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Absolutely HUUUUUGE. This man was one of the architects of everything going wrong in the middle east. Only the Ayatollah's death could be more impactful

Normal people in the middle east won't even know who he was

But every single terrorist with a bank account will be wondering where his next paycheck will be coming from tomorrow


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Correct. Maybe try again? It might be an expensive lesson. You'd have to book a flight from LAX to NZ / NZ to HKG / HKG to LDN / LDN TO LAX

I have taken this exact route... it took 36 hours

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True. We'll try to keep WIN going, but there are a few posts that only happen on X

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Depends if you answered the entry questions right

Unfortunately about 10 frogs were too stupid to get the questions right

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The X.com group is filling up with frogs! Over 415 frogs have joined, now!

Join the GreatAwakening Community on X:

To add any X.com post to the Community, simply RT your post, and select QUOTE RT, and then instead of "Everyone" at the top, select GREATAWAKENING.

Presto! We're taking over the digital battlefield!

As always the GAW "sidebar" applies to our X.com frens. Be high effort, high-info, and you're cool. So far we have almost the entire mod team represented over on X, so, it should continue to feel the same way.

We're loving the engagement over on X! LFG!

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Did you join the group?

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