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ARandomOgre 0 points ago +2 / -2

Is there any reason to conclude that post 207 wasn’t in response to Elon Musk receiving exactly that much in subsidies two years before Q mentioned this?


That seems to make much more sense, since two posts later, Q is talking directly about SpaceX.

And in post 211. And 212. All in the same day.

So should I assume that despite Q talking about SpaceX the day he posted 207, and despite the fact that the 4.9 billion lines up directly with the government subsidies received by Musk, and despite the fact that these subsidies occurred before this post, I should still ignore all that context and believe this was a prediction about future COVID subsidies?

That this wasn’t clearly a discussion about Musk and his previous subsidies in an active thread in which Q is talking about Musk?

It seems like the context is too important to ignore here.

farmforfreedom [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Hence the EM, but still dasting... that was my context of the Elon Musk Space X subsidies as the Q drop, but are the 2 mutually exclusive when it comes to communications? I mean, it's just virtual money they move, these numbers could mean anything really.