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Unfortunately, up until now it's been much easier to make money being woke.

Now that they've gone too far it's hurting them, but all these conglomerates own many other conglomerates so the risk still isn't super high.

I feel like we're in a catch 22. We won't push back strongly enough until violence or starvation is already happening because those are people motivators.

But we need to push back strongly now, or we will end up in violence or starvation!

The warning signs are all there, yet very few see it, fewer still want to get involved, and even fewer than that have a good plan that they are capable of carrying out.

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That's the thing though right?

Off the top of my head can't they be sued for misrepresenting things?

The fake race wars The race hoaxes Wildly getting news wrong in general like for the election and other details - (brainstorm with me here!)

Nick Sandmann cannot possibly be the only thing they misrepresented intentionally.

There had to have been tons more lawsuits we could have filed over the last 5 years easily! Am I wrong?

I can't think of any off the top of my head but there's gotta be more than just this guy where they can lose massively. No?

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100% right.

They're all crooks and con artists.

Whores for hire to the highest bidder. Frankly, in a contest for morals, I'm not sure who is higher on the list, politicians or prostitutes.

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I have heard this as well. While I think it's too soon to confirm that, this collage shows a stillborn birth, and I've seen other articles about losing the baby as well.

It's absolutely unreal to me how the UK does not allow for pregnant mothers to receive the vaccines, but the US does.

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Some of my family and friends are the same way. I am starting to break through to a few others though. Strangely enough, speaking to them hasn't worked, but memes and non-partisan articles are starting to work.

I hate to say it, but if the source is right-wing, liberals will not accept it, regardless of whether the information is rock solid or not.

In my experience, while triggering strangers can be fun, if you want to convert someone, you want to avoid triggers.

Sorry about your brother. I can give you a ray of hope though. I definitely know many people who have had the various vaccines, and while they've all had a terrible following day after the second shot, they all recovered after a couple days, and they've also all survived 2 months after the second shot now. Fingers crossed!

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Share everywhere!

There's a lot more out there that isn't here obviously. But seeing real life examples seems to have an effect on people!

Make sure wherever you share it, keeps it the same size. For example some text messaging apps, and some image upload websites tend to squash the image and it becomes unreadable when zoomed in!

Good luck with your daughter!

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This country's government and its agencies are so fucking unbelievably corrupt and people are so asleep.

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Does anyone know how something like this could ever end? Outside of violence and death is there any way to put an end to police protecting Antifa and getting good guys in there?