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We have just entered a lock down. Constant 24/7 msm and social media fear mongering propaganda. I walk my dogs out regularly. All of a sudden half the people I see out are wearing the disgusting face diapers. Fortunately, some are not gripped by this fear, we smile, these people are happy and DGAF, and I appreciate the wordless contact. Something genuine about just nodding each other’s head in greeting, it’s made me appreciate the little things like these. I am noticing a pattern. All these mask wearers are afraid. They don’t smile. They won’t look at you in the eye. Some of these brainwashed people will try and give me a stern look. You know what I do. I stare them down with a curious and sometimes disgust look in my face. And almost always they will look away. Anyway, today, I saw a family out. Husband and wife, and their two children. Everyone wearing a mask. The amazing thing is, I caught the husband see me, and as soon as he glimpses how I am not victim to the fear porn, and I’m very happy out with my girls and enjoying the sunshine, he fucking removes his mask.

Guys. Don’t despair. Be a leading example. These guys are victims and we need to show them the way.

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Any time I get "that look" from people wearing a mask, I smile as big as I can and tell them to have a blessed day. Most smile back. Those that don't, I chalk up to the permanently lost.

Fortunately, we're not locked down here yet but I have started seeing more masks (south-central Illinois). I don't expect it to go as planned if they lock us down again. Despite school mask mandates, several schools in the state are standing up. We all need to keep standing and smiling showing them we aren't afraid.