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Moves and countermoves! Yet again the White Hats have proved that they have been playing 5D chess while the Black Hats are stuck with their checkers pieces.

Every countermove of the Deep State has only led to them being backed into a corner with nowhere to go. Never ceases to be endlessly entertaining.


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The details of Elon's financial plans for 𝕏 have been kept quiet. From the research I have done, I believe full integration of blockchain technology is coming to the platform. This blockchain technology will likely come in the form of a decentralized exchange and clearing house for the trading of tokenized assets. This would enable the userbase of 𝕏 to circumvent the entire Deep State monetary system in order to pay and be paid with the currency of their choosing.

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Elon is playing by the rules in order to increase the reach 𝕏. He is deliberately playing by the rules of the Deep State and consistently beating them at their own game. Once people get a taste of financial sovereignty, they will react very negatively towards a state revoking their access. Once 𝕏 payments becomes popular with the mainstream normies, it will be nearly impossible for the Deep State to control. The licenses at that point will be superfluous.

Elon could very easily release the DeFi tools on 𝕏 without going through the proper channels, but there is a sound strategy in leveraging the financial regulations. This way Elon avoids getting tied up in legal battles with the SEC and FTC. I believe these three letter agencies will be axed in the long run, but until they are the best course of action is to play their game better than they do themselves, while continuing to build a parallel economy to replace them in the near future.

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𝕏 Payments will be the final blow to the Federal Reserve and the Central Banks of the world. Elon is on record stating that with 𝕏 you will no longer require a bank account for finance and commerce. His "everything app" vision will bring online the world's first true decentralized financial system (DeFi).


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He gave them full leave to incriminate themselves in a massive sting operation on the pharmaceutical industrial complex. What was ordered by the Trump Administration was a vaccine. What was delivered to the Trump Administration was a poison that in no way conforms to the definition of vaccines pre-2020.

He gave the Deep Staters and Cabalists the rope they needed to hang themselves, and they took the bait; hook, line and sinker!


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Remember that President Trump is a man who enjoys revenge and getting even. The commies want everyone to forget the tyranny they put us through in 2020. Not a chance. The full wrath of God will be brought upon those who perpetrated the scamdemic and ruined countless lives and families.

The storm of storms is almost here.


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Six year delta for July 1st:



Do you believe Q when they tell us that this is a controlled operation?

Do you believe in double meanings? Civil war in the homeland as well as around the world in Cabal controlled nations?

As Q says . . . coordinated hysteria. Do not fall for it.

Peace will prevail. This is a global military operation. The final moves will be swift and intentional towards the goal of minimizing civilian casualties.

All this is not to say that we will not come within a razer's edge of civil war. The precipice demands that we arrive upon that doorstep. The threshold will not be crossed though.

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I believe there is still one major precipice step to come, that of a major Deep State false flag akin to 9/11. I don't believe that the Deep State has the power and infrastructure for a false flag of that particular level and caliber, but they still have the ability to stir chaos and violence.

The closer we come to unseating the Democrat and Republican Deep State actors, the more careless they will become with regards to hiding their intentions. Some will try to cut deals, as many have already done, others will decide that if they are going down they will cause as much fallout as they can on their way.

We are in precarious waters for sure . . .

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Super top secret mod powers! 🀫

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Holy Shit! Elon Musk going nuclear on X!


This is a BOLD stance for him to take and very much a massive step closer to embracing the posts of Q regarding the traitorous members of the American Deep State.

The drip drip drip is becoming a FLOOD!

sauce: https://x.com/elonmusk/status/1809374976845156801

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I think so as well.

The most interesting theory I heard was a switcheroo where Kamala takes the lead as the Presidential candidate and Biden takes a back seat as VP.

The argument behind this is that the Biden / Harris ads, merch, bumper stickers, and campaign strategy is already rolling well beyond the station. Too late to bring the train back to start over. Swapping them allows for the ticket to remain virtually the same financially, even though they'd still lose a massive amount of what little credibility they have left.

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A new poll thread is up!

Go vote in today's poll, and return here for some spicy discussion on what will become of Joe Biden in the 2024 Presidential Election!


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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will trade places with Kamala running as President and Biden running for Vice President, maintaining the DNC ticket for the 2024 Presidential Election.

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The 25th Amendment will be used against Joe Biden to force him out of the race and allow for another nominee and candidate to take his place in the 2024 Presidential Election.

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Joe Biden will willingly step down and allow another nominee and candidate to take his place in the 2024 Presidential Election.

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Joe Biden will continue to be the Democrat Party nominee and candidate through the 2024 Presidential Election.

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