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Trump launched that lawsuit back in July, I believe, against Twitter, Facebook, etc. I haven’t heard anything about it since then. All of the news about DWAC, TMTG, and @Jack stepping down has me mighty curious if there have been any developments with the lawsuit. Does anyone have any news?

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u/James22 did you open an account just to answer this question? Thanks for that. Drumpt bad at lawsuits. Got it. Thanks

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I mean so where’s the progress

Also how many states have decertified?

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You’d have to define progress. Definitely has different meanings to different people. What does progress look like to you? Things aren’t necessarily going so well for the Main stream.

It’s the ending that will count. You either have the faith or you don’t. I’m guessing your happy the way things are going today.

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Whatever floats your boat. I hope you'll recognize 'it' when it comes to bite you. It's more likely you'll show up with your hand out. Useful idiot comes to mind, judging by what you have written. I enjoy stomping your types. Watching you cry. Now I know this is wrong butI can't help myself. It's my new normal. Good luck with your hobby of coming here all day and reading dumb predictions.