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We have seen plenty of evidence of White Hat maneuvering behind the scenes, and apparently the goal is first to reveal everything. The wild card Elon taking control of Twitter, then releasing the Twitter files. The dirt coming out about FTX, with details of how money laundering works. McCarthy somehow getting religion, no longer acting like a RINO for some mysterious reason, and serious investigations going on in the House. Biden caught every which way, including secret documents in his garage next to the lawnmower (and how exactly did that get out?) and his crooked dealings revealed with Ukraine. Katie Hobbs employment by a drug cartel revealed.

The bad guys are having a bad day.

Could it be about to get much much worse? Inquiring minds want to know.

Current balance of party power in the Senate (at the end of the page): https://www.senate.gov/history/partydiv.htm

Special elections seem to be in the works.

Fetterman, never the sharpest knife in the drawer, seems to be totally incapacitated. Weirdly, his wife and kids ignore him and leave the country. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/02/rumblings-democrats-are-hiding-seriousness-of-john-fettermans-condition-to-avoid-special-election/

Feinstein is also on the ropes: https://www.dailywire.com/news/colleagues-say-sen-feinstein-may-be-mentally-unfit-to-serve

The MAGA takeover of the House is impressive. A MAGA takeover of the Senate sounds like checkmate to me. The House can bring the impeachment charge, and the Senate can have the trial. Popcorn sales would be off the charts.

So, Biden gone, but we are stuck with Heels Up?

She is such a sleazebag that she must have dark secrets. White Hats could possibly use that to get her to resign. If they can get McCarthy to act honest, they can pull off practically anything.

Then, what, McCarthy is Prez? The questionable RINO? Well, something is going on behind the scenes with him. And this certainly seems better than Adolf Sniffer or Heels Up.

Then the voter fraud is rooted out (easier to do with the globos defanged), we have real elections, and President Trump is back.

A MAGA Congress votes to shut down all of the federal government that is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, which is almost all of it. Most of the current federal government is illegal. We then pay a very small flat fee for federal taxes every year for national security of only the U.S. No tax forms. No IRS.

No WHO. No UN. No CIA. No FBI. No USAID. None of that shit. And therefore no Deep State.

But remember that it all depends on us. We need to work for MAGA candidates at all levels. We need to stop voter fraud on the state and local level. We need to carefully watch everything the government does, and never get complacent again. We need to move our kids out of the public schools. We need to simplify our lives and create a parallel economy. We need to take care of our own health. We need to keep up the independent journalism, including on this extremely cool site.


EDIT: One of the commenters pointed out that the Democrat control of the Senate is up for grabs for another reason also: "If Kari Lake pulls off a win after all the legal stuff happens, that may also flip the Senate race that was held and declared fraudulently for the (D) as well."