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When we unite with the normies to take down the pedophiles.

Normies: "I never thought I'd die fighting side by side with a Pepe.

Anons: "What about side by side with a fren?"

Normies: "Aye. I could do that."


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I got excited too there for a moment!

I've been hoping that Truth Social would adopt the blockchain.

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The media have received their orders. End the pandemic without ending profits to Big Pharma.

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You can see the cognitive dissonance in full swing. She is desperately trying to cling to her Trump Derangement Syndrome, while also swallowing the Red Pill.

We should celebrate their awakening and their strides into the light, and do our best to forgive them. We must remember that they were victims of the greatest psychological mass formation operation in the history of humanity. They are not our enemy. We must remember who the real enemy is, and unite with our brothers and sisters against our one true adversary.

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I am reminded of the end of George Lucas' Episode II of Star Wars.

Obi-Wan: "I have to admit that without the clones it would not have been a victory."

Yoda: "Victory? Victory you say? Master Obi-Wan, not victory. The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun the clone war has."

The Cabal is being exposed, much like the shroud of the dark side falling. This symbolizes that the real war is just beginning. The Cabal still has many NPCs [clones] for which they can call upon to perpetuate their war on humanity.

We are going from Dark to Light; from Covert War, to Overt War.

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Trust is what led us to where we are right now.

Trust in Government.

Trust in Politicians.

Trust in the Judicial Process.

Trust in Big Pharma.

Trust in Centralized Banking.

Trust in Centralized Religion (The Vatican, Big Churches, etc.).

Trust in Academia.

Trust in Science

The entire premise of Q's plan is to bring about a renaissance of critical thinking, and personal responsibility for one's own actions and beliefs.

We don't need to restore trust after the fall of the Cabal. We need to restore accountability. Trust should never be enough. 100% transparency in government and world leadership is what will be demanded upon the collapse of the Cabal.

If trust ever were restored, it would be a sign that a new Cabal was rising on Earth.

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The Cabal still have several chess pieces left on the board that need to be dealt with.



The Vatican

The Royal Family

The Federal Reserve

Central Banks of the World

It is at times like these I like to remind anons to pay attention to events, not dates. The fall of the COVID narrative is a major event in the Q timeline, and signals that one or more of the aforementioned Cabal assets are soon to be activated.

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I don't trust it either.

I believe they are pivoting from the COVID psy-op directly into a Russia / Ukraine false flag war. COVID is now costing the Cabal more than it is helping them. They know the narrative is played out, and even the most indoctrinated citizens are beginning to question the mandates and vaccines.

by catssix
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This makes one ruminate upon the Q plan, and explains why the plan had to be executed in the manner in which we are witnessing.

Many anons have voiced their opinions regarding why the Cabal is still in power, and why the Deep State still holds Washington. We don't want a repeat of the Russian Revolution. We cannot remove one Deep State, or one Cabal only for another just like it or far worse to take its place.

The number of politicians and world leaders that need to be removed from power is staggering. If the military rounded all of them up overnight, we would be left leaderless, rudderless, and in total chaos. The mass resignations we are seeing of leaders worldwide is by design. The demolition of the Cabal had to be done slowly and methodically in order to lessen the impact when the inevitable mass arrests will take place.

Without Q, we also would end up in the frying pan long before the Cabal was exterminated.

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The Cabal tried: "Press Esc to exit timeline."

It wasn't successful.



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Majic Eyes Qnly is doing the divine work of God. His decodes are part of what motivated me to start this project.

Where Carl goes for the "needle in the hey stack" approach, I opted for the "burn the hey stack" approach by brute forcing the entire manual into audio. I respect Carl and his dedication with his decodes. Hopefully my project can help get more researchers to take a look at the Law of War and help Carl with his future decodes.

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As well they should.

Their crooked game is coming to an end.

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I believe the 11.3 market and the Pizza Gate crimes of the Cabal are mutually exclusive crimes.

11.3 deals with a very specific attack upon the United States perpetrated by China on behalf of the Cabal.

The Podesta case deals with the deeper crimes of the Cabal beyond their attack upon the United States in 2020.

Think of this like how Al Capone was taken down not because of his numerous crimes of murder and conspiracy to commit murder, but because of a simple thing like tax evasion.

I think the Q team knew that going after the Cabal for crimes against humanity was going to take the better part of a couple of decades to prove the cases in not only the judicial courts, but the court of public opinion. The Law of War and the 11.3 marker were very much like President Trump's Operation Warp Speed response to the plandemic and the crimes of Big Pharma. 11.3 is the trojan horse that allows for the Q team and the Military to prosecute the Cabal very quickly because they were caught in the act of a crime that was legally defined years in advance.

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Excellent find anon!

This is perhaps the best explanation of the 11.3 marker I have ever heard.

Juan really does a great job of laying out the legality behind the Law of War and the End of Occupation.

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How was the surgery? I'm curious because the doc said I might need that in the long run if the meds stop working for me.

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Sun Tzu's art of war.

You must make your enemies comfortable in their position so that when you strike their guard is down. The Cabal arrests that have taken place will not be published until it is strategically advantageous to publicize them. The Cabal have been burning through their entire arsenal of weaponry and ammunition with their attacks on the aforementioned figures you referenced.

We are witnessing a fight not unlike that of Rocky. The Q team have been allowing the Cabal to throw their punches left and right for the past five years. What comes next is the knockout blow. The Q team is ready and at full strength for this final round.

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I've had trouble breathing through my nose for the past three years. I went to a sinus specialist recently and they took a look up both nostrils and informed me that I have a deviated septum. They advised that I take both Claritin and Flomax every day. So far it has been working well.

I hope you feel better soon!

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