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Not going to remove this, but feeding facial recognition in a political context seems awfully risky in modern times.

Not saying this post glows or anything, yet.

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This not the forum for you, please check out conspiracies.win, your post-history conflicts with the Rule 1, there are plenty of other places on the internet for you. This place is for us.

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+1 this organization effectively aggregates combo lists from varying sources and allows you to search their database.

They sell bulk searches to cyber security firms for money, you aren't the product here.

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Tbh, probably not.

One of their children companies got attacked by a group called 'netwalker' a few years ago: https://thehackernews.com/2022/10/canadian-netwalker-ransomware-affiliate.html

They probably never cleaned their systems up and left holes for another group to walk in.

Definitely keep an eye on this, but my gut says trash security practices by a repeat victim.

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Actually, im going to remove this.

Please repost using a defanged url, for example


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Leaving this thread open for discussion and situational awareness, but click that link at your own peril.

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Stickied due to coincidental timing with emerging news.

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Hey friend. If you can connect this to TGA/Q feel free to repost, otherwise check out conspiracies.win

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Low effort post. Please try again with more content.

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