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I find your ideas fascinating and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

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Lighten up, Francis.

I don’t see any real animus. I see a judgmental poster who wants to virtue signal. (That would be you). To have real animus, someone would actually have to know her and wish her ill. I don’t hate this woman. I don’t even know her. I doubt anyone here knows her in real life or actually hates her. If they did, they most likely would have some sympathy for her.

From a broader perspective, she represents why the last two years have sucked. So I don’t get all in a twist if people make comments or take a dig at her. It’s not HER they are angry at, it’s the entirety of the covidiots, who are still wearing masks and are still wanting everyone to get jabbed and boosted. They have helped make our lives a living hell. If you want to turn the other cheek and embrace everyone that has shit on you, that’s your right and that’s fine. But don’t preach to everyone and act like they have to follow your lead or they are not a good person. You are no different than someone screaming that you should get a jab or wear a mask. You are just more polite about it.

I’d suggest you ponder on how you came to the conclusion that you did and why.

I’ll get right on that. 🙄

Be honest with yourself or the suffering never ends.

I don’t even know what this means.


This sounds disingenuous.

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This woman deserves prayers, well wishes and healing.

So go ahead. Who’s stopping you?

if you somehow make this about yourself and how you're "smarter" than she is, woe unto you.

And yet here you are, making this about yourself and how much more compassionate you are than others here.

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Go cry a river.

Oh, he will. Count on it. All while telling everyone what a great, pious person he is. You can tell what a wonderful, god-fearing soul he is because he wrote:

This woman deserves prayers, well wishes and healing.

Yes, that’s the mark of compassion. He’s better than you. MUCH better.

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This is being driven at the investor/banker level.

Blackrock/Vanguard own significant percentages of most of these companies. That’s why everything was so coordinated and instantaneous. The messaging game from a single source.

Want to keep your stock from tanking? Do this.

Want your line of credit to remain open? Do this.

Want your golden parachute? Do this.

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The stats?

What stats?

Where are the stats that indicate he would have been “in worse shape”?

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He has an interesting last name...


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He only needs to think about them to get hard.

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I’ll bet Nancy was hot before electricity was invented.

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Just curious... but where do you see this going?

If Durham loses, then what?

If Durham wins and Sussmann takes one for the team, and not one big name goes down after Sussmann, there is also a problem. With the judge situation, the swamp can say the trial wasn’t rigged. Sussmann does some time, gets his pardon and payoff, and everything is tied up neatly in a box.

Who is next after Sussman? Do we know?

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These assholes spent more on this “investigation” than 9/11.

And they are still walking around. I’m starting to understand why they have zero respect for the people.

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Wall Street already has a ton of shorts in place.

Can you explain why Twitter is up today?

I too believe the bot numbers are going to rock the stock and sale price. They’ve locked themselves into a ridiculously low number. No way it’s 5%.

Twitter will also be getting sued by advertisers that paid rates based on phony usage/engagement numbers. It could burn down completely.

That would be a shame. 😂

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Yeah, there is definitely some Russian propaganda. No question. RT is going to paint a rosy picture of some domestic issues that may or may not reflect the truth... But on international topics like “what’s going on in Syria”, I always felt RT was telling a version much closer to actual reality.

The UK/US propaganda mill has lied to us so often and for so long, I immediately dismiss anything that is the official narrative. It’s a damn shame, but that’s where I am.

I grew up believing TASS and PRAVDA were lying to the Russian people and the world while the West had an open and free press. Silly naive me. I never realized CNN, BBC, ABC, CBC, CBS, NBC, FOX, etc were all the same thing. State-run, and state owned propaganda outlets.

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People here are not immune to confirmation bias.

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I find these numbers they plucked for public consumption interesting also.

330 million? (Masonic / agency 33)

66 ( 33 x 2 )

Just like they made a big deal about Biden’s Ukraine aid package. He wanted $33 billion. They gave him $40 B, but he requested $33 B. And they put that number in the news.

Funny how that number keeps popping up.

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This is why RT was so successful. All they had to do was tell the truth. Nothing more simple than that. It’s easy to keep the story straight when you are sticking to the truth. I found their news programs to be very credible.

They still employed America-hating tools like Chris Hedges, but their overall approach and business model was easy.

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You don’t know much about these cases, because they don’t want you to know about them. There is much more to each beyond the crumbs that are revealed in public.

I can agree with this. However, if “they” don’t want me (or anyone) to know about these cases, how can we learn about them by using public search engines? If you know something, spell it out. Everything I found about Racine and Allentown came from searching online. All we can find is in the public domain, and you admit we only get crumbs. How exactly is anyone supposed to dig deeper without 1) knowing what we are looking for and 2) knowing someone on the inside of one of these corrupt towns to point us in the right direction?

Speaking of street lights, why did so many street lights in America get replaced over the past decades into smart lighting? The Ruud family knows why. Who bought Ruud?

I don’t know. I can guess, but I don’t know. Why don’t you just tell us about the smart lighting? And while you are at it, tell us about the Ruud family. I’ve never heard of them. Yes, I can look them up and I probably will. But the name means nothing to me, and I suspect I’ll know very little after looking them up. I will also predict that I will not find what you want me to find via mainstream sources about why smart lights replaced the old lights.

Everything in the global agenda uses models for adoption and implementation. They are also used for development deals and public-private partnerships. What is the largest foreign greenfield investment deal in the history of the United States? It is in Racine. Racine is their ultimate model. It has been for generations. It is the model for Agenda 21 and 2030. It is the model for community policing. It is the model for transportation. It is the model for education. It is the model for labor. It is the model for human trafficking. It is the model for rigging elections.

Again, I can believe the globalists have model cities they use to prototype and test ideas. And I can believe Racine is one of those cities. But do you have any tangible evidence that it is “the model for human trafficking and rigging elections”? I’m not saying you are wrong... you could be exactly right. Where’s the proof?

The model created in Racine is not Pay to Play. It is Play or Pay. Every single official from top to bottom must play, or they, and generations of their family will pay. No one is immune. They either are compromised and corrupted, or they are threatened, attacked, destroyed, framed, blackmailed, extorted, killed or worse.

What’s worse than killed? And how could anyone honest get involved in Racine politics if this is known? You claim they have been using Racine for generations for their modeling and planning. If that’s true, I find it hard to believe that anyone is getting anywhere in Racine politics without being connected to the corruption through family or friends. Therefore they know what the score is and will play ball. How would an honest person get anywhere if the entire machine is corrupt and elections are fixed? If I move to Racine and decide to run for office, how far would I get? If what you say is true, I’d get exactly nowhere and have zero ability to fight back.

This is why I have to question why people resign, attempt suicide, etc. Why would anyone be in jeopardy in Racine? According to you, the corruption reaches the highest levels of both Washington and global politics. Who is out there watching Racine with indictment power that causes sleepless nights for corrupt Racine politicians or businessmen?

Allentown is an example of a small cover up of much deeper corruption. A few players receive minor punishment and exposure for a fraction of the crimes while records are sealed to cover up much worse crimes. Anthony Weiner is another example of this. Johnson is another example in Racine.

OK. Let’s go with that. What deeper scandal do you know about in Allentown? Their mayor went to jail. Who were the bigger players that remain free and in the shadows and what is the deeper corruption? I’m not doubting you, but you offer little in the way of information or proof. If you know something, spell it out. I also have little doubt that the Penn State Sandusky/Paterno scandal was much worse and was tied to state politics and politicians, but I don’t know that. I have no proof. I suspect it. I can admit that. You make statements of “facts” and expect people to believe you without providing evidence. See the difference?

Many think Racine to be a small, average city, yet historically it is the most globally influential city in America. It is also the bellwether district and model used to rig elections including 2020.

This may be true, but we need some facts/proof to back this up... including the charge of using it as a model to rig elections. Again, not saying you are wrong, but there is a distinct lack of evidence in almost all of your pronouncements.

Did Zuckerberg funnel his election bribery through Milwaukee, Green Bay, Madison or Kenosha? Why did he specifically choose Racine where Anna Makanju led community organizing for Soros and Obama?

I don’t know, however I would assume if Zuck was funneling illegal funds, he’d chose a trusted conduit. If what you say about Racine is true, his choice would make sense.

Your riddles, while interesting, don’t do much for the vast majority of people reading them. Why? Few (if any) of us live in Racine. We all have our own problems in our own communities. I would wager that anyone who lives in Allentown would care a great deal about what happened there, but would not much care about Racine. Even if there are deeper connections (and it appears the Allentown Mayor was headed to Racine for a presentation but cancelled his trip due to his indictment... my guess is the development company used to build PPL area was also involved in the Racine arena, but that doesn’t prove anything deeper or more sinister), the people of Allentown would have no way to investigate Racine. That would have to come from a federal investigation. I don’t have unlimited time, so I use the time I do have to look into my own local politics and school board. I can and do go to their meetings. I don’t know a soul in Racine, and I’ve never been there. I have no attachment to it. You apparently do.

You seem to know more about Racine than just about anyone that’s not in the inside (maybe you are inside.. I don’t know). Why not write a book? Why not expose it outside of an anonymous message board? Why not contact one of the countless podcasts that cover this type of thing? I’m sure there would be an audience and you’d reach many more people.

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So, according to you...

If Diana didn’t love and/or know Jesus, her chance to do so or repent before her life was over was taken by those that murdered her. So she is in hell.

However, those that killed her can repent and go to heaven?

Yeah, that seems fair. 🙄

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Oh, yeah. Repent.

That brings Diana back. Seems fair.

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So why go to discovery?

Just cut a taxpayer funded check for $50 million.

Done and dusted.

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