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A lot of opinions were formed live as it happened, before the media ran any stories.

A lot of us watched with jaws agape as the 3 man radioactive circle jerk appeared to do everything in it's power to be as controversial as possible while aligning itself with Trump. Folks were calling this out in real time.

If you can't be bothered to see with your own eyes and rely on MSM to form an opinion so you can immediately assume the opposite you're either an immature edge lord or as much a hive mind drone as you are accusing others of being.

I think it's an injustice to the community to just dismiss everyone's opinions because you feel a duty to automatic counter-narrative.

Love him or hate him, Ye's contribution right now has lead to every other post devolving into "mah Jews" and causing a moderation crisis of allowing on-topic free speech while losing credibility to redpill the people at large about tyranny, corruption, and exploitation. Allowing people to discuss and theorize about the goings on while seeing focus being taken off information mining and research in a drift towards becoming stormfront.

I take offense with how casually you dismiss people who are frustrated with these hijinks.

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The roots of the internet are tapped in the free exchange of ideas. Not the free exchange of government approved information, not the free exchange of populous-trend-speech. The centralization, packaging and spoon feeding of this tool to the masses in the form of social media has detached people from the stewardship such a structure requires, and these outbursts and straw man arguments against such freedom are an objective symptom of the toxic consequences that have been festering since the early 00s.

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This font gave me cancer.

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Last week nuclear weapons are a hoax?

Now this?

Take a break for a few days, we don't need this type of forum sliding.

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Double checked the dates.

Qpost https://qalerts.app/?n=4730 has the 8 marks in red


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Seeing news reports of all clear. No threat found. If anyone can dig, especially locals.

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I've seen this position used by marine yankee whites before

EX: https://freeimage.host/i/6hWNDv

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