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STARTING? Haha. Where have you been, frog. I'm Canadian Mossad LGKGBT+! 😎

Well. We could start with him keeping the money donated to Rittenhouse...

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This was the account that turned the tide for me. That and Wood's constant anti-trump statements.

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I love this stuff but, removed, pls keep posts on Q

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Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers friends

I love how your concern is still for him and not for you. Right now he's looking down and feeling very proud of a certain frog.

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^^^ Mod material, here ^^^

Did you know that the oblong measurements of the Earth are encoded into the middle pyramid (the most wonderfully perfect pyramid, even though the "Great Pyramid" is more interesting inside), using geometry, accurate to within 391 feet?

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Removed. Please stop with this PW garbage. Note it has no engagement here. Thanks for understanding

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