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DC runs on leverage, not loyalty. Comey, RR, Barr, look at Kevin McCarthy, a total Rhino who is absolutely 100% stepping in not because he's brave but because he's protected, because his strings are cut.

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The only way that destroys the pharmaceutical Industrial complex, yes. Remember, covid was just the latest in a long series of artificial or lab grown viruses to be released on humanity. SARS, H1N1, etc

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I thought it was more on the 'cute' side

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I was listening to adjust human podcast and there was a little known rule that has never been used but Congress has come a kind of in a way, its own police force, and, it has subpoena power, but, if those repeaters are ignored, on paper at least, it does have the ability to reach out and physically grab people by the collar and put them down in the chairs at the table before them. We shall see if they use it.

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Hence the "truck accident" with the Pfizer truck carrying experiment monkeys in Philadelphia

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This user has no posts.

Every single user on this board knows what just went down. Your user notes on dooming literally fill my screen.

It might be time for you to start thinking about finding a different place to spend your valuable online time.

See you in 2 weeks.

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Because these documents don't trust detail their crimes but the crimes of their entire network which they were the head of. Those documents represent blackmail leverage against and ensure the silence of every single person on down there sick and demented chain of command. It's the blackmail needed to keep everyone in line. Remember, Washington runs on leverage, not loyalty.

They never thought she would lose.

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Did you see the new update this morning? It has been updated for "factuality." I am currently trying to interrogate the II to figure out what the hell that even means, of course, I'm going to get the usual BS

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Nice work, OP, this is exactly the kind of true analysis that keeps GAW so relevant.

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