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Today's Wheel of Fortune is brought to you by the New York District Attorney's office.

The category is: Frequently Misquoted Q Phrases.

The clue is: A turning point in decision-making.






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Anons of The Great Awakening,

Throughout our nation's rich history, the Stars and Stripes have stood as a symbol of unity, strength, and resilience. Today, we call upon every citizen from sea to shining sea to proudly display the United States Flag as a sign of support for President Donald J. Trump and the enduring principles that define our great nation. In these times of tyranny, it is important to remember that our flag embodies the very essence of the American spirit. It serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by countless men and women who fought and continue to fight for our freedom, our Republic, and the pursuit of happiness. When we raise our flags together, we celebrate not only the triumphs of our past but also the promise that the best has yet to come in our future.

By flying the Stars and Stripes, we stand united as one people, under God, dedicated to the principles of Liberty and Justice for all men and women. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the values and principles that have guided our nation for centuries continue to thrive in the years to come. Let us come together in solidarity and proudly display our flags on homes, offices, and public spaces across the nation. Let our flags wave as a symbol of hope, courage, and unity in the face of tyranny. Let us show the world that the American spirit remains unwavering and that our commitment to President Donald J. Trump is stronger than ever!

In this moment of unity, let us rekindle the spirit of patriotism and renew our faith in the American dream. Let us remember that, together, we can overcome any challenge and continue to forge a brighter future for ourselves and generations to come.

God bless every Anon of The Great Awakening, and may God bless President Donald J. Trump, and continue to bless The United States of America!

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."


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I understand that many of our Anons do not appreciate the work of Juan O Savin and David Rodriguez. That being said, I would preface this thread with a request to maintain the highest of quality standards when replying to this post. Please take the opportunity to listen to Juan and Nino’s conversation and respond with critical thinking and analysis. We are perhaps merely hours away from the most historic moment in The United States of America; a happening in which the establishment party may carry out the arrest of their political opponent in a show of pure vindictive and despicable tyranny.

This subject matter calls for serious discussion. If you cannot look beyond your biases towards Juan or Nino in order to form a well thought out comment to this important discussion, then I would ask that you not reply to this thread. There are other threads in which you can voice your grievances against the messenger of this most important subject matter. We have heard loud and clear the voices of those on our forum whom disagree with Juan and his message. You need not repeat yourself in this thread. It serves no purpose other than to derail the important discussion of this most dire hour.

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I've been using GPT4 over the past week to generate curriculum for my teaching job. The books that we have this year have absolutely no curriculum other than a brief assessment after each chapter. I had a digitized copy of the book on hand in PDF format. I copied the text from each chapter, wrote up a quick prompt for GPT4 with instructions to create vocabulary study lists, project ideas, and extended chapter assessments. Not only did GPT4 do everything I asked it to do, the quality was of a level that was acceptable for use in the field with minimal modifications.

GPT4 will even write lesson plans for all the materials to guide in how best to teach the content. Its astounding! Definitely a game changer. I only wish that we had access to the entire A.I. and could remotely run the model from our own computers without Open A.I. guard rails. Being able to custom tailor your own A.I. for individualized needs is going to be the future of the market.

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According to GPT . . .

When a suspect commits a crime in one state (e.g., New York) and then flees to another state (e.g., Florida), law enforcement agencies in the two states typically collaborate to apprehend the suspect. This process is called extradition, which is a legal mechanism used to transfer a fugitive from one jurisdiction to another.

Here's a general overview of how the process works:

Issuing a warrant: When a crime is committed in New York, and the suspect flees to Florida, New York law enforcement will obtain an arrest warrant. This warrant will be entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database, which is accessible by law enforcement agencies across the United States.

Identifying and locating the suspect: If the suspect is identified and located in Florida, local law enforcement will typically arrest the suspect based on the New York arrest warrant. This can happen during a routine traffic stop, a background check, or as a result of a coordinated law enforcement effort.

Extradition process: After the arrest, New York will request Florida to extradite the suspect. This typically involves a formal request from the governor of the state where the crime was committed (New York) to the governor of the state where the suspect was found (Florida). The request may include documentation such as the arrest warrant, charging documents, and affidavits supporting probable cause.

Legal proceedings in Florida: The suspect has the right to an extradition hearing in Florida. During this hearing, a judge will determine if the extradition request is valid and if the suspect is the person named in the warrant. The suspect cannot contest the charges against them during this hearing; its purpose is only to establish the legality of the extradition.

Transfer of custody: If the judge approves the extradition, arrangements will be made to transfer the suspect from Florida to New York. New York law enforcement officers will usually travel to Florida to take custody of the suspect and transport them back to New York to face charges.

In the unlikely event that Florida refuses to make the arrest or cooperate with the extradition process, it may create tension between the two states. However, this is rare, as states generally work together to enforce the law and apprehend fugitives. In such situations, federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI can intervene and assist with the arrest and extradition process, as they have jurisdiction across state lines.

It's important to note that extradition laws and procedures can vary between states, and the process may be influenced by specific state laws, the nature of the crime, and interstate agreements.

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The Deep State play is clearly to start a Civil War. They have run out of alternative moves on the board. The arrest of President Trump will undoubtedly be followed by an attempt at J6 2.0. They absolutely need another "insurrection" narrative, because the old one is losing steam.

Be ready Anons! This board may be inundated with shills and instigators. If you see posts advocating for violence, please report them to the Moderation Team!

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Q theory time!

Anons! What is the duration between these two dates!

1/12/2021 (last YouTube post)

3/17/2023 (today's posts)



Now . . . What is the duration between these two dates!

1/6/2021 (last Facebook post)

3/17/2023 (today's Facebook post)







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The left can't meme so who exactly is this fear porn meant to affect?

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Rather interesting delta sandwich we got here!



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I believe the concept of the "anti-christ" itself is a Cabal creation. Much of the modern day bible is also a Cabal creation. There are of course genuine words within the bible, but the true word of Christ has been twisted and distorted over the centuries in order to fit the narrative the Cabal want humanity to experience. The Cabalists want any thought of a global peace keeper to by synonymous with Satan, when they themselves bow down and sacrifice the blood of our children to Ba'al and Molach. They are projecting as usual in order to keep humanity transfixed upon their narrative rather than their sins.

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It has to get worse before it can get better.

People can't be told. They must be shown.

Inflation will be the rude awakening for millions of Americans.

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The Wilhelm scream really adds that special touch, doesn't it?


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First comes the drip . . .

Then comes the flood!

Just like the Twitter Files, the normies must be conditioned to begin to see J6 for what it is; a false flag. At the moment, the common normie knows not what a false flag even is. They must be led to the truth one drop at a time.


This drip method of revealing the truth also keeps the story relevant in the news cycle. The drops, disclosure, and declas will continue to ramp up from now until the 2024 election.

I hope y'all packed a raincoat!


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This thread has some interesting content, but the General Chat is a more appropriate home for this sort of stuff.

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