didn't even need a search engine.

You just had to look at the skull in the top right hand corner, and notice:

hmm that image doesn't seem to be folding with the fabric, it looks slapped on top!!

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Where did he call him out as CIA?

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Mike rothschild = Microchip?

Have any of you given any money to Q? i haven't.

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I didn't read the article, but was Mike Rothschild, the creator of the QAnon internet hoax, explaining the evolution of his scary delusion?


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You won't fool me with this again.

i was only surprised with the first one because that was the first 4 images of picture-like-AI i ever saw on GA.w

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This is my line of thought:

don't know, don't care, i'm just dropping red-pills, and letting them do their work

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I've been wondering lately. Probably nothing, but you never know.

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We have to always remain vigilant, and don't get discouraged, but just keep reminding

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