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Today we went to Cinnabon because their baked goods are usually discounted on this specific day of the weekend, so when we got there some other people were already being given service. So one of my family members get the box of one prepackaged goods and it wasn't behind anything where a worker would have to get the box, it was on the counter for anyone to pick up and checkout. Before we got to pay for it, the worker saw my brother was who holding and told us to put it back and wait for us to be brought up. My other family member had the credits ready to pay, basically we knew what she was trying to imply besides of being an arrogant prick and whatever else she may tried to get across.

Does it make sense if anyone does this and suddenly they're willing to steal when they intend to pay? This right here is poor customer service better yet. This girl looked like some liberal retard, so I can see where she's trying to imply we're thieves regardless of whatever reason even though we were going to pay. Even then she tries to make up some excuses beyond her autistic self saying that's company policy which is bullshit because we did that before and never told anything like this, so we decided not to gave them our business this day if they were going to treat their customers like some common criminals who were willing to support them.

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If i remember correctly, theft cant be proven until you actually walk out of the location without paying. Maybe your suspicions are right on the employee. Maybe not. Hard to say with only an online post for context.

On other note, this would have been far better suited on another community. I fail to see any relation to GAW or Q. Kudos though to you for leaving facebook behind. I understand where some of the Q purists are coming from. This community has a full spectrum of awake people, some spending hours upon hours doing research and compiling the information we consume and some being relatively fresh to Q. I can understand why those that invest a lot of time would prefer to have a cleaner board without anything off topic posted on it.

ZeKaiser [S] 3 points ago +3 / -0

I understand yes, but my topic certainly will not be the last when it comes to talking about non related GAW or Q content.

Nomoralcompass89 2 points ago +3 / -1

I know, there will always be more in the future. Thats why I tried my best to be polite about it and explain the "why" behind it.