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Love to see the no dooming going on in here. WAY better and easier on the way sanity to read our threads than PW's! Great job, patriots. This is the way.

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I have a J-degree from a top school. You're correct. I was told in school this was bad.

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Who said it was news to anyone around here?

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Fuck you, MSM. That is all.

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This. Stickied. Great post, OP...

I will pray for these people, who "know not what they do." I will, however, also add in my prayers that may God give gigantic brain blood clots to any and every fuckwit who has ever used the word "Freesumbs". That is all.

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Oh? Where does he ask for money?

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Shot this today. What a chaotic mind-fuck this place is. But, KEK will always triumph!

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Actually, I would prefer to never have to post anything. So why am I first to post the latest from Cates, Beanz, the audits, DiscloseTV, etc., anyway??? It's embarrassing that our crew here doesn't have those posts slapped up on /NEW in MINUTES. I mod here, THEN I hit all the patriot channels on Telegram for links?? LAME. When I sticky my shit (unless it's a meme or something creative I've made), it reflects poorly on our crew here, not on Catsfive. Frankly, often I feel like we have TOO many skaters in here that think this place just auto-populates the news or something. We're THE BEST. But we're not big like Reddit. That's why I get so Ban-happy when the faggots come out to play. Lame post history? Vacation. Put up or shut up, folks.

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The Q Strategy. He has contacted me. Apparently he's out there somewhere.

Oops. This user's ratio (above yours) of post score to complaining about the mods was too low, signalling that he clearly prefers the lurking lifestyle. I've helped shown him the door.

Everyone: I read every criticism and think, "How can I do better?" This guy? Hilarious. I DGAF about 'doing better' for some whiny dipshit with 22 post score. Seriously. What would you say you do around here?

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