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Do you win a game of chess by not losing any pieces or by winning the game?

We are 136-10 for primary seat captures.


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When we showed up to January 6th with cameras they called it an insurrection.

Libs commit violence in the streets daily. Crickets.

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Wasn't he basically selling supplements you can buy at your local bro supplements joint?

Seems like a communist style of reselling solutions to people under characters.

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Because he tells people to look into communists and not act like idolizing sheep?

Okay dude...

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Zelenko was literally selling people shit I can get at my local bro gym supplements store and claiming it was some sort of miracle. It stinks of commie BS.

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It's almost like he's a communist magnet and that's his function in the game.

Think big picture.

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Unpopular opinion: Fuck Zelenko.

You could literally buy his "z stack" in any bro medicine shop prior to his "amazing discovery."

Considering his proximity to the 3-star bullshit I'm calling him a spook.

Lin Wood has yet to be wrong about anyone.

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We're on the tipping point of the [D] voters realizing we're on the same side as them.

The common enemy is the global elite, not our neighbors.

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I’d challenge you to go into the wackiest, most ridiculous conspiracy community

We regularly tear apart conspiracy silos like /r/HermanCainAward and all the Russia hoax bullshit you conspiracy theorist people and your censorship hovels pushed.

Graphic that explains Q and why it's used to dismantle your sheep reality filled with conspiracy theories.


Q isn't a conspiracy theory it's a research engine to dismantle the conspiracy theories people like you believe and push on the masses with your censorship weapons.

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I always egg those normies on by feeding them little tidbits I know they'll look up online.

Every time we can highlight the lies the Democrat party is dropping while they control a majority... all the more swiftly we'll wake people up.

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" I rolled a 6 on a dice, there's many factors that can influence a dice roll such as weight, smoothness, the surface rolled on, etc..."

That no longer matters when you say "I rolled a dice and it came up 6 over 40 times in a row."

Q posted in less than 5 seconds before Trump over 40 times. I don't think you understand how impossible that is without knowledge of when Trump will post.

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Q is credible because Anons as a collective are credible. I think you fundamentally don't understand what Q is.

The transparency is created by the CITIZENS.

Q's words are the most vetted words on the planet. Q explicitly came to the world's smartest people and used them to create a citizen journalism network that would dispel the fake reality created by Television + Reddit/Facebook/Twitter news feeds.

We exist to get around people like YOU and you really need to realize that.

Your very existence is why Q exists. If you never censored your fellow American for communist masters Q wouldn't exist.

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Normally I dog pile you but this is a good analysis. My one disagreement here is what the Democrat RESPONSE will be to the SC relinquishing control back to the states.

If the Democrats overreact (or as Q people will imply, they are FORCED to overreact) the masses will see the Democrat party as completely unhinged from reality.

Especially if riots kick off.

I do however agree with you that as it stands the Roe V Wade thing is massive to motivate dem voters. As long as nothing crazy happens in response.

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My thoughts too. Squatting what was to be a day of theirs by dumping Roe v Wade and then bellowing the flames of patriotism by bringing Q back?

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I'm incredibly skeptical this is the original team. At this point I'm eyes on because the original tripcode is being used. This Q account is posting through TOR and is behaving in a similar fashion to the original account.

However it's tough to tell. That said here's our delta for today.


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As of right now it's the same tripcode. Until something gives it away as a ruse I'm going to assume nothing has changed.

Edit: Interesting point of note this account returned on the magic 6/6/6 day. The same day we overturned roe v wade. This kind of feels like a dunk on the cabal to me.

Is this the original Q team? I'm skeptical for now but it's the same tripcode...so it's the same account.

That's my personal opinion. Feel free to offer your own insight.

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Trump with the little hat tip to the more discerning patriots. I'll remind everyone that Trump doesn't have to do any of this for us. He's doing this out of love for our country.


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