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Lots of reports of shingles/herpes and other "common, widespread viruses that been around for ever" that we may have but, normally our bodies keep them under control, as well, after shots. Maybe the assholes see it as a good thing, I mean, to "cleanse" humanity.. by killing off anyone who has these, sleeping medical problems, many many.. that THEY created to begin with..

My sister who had cancer for a year and was "winning" (it was shrinking way down).. suddenly had a reversal and died within a couple of weeks in Feb... I am going to have to ask mom if she got the Shot at the hospital when she went in to her apt. Never even thought about that as maybe a reason, I dont know enough about cancer but, do know sometimes people win sometimes they dont.. but, how quickly she faded till death.. sus now.. .. this post.. :(

61 days ago
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