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We are far past the point of social media posts carrying any weight. Trump has made it clear time and time again with his posts. He intentionally posts Q related material. At some point you have to say, so what? Q told us “the military is the only way.” It is time for ACTION. Not words, not memes. If Trump moves on to his 2024 campaign and nothing is done about 2020 or 2022, then at some point it’s time to admit he scammed us and lead us on. And before you say.. “What can Trump do about it!?” We are literally on a Q forum. The central idea is that Trump and the military are in control, or at least put systems in place to keep the country from totally failing. If that were true he absolutely can and will do something. And that something would not be focusing on running in 2024 without major changes to the election system. Those changes are likely only possible with military intervention.