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This is a very powerful way to conceptualize anxiety, stress, and general panic that humanity experiences.

I've often found that the thoughts that lead to these emotional states operate on a feedback loop. The negative self reflection leads to anxiety, that stress feeds back into the negative thoughts, and if the cycle is not broken it then leads to what people experience as panic attacks.

This is why psychological operations that focus on exploiting the hubris and ego of humanity are so effective. They hijack a person's self image and use that state of consciousness to induce anxiety that then allows for easier control of an individual's decision making capacity. We saw this first hand with the C19 event.

Memes like this are the Achilles heel of these psy-ops though. Memetic warfare has a way of resetting the feedback loop through basic humor and positive thought processes.

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Three Films!

Playing simultaneously!





If FISAGATE is coming to a theatre near you, then so is GUARDIANS OF THE PEDOPHILES and PANIC IN DC!

Insert King ThΓ©oden GIF: "So it begins . . ."

I hope y'all saved some popcorn!


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Don't forget Q Post 3464.

Dark to LIGHT

Did the eclipses over America in 2017 β€” 2024 symbolize a period of darkness for America? Are we now about to step out of the shadow of what President Trump calls 'the pause'?


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Countless other word combinations weren't X posted by Ryan Cohen, a well known player in the quest to bring down the Cabal's Deep State fraudulent financial market. Perspective is important!

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Game Stop CEO! He's a very based individual, rather like Elon Musk.

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Shall we play a GAME?

Nothing Can STOP What Is Coming!

No coincidences! GME is most certainly part of the financial take down of the corrupt Wallstreet racket and their illegal trade of fraudulent stocks.


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The word is about, there's something evolving,

Whatever may come, the world keeps revolving...

They say the next big thing is here,

That the revolution's near,

But to me it seems quite clear

That's it's all just a little bit of history repeating!


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Its totally real! πŸ˜‚

. . . and remember, Juliet is supposed to be so beautiful and lovely a girl that Romeo can't stand to live without her. That makes this twice as funny! 🀣

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Queue the liberal tears! They were so looking forward to seizing President Trump's assets.


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"You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind . . ."

β€” Morpheus β€”


What a coincidence that Easter Sunday, a holiday coopted by the Cabal's rabbit symbolism, should coincide this year with the 25th anniversary of "The Matrix."

I did some research on this matter. The 31st of March is a relatively rare date for Easter to occur on. Since 2000 it has only landed on March 31st 3 times, including today. Once in 2002, another in 2013, and today in 2024. Very dasting indeed!

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Global unity against the Satanic Cabal is coming very soon!

. . . also, yay! I finally have a reason to use that gif! 😊

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Google is the tip of the iceberg.

Every data and technology oriented company has been interfering to preserve the narrative for a long while now.

It is for this reason that X and TikTok are the center of congressional force at the moment. The Deep State have no control over these platforms as they do the others.


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I believe the explanation for that happening is rather simple.

Targeted Arson

I do believe the roof colors have meaning, just as the red shoes do. The elite can very easily coordinate the terrorist cells of arsonists so that they attack certain properties, while sparing others.

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As I stated in my post, there are grains of truth in some of these narratives.

Does the technology for Chem Trails exist?

Does the technology for Directed Energy Weapons exist?

Does the existence of this technology indicate its use on the American people?

Have these narratives been weaponized and used in false associations with The Great Awakening community to paint a narrative that benefits the Deep State?

Always ask yourself what deeper truths are being obfuscated through the use of narratives such as Chem Trails and DEWs. It isn't about proving whether or not the technology for these conspiracy theories exist. It is about how these narratives have been weaponized and adapted by the Deep State M5M in order to cover up much greater and more widespread conspiracies.

The Deep State would much rather everyone's attention is on the skies looking for space lasers and poisonous clouds than on the ground level happenings across America. While our attention is elsewhere, a massive army of domestic terrorists marches across our border each and every day with the power to cause a thousand events like what happened in Hawaii and Texas.

I have witnessed many a thread and conversation here on The Great Awakening become derailed with the tactical insertion of DEW and Chem Trail narratives right when Anons began asking the deeper questions.

Infiltrators and Glowies are among us. Stay vigilant. Use logic and discernment.


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I don't care what anyone says or what the mods think, but even normies know about Chem trails and DEWs. They talk about it all the time at work since it's all over the news.

. . . and there's the dead giveaway . . .

They discuss Chem Trails and DEWs . . . because its on the news.

Do they discuss coordinated networks of domestic terrorist arsonists?

Do they discuss our southern border being wide open, allowing entry for countless insurgents, terrorists, and foreign infiltrators?

Do they discuss the intricate web that can be formed by mapping the fires at our food storage and processing facilities?

Do they explore the deeper conspiracy and attack upon our homeland by foreign invaders?

No, instead they conveniently believe that all their woes and worries can be placed upon the narratives of DEWs and Chem Trails. With those few words, all their curiosities are satiated. They have no further need to dig and unveil hidden truths, because they ultimately believe they have found the truth.

This is what is meant by the weaponization of the narrative.

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