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My 4D chess brain is convinced that the Fake Q, Real Q shenanigans were created by Q as a means of drawing media attention to the subject.

This same principle is at work in the frequent misspellings in POTUS tweets. The left cannot resist an opportunity to attack their opponent. Their reactions are all too predictable.

They fall for this trick




And now, we are the news!


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Fret not, brave soldier!

We will not go gentle into that good night.

Though our Republic is in its darkest of nights, it has not seen its brightest of days.

We will extract the Deep State from our Republic like poison is drawn from a wound.

We will cut out the Deep State like a tumorous cancer is cut from a body.

When our Republic recovers from this sickness, we will be greater, stronger, and more united than ever before.

We will not forget the sacrifices that The Greatest Generation made.

The bravery and sacrifice of these soldiers will not be in vein.

There are millions of Patriots fighting hard to reignite the flame of freedom, and re-enshrine Liberty and Justice in the halls of our forefathers.

Always we must remember that these dark times are only a fleeting moment in the annals of our Republic's history.

The best has truly yet to come!



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At first I was like... "Umm, what?"


And then by the end I was like... "Ooohhhh..."


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Its all money laundering, and the IRS is the bludgeon that is used to keep the surfs and peasants on the plantation.

Eliminate the IRS, and these agencies will be starved like the cancer they are.

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Mr. Ballen does excellent work!

Its so good to see a veteran doing well in the YouTube economy. That man worked like crazy in his first year on YouTube putting out 3-4 videos a week. The military sure taught him work ethic! I'm glad he is setting limits with 1 video a week these days. His previous schedule was a recipe for burnout.

I do quite enjoy his 411 summaries.

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Most of the cases he covers are very matter of fact, exactly as local folks and on site investigators relayed them. He does not, outside the film series, dramatize these stories. A fair amount of drama is inevitable in film, even within the confines of documentary film making.

True, Paulidas does a fair amount of additional research into cryptozoology and sasquatch, but he never crosses the streams with his 411 research.

I have found his work to be extremely professional and meticulous. I respect that he leaves the theories and conclusions of these unsolved cases up to the viewer, and reader.

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Yes. Hunted is the second installment, specifically dealing with stories related to seasoned hunters who have no business going missing out in the wilderness.

The first film, just called Missing 411, covers some of the most important stories from David Paulidas' Missing 411 book series.

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Welcome Anons, to tonight's double feature Anon Theatre.

Today we are watching David Paulidas' documentaries Missing 411, and Missing 411: The Hunted, based upon his best selling book series on the Missing 411.

From David Paulidas' website:

The project began after a meeting with a park ranger and slowly evolved into a study on missing people who have vanished in the wild, many under highly unusual circumstances. We found in MANY of the cases, parents and relatives of the victims believe their loved one was kidnapped.

Law enforcement and the media typically do not publicize concerns of kidnapping or abduction when the missing can be explained through traditional means. There are too many similar cases to ignore the trend. The consistencies must be accounted for.

Missing 411 will begin a societal dialogue about these unexplained disappearances. We aim to be a voice for the victims and their families. Missing 411 The Movie will add visual clarity to these cases.

One common theme among all of David Paulidas' stories is that David does not like to give his own theories about what is happening to these missing persons. He deliberately tells his readers and audience that he wants them to come up with their own theories.

I believe we in The Great Awakening have a fairly good idea as to what is happening to in these Missing 411 cases.

Case in Point: Q Posts 29, 153, and 1964


The truth would sound so outrageous most Americans would riot, revolt, reject, etc.

The pedo networks are being dismantled.

The child abductions for satanic rituals (ie Haiti and other 3rd world countries) are paused (not terminated until players in custody).


Children are being kidnapped, tortured, raped, and sacrificed in the name of PURE EVIL.


Perhaps he could not stomach the thought of children being kidnapped, drugged, and raped while leaders/law enforcement of the world turn a blind eye.

Links to Films

Missing 411

Based on the books series written by David Paulides Missing 411 chronicles the unsolved yet eerily similar disappearances of five children in the wilds of North America across multiple decades. A real-life horror story for those involved, the film examines each case from multiple perspectives in an attempt to shed light on the unsettling topic. Les Stroud of Survivorman and Obama-appointed, former Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar are both interviewed for their insight into the topic, as are the families who have fallen victim to tragedy.

Missing 411: The Hunted

Hunters have been disappearing from North American wildlands for hundreds of years, many without leaving a trace. Former police detective David Paulides was initially brought on to investigate the circumstances around the many mysterious disappearances - here he presents the haunting true stories of hunters experiencing the unexplainable. Missing 411: The Hunted is based on the book by Paulides, which documents 185 cases of missing peoples from four different countries. All 185 cases fit a narrowly defined profile that was refined after researching thousands of missing person reports; these cases are the most difficult, defy common sense, challenge conventional wisdom and remain unexplained.

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(1) It must be durable

Hardware wallets sealed inside waterproof storage seems durable enough.

(2) It must be divisible

Cryptos are divisible by whatever integer the developers program. Much more divisible than the dollar.

(3) It must be convenient.

Cryptos can be carried on a person, and transported easily across borders. They are far more convenient than gold and silver.

(4) It must be consistent.

Consistency is difficult when we still exist in the Khazarian economy. All markets are inconsistent while the Mafia continues their manipulation of all global assets and currencies. Gold and Silver are equally susceptible to this manipulation.

(5) It must possess value in itself, which is why we don’t use paper.

Return to my post above and read what I wrote about use case. Many cryptos derive their value from the function they provide in the digital world, and the ecosystem that enables that function.

Consider this analogy: Cab drivers are valuable, no? They transport an individual from one location to another. That transportation is not something that can be transacted. It must be given a value, and be traded for with an asset. A dollar amount can be given to the cab driver who will then provide their function of transportation to you.

Take that concept and apply it to data streams on the internet. Those data streams are just as valuable as the cab driver's transportation function. A data stream's value is extracted from the digital space via crypto blockchains that rest as foundations for the next iteration of the internet.

(6) It must be limited in the quantity that is available.

All viable blockchains limit their quantity at a set amount.

(7) It should have a long history of acceptance.

We are beginning the second decade of crypto adoption. The history of acceptance will only grow from here.

All this is not to say that you shouldn't buy gold and silver. Those are still great assets to own and hold while we ride out this market crash.

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To understand crypto, you need to stop seeing it as currency and start seeing its function in the digital world.

Case in point: Revolution Populi.

RevPop aims to solve a very unique problem in the digital space; that of Data Sovereignty. They aim to design a blockchain database that stores user data and allows the user to have the keys to determine who has access to that data, and what happens to it.

This type of data sovereignty tech can be widely applied to areas such as Social Media, Intellectual Property like video games, films, and music, as well as medical records, tax records, and any number of other forms of data that are transacted from one individual to another.

RevPop's RVP token will be the asset that gets transacted whenever data access is sold or purchased on the blockchain. This is what you call use case in the crypto market.

There is an important distinction between crypto currencies and crypto assets that normies must understand. Some cryptos, like Bitcoin, do aim to be direct currencies. These derive their value from the faith investors have in the token's viability long term; the token cap, the resilience of the blockchain, etc... Other cryptos, like RVP, are assets that derive their value from the use case.

In RVP's case, the ability for an individual to have complete control over their data and where it goes is an invaluable concept, and that makes the market space of that project extremely lucrative. Consider that Facebook and Twitter trade billions in fiat every year for that data.

Most folks can't see the 40,000 ft view of the crypto space. They consider cryptos to be nothing more than digital money, which is a gross oversimplification of what blockchain technology is and what it can do.

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Only if they paper-hand like morons.

Wise investors buy in a bear, and sell in a bull. Idiots sell in the bear, and buy in the bull. It really is that simple. If you want to grow your wealth, learn how to ride the market and ignore your base emotional impulses.

Those who understand that the Central Bank is moving massive amounts of fiat to accomplish this illusory 'crash' will ultimately come out on top. The Khazarian Mafia is doing everything they can do crash all alternative currencies before the big show begins. They are running their financial systems at full capacity right now just to drive the crypto prices this low.

It won't be long now until the dollar completely collapses. On the day that happens, you will see a mass exodus into alternative currencies like crypto from people who are desperately trying to preserve their wealth. The crypto market is going to spring back hard from this market manipulation.

The bull run that will follow this temporary event is going to be legendary, and it will melt faces.

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Hang in there a little longer. Its coming!

We will End the Fed, and decimate the Tax Codes.

When we are finished, you'll be able to read the Tax Law on a single piece of paper.

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Rest in peace Dr. Zelenko.

You will be greatly missed by many an Anon. Your work was instrumental in saving millions of lives. You may have gone to the great beyond before your time, but we all must make that journey one day.

In time we shall all stand side by side with you when we make that journey. Your sacrifices will be remembered for many years to come.

In the meantime, we will continue to preach your life saving protocol far and wide and carry on your mission!

God Bless You Dr. Zelenko!

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God bless our beloved POTUS!

He continues to serve us in these dark times through the gift of a conservative and constitutional SCOTUS making decisions that benefit the people, and the states.

Imagine what we will accomplish when we have an ULTRA-MAGA Congress and Senate, and when we take back the rightfully won Executive Branch in 2024.

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The Khazarian Mafia is desperately trying to start a global famine.

Bravo to the farmers standing up to this insane diabolical agenda!

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This was just forwarded to Dr. Zelenko's telegram about an hour ago. His condition seems to be volatile. I really pray he pulls through.


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Please keep praying for this warrior Anons!

It is not fair that such a brave and tenacious warrior should be taken from us at this time. His work during the COVID plandemic saved perhaps millions of lives.

We need a miracle to bring him through this!

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This committee is nothing more than a political bludgeon the Democrats are using against their opposition. This is soviet style antics. History will remember this for what it was.

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At this point let's just call this what it is: Money Laundering.


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