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A pattern in Q posts, recent events, predictive programming, and, "comms" that I find difficult to ignore:


Q mentions the movie "Sum of All Fears" in several posts:


The basic plot of the movie is that the detonation of a nuclear bomb in Baltimore by a DS archetype group ("Nazis", IIRC?) is blamed on the Soviet Union, nearly igniting WWIII.

Reread those Q posts. The important takeaway from those posts is that Iran/NK were helped along with their nuclear programs by the US/DS/Cabal. The U1 deal to Ukraine was part of this help, which means that the Ukrainian Nazi's are involved too, just like in the movie. (NWO - "Nazi World Order" per Q#936)


Just recently in NH an emergency alert from the Seabrook nuclear power plant was issued. This was a warning of potential radiation leakage/exposure. This alert was later called "an accident". Real or not – it seems like comms.


New York recently broadcasted PSAs about what to do in the event of nuclear fallout. Not a nuclear bombing of NYC directly, just a "fallout event". For example, a radiation cloud heading towards NYC? Real or not – seems like more comms.


A PSA type sign was seen in a NJ mall covering what to do in case of radiation/fallout. As far as I know these signs are all over NJ. However, maybe this was completely fake? But, that doesn't actually matter. These comms via soc media aren't fake, and it is now part of our programming.



-> Russia’s ‘Largest-Ever Submarine’ Pressed Into Service; Could Be Loaded With Spy Subs, Nuclear Torpedoes <-

This article claims that Russia has recently put to sea a large submarine that - ostensibly - carries nuclear torpedoes with 100MT warheads (note: torpedoes, NOT ICBMs). Plausible? Real or fake? It doesn't matter. Arguing about it being fake news or not is a distraction. The appearance of the article, and sharing of it on social media are just more comms. The "predictive programming" seems to be taking shape, just like 9/11.


Last year there was a news article about Russia's new nuclear torpedo and how it can create "radioactive tsunamis". Google that. I make no comment as to the veracity of this article, either. Indeed, I think there is a high probability that it, along with the article on the largest sub (above), are at least partially fake news. Fake news or not, however, it is now part of the predictive programming.


MonkeyWerx covered the previous two news items, thus reinforcing the predictive programming, by showing a map of the blast radius from a 100MT nuclear device being detonated over Washington DC, along with the likely dispersal path of the NUCLEAR FALLOUT from such an event. Remember that NYC PSA, above?


The path of the fallout goes right up through Baltimore, Philly, NJ, NYC, and NH. What a coincidence that "nuclear fallout" has suddenly become a part of conversation for the east coast of the US. Predictive programming much? It’s like 9/11 all over again.


Someone last night posted to a board an interesting theory that the water that is gone from Lake Mead might be being used to flood the DS tunnels (DUMBS) out West. Interesting theory, really entertaining and got my gears turning. (More comms?) It got me thinking about flooding the tunnels underneath Washington DC. What would it take to accomplish that? Would not be easy... maybe a biblical flood would be necessary?


One of Trump’s mantras has been "Drain the swamp". He made a good start during his four years in office... or, did he? I was always, let's say, underwhelmed. I wanted a LOT more of the DC machine to be eliminated. Maybe this was unrealistic - at least via the tools available to the Executive Office? Just playing political whack-a-mole for 4-8 years wouldn't really be much of a "great awakening", would it? It would be "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss" as soon as the next administration reoccupied DC.

And, we know Trump likes to think bigger. MUCH Bigger. He is in it to win it.

Maybe Trump was thinking "drain the swamp" more literally, and not so much figuratively?


Recall that DC actually used to be a swamp. So, "draining" the swamp is what made it what it is today. Therefor, "think mirror": let's make DC a swamp again! So, DC must be FLOODED, and even more importantly, made uninhabitable. Utterly destroyed, no longer to be used. Now THAT would be BIBLICAL!

So, given all of the above...

Are you seeing the connections?

Here's what I see:

One or more 100MT nuclear torpedoes right up the river into DC would accomplish the following:

  • Destroy everything in DC above ground and make it unlivable (radioactive)
  • Collapse or flood everything under DC, all in one fell swoop
  • Spread nuclear fallout up the east coast of the US (hence the recent PSAs)
  • Bring down the US economy almost instantly (Babylon destroyed in an hour)
  • Distract the entire world from ALL of the investigations into the Cabal/DS
  • Be blamed on Russia… it MUST have been their submarine that did it, right?

Quite a picture being painted, isn’t it? Reread the Q drops and notice again the choices of movies, too.

But, there's that "blame Russia" narrative again. "Russia Russia Russia." It’s getting to be so predictable.

Thanks to PedoPete we are today somewhat inoculated to that narrative. Which further strengthens the idea that he is controlled and we are watching a movie.

So, NO, I don't think Russia will detonate a submarine launched nuclear torpedo in the water near Washington DC. Sure, it's not an impossibility and the comms do suggest it. But, watch for more fake news about Russian subs, maybe off the US coast or something. The setup of this narrative seems to originate from the fake news media, so, I'm not buying what they're selling.

What I think will actually happen is that the DS will detonate underwater/underground nuclear device(s) in Washington DC in an attempt to further their agenda and cover their tracks. They will hope that it stops "The Storm" and really kickoff WWIII by blaming Russia. What a distraction from their evil ways, too! And, the resulting devastation of the US economy will further the NWO/"Great Reset" agenda, thank you very much. What an opportunity to BBB!

Hillary's U1 deal sold the material to Ukraine to further the deep state's desire for nuclear weapons. This material was passed on to NK and Iran, not Russia. So, we will, in a way, be nuking ourselves - yet another connection to the movie. And, just like the movie, we need to check ourselves and hopefully deescalate from full bore WWIII with Russia.

I make no claims as to the exact timing of any of this. But, it seems like maybe it could be relatively soon given all of these recent items above, and, because the DS seems to be losing control of the Russia narrative somewhat rapidly now. I’m expecting to see more “scare events” in the news for the purpose of motivating people to leave the east coast. Things like more supply chain issues, riots, disease outbreaks (real or fake), power blackouts, bad weather... who knows? Note also the comms about the "waterfall" of information that's supposedly started which also seems to indicate that something bigger will take place “soon”. And, don't forget about the story Trump told at the Alaska rally about landing AFO in Iraq in darkness. That was warning for us to prepare. Things will be VERY dark and VERY difficult, but HIGHLY skilled people are in control. Sound familiar?

It’s also hard to say if our devolution government will actually let this happen. I would like to think that they would not – it’s just so horrific. But, I also thought that they would not let the election be stolen and how did that turn out? Not great, but, “the great awakening” is stronger than ever and all out civil war has so far been avoided. Steady as she goes. Given this, I believe that this event also might not be stopped because it is yet another "sting" to help unravel the DS's control over the ENTIRE WORLD. The DS is so entrenched world-wide, possibly for thousands of years, that most people cannot really comprehend what is necessary to literally change the course of history. One more (useless) city getting nuked is almost nothing in the grand scheme.

At this point you might say "NO WAY! they wouldn't allow that to happen to the entire east coast of the US! So many people would die and the panic and chaos would be just too catastrophic! And, America! And, muh economy!" And all that. It's very easy to think like that. But what if this seemingly bad outcome was better than the possible alternatives? Remember, this is war and the enemy gets a vote. The best one can do is try to predict or sway that vote. Evil will not stop being evil just because you are unable to imagine it being that evil. So, if you're a war-time commander, and the actions of the enemy are laid out before you... it is entirely possible that this was the least-worst of all of the very bad options to counter it. So, they set about doing what could be done to prepare for it and mitigate the damage as any war-time leader should. This is why we have Q, and are being awakened. To navigate the citizens of this country through WWIII. This planned destruction of DC may be the only way to achieve total victory - to permanently exorcise the evil from US soil. It can’t be wished away or ignored. Sometimes the only way out is through... so, at least let them destroy "the swamp" for us?

And, the very worst case scenario I've been able to come up with is that Trump is "controlled opposition" and we've been led into this event specifically to collapse the US, accelerate the pace of depopulation, and further the agenda of the NWO. Wouldn't that suck? Lol...

So, in closing...





Hey! My first sticky! Tx! :)

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Great read! Go by I try not to ask dumb questions, but do you think a nuclear fallout scare might be a way to keep us indoors and distracted? Would there be a way to have a false “nuclear fallout” without actually detonating anything?