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Let’s hope so.

In my life, I have never seen such a divide in the country.

They used Trump for that. For 5 years now, they’ve used him to make every single thing in this country a political issue. The media led the charge, but now, families aren’t talking, neighbors aren’t talking, and many will never see eye to eye with these people again.

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Trump certainly did one thing.... he provided the wedge that permanently separated the country in two.

TPTB always look for ways to divide a population. In many ways, Trump was the best thing that ever happened to the cabal.

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People need to also ask themselves....

What are the odds that Trump’s daughter married the effeminate, lispy Jared Kushner.... (a close friend of Bibi’s.). Dad is a criminal, and Jared wasn’t exactly hitting his investments out of park at the start of his “career”.. He has led a golden life, helped by getting into Harvard just after dear old dad gave $2.5 Million to Harvard.

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It amazes me that people don’t understand this.

Same with Clinton. He still has secret service watching and protecting him. They know every move he makes. Hillary too.

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No need.

He was a trusted asset. Working for them since his 20’s.

That’s not someone you 86. Robert Maxwell’s daughter was born into that world, so she was a safe bet also.

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Jesus forgives everyone, except people who aren’t as sure as you?

That seems fair.

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No gloves, either.

So everything she touches, she picks up germs.

Fuckin’ moron.

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I wonder what those pictures show...

The fact they released those paintings of Clinton in a dress and Bush flying paper airplanes into the Jenga towers tells me those blacked out pictures show something very telling.

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Thank you.

So are the claims that people who wear an upside down cross satanic overblown? Are they possibly fans of St. Peter?

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Me too. Or the satanic church or something.

Is this another example of “hidden in plain sight”?

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I always wondered why the helicopter crash that killed John Heinz was never pulled apart.

Especially when you see his widow married John Kerry, and took much of the Heinz fortune with her.

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Can someone explain the upside down cross behind the pope in the picture at the bottom right?

I see people criticizing the upside down cross all the time (Chelsea’s necklace, for example).

Does the upside down cross have a meaning to Catholics I don’t know about?

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It’s always amazing that anyone and everyone who claims to have info never seem to get it out.

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Jesse Kelly is lying by omission. Or he’s an idiot.

He should know that GS is and has worked hand in glove with the US on their empire building. He helped bankroll the Ukraine Orange Revolution with his NGOs (and all the other color revolutions too).

To think he does not have the blessing of the same people who are working inside the house and senate to destroy the US from within is embarrassing. He’s not some evil Bond villain hiding out in his mountain fortress. If they wanted him gone, he’d be gone. Hell, he’s 91. He dies today, no one would suspect anything but old age.

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I don’t know much about Vatican protocol. Does that include Jewish people?

I wasn’t aware that Mossad operatives need an audience with the pope. I’m also surprised the pope would permit them to capture the Kodak moment. It would make more sense of they met privately.

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“As a reminder, we encourage you to consider vaccination.”

Ok. Considered. Thanks for your encouragement.

Now, piss off.

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I’m amazed that when I go to the drug store, I don’t have to step over all the dead bodies to get in line for the shot.

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That’s how I would read it. And I’d make sure my lawyer read it that way also.

If push came to shove, they’d put you on long-term disability and let the insurance company deal with you.

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Let me guess. Big, oversized glasses.

Divorced - 2 cats

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First thing I noticed. And since this letter was almost certainly cleared by legal, that’s disturbing.

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