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There is no "narrative" here to stay with. Noone is telling anyone else not to post. But we don't need doomers on here trying to predict a dark future when they have no idea what's going to happen. Idk - is that difficult to understand?

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This explains the nursing home deaths. They probably didn't die from COVID. They probably died from being euthenized.

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Excuses and more threats. Over what? A post about dooming that you participated in.

And stop threatening me. That's what liberals do when they think they have power.


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It doesn't help when the mods are participating in the dooming, but making excuses why it's necessary.

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Feelings hurt, I see. Your safe space awaits.

Sorry, but this is typical liberal silencing tactics. First try censorship, then psychological warfare, then insults and condescension. Same old, same old.

Truth: People are sick of the dooming and we expect better of the mods here. You're dooming no matter how you try to re-package it, or who you try to deflect it on. It's not useful or helpful information. Just doom. And its supposed to be not allowed on this platform, according to the DEPORT button and the side bar >>>

It's bothering people who are sick of hearing it and demoralizing. Like this person who just posted this:


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Ban me for what? For telling doomers not to doom? Then you chime in with more doom and want to ban me for rejecting it? Whose side are you on anyway?

There is nothing you said historical except "wars got worse". Well, duh. Wars also resolved and ended.

Nice technique to turn it on me - "there must be something wrong with you. Who hurt you? Are you ok?" What's next, "why don't you sit, you look pale."

I'm fine. I'm tired of armchair warriors who want a war to justify buying that bunker and $2k worth of food and ammo.

Don't try psychological intimidation tactics on me. I know who RIchard Bandler is. I'm being perfectly rational, as are the people that posted they agree with me that they're sick of the doomers and a moderator should NOT be one of them. So please stop this sh*t and stop playing the psychological war games.


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Not even a good try. Stop twisting my words. I'm not the only one here sick of this sh*t.

But seeing how you try to turn it on me as being "mean spirited" for telling the truth, I can see are you definitely a lib and a troll because the truth hurts so much.

The only ones that have a problem with what I said were the doomers themselves (hint, hint).

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