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Is this how they are evading twatter censors?

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This is a really very innovative meme

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Just playing devils advocate here but how do we know Trump isn't simply getting caught up with all the Q drops?

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  • Spike protein is a poison
  • Test their blood for presence of spike protein
  • If it's found, in any amount, you sue them for supplying a poisonous product
  • This could become a class action lawsuit for people who already received transfuxions
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Impossible that Russia did this

It's like Your competitor gets your lemonade stand shut down through some legal loophole

While you're waiting for your vendor certificate to be cleared and reissued, you BLOW UP YOUR OWN LEMONADE STAND in protest

Does this story make sense?

Or does it make more sense that your competitor blew up your lemonade stand, kicking you while you're down after getting the city to take your vendor certificate

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I think NATO did it

This is going to be the end of NATO when the European people figure this out

Like GOnzalo says, we are adults and we're not going to believe Russia did it.

THAT BEING SAID I can see half the US saying that they agree that Russia did it because that is what CNN says. But this half of US is immoral and they KNOW Russia did NOT do it. But they will continue with the lie. Because like I said, they are immoral.

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Swift kick in the globes

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(read above in the voice of a retarded homer simpson)

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The best things you can do is use the anger to do more research to redpill people. Use the energy to channel into a coherent, cogent and compelling narrative so people understand not only the new information but why they should care and why it should make them angry.

Then also, exit their systems. Stop using their central banking. Stop using their fiat. Stop buying things from china that they take a cut in--meaning DO NOT buy NEW things. Buy used things. They get no money from that. Then also, remove their brand from their items so they don't get free advertising. Use cash


  • Use Cash -- they hate it! They cannot force a cashless digital society if we continue to use CASH
  • Use cash to buy USED from people and from secondhand, consignment, thrift stores
  • Local credit unions instead of big corporate banks
  • Do NOT have a savings account.
  • Instead move long-term wealth into GOLD, Palladium, SILVER, Platinum.
  • Uranium mine stock and uranium commodity futures--if you know that market
  • Do NOT buy Bonds
  • Do NOT buy US Savings Bonds
  • Do NOT get traditional loans from corporate banks
  • Pay cash for houses and cars
  • I want to start something called #DEBTXIT -- exit from the debt system
  • Listen to Catherine Austin Fitts and subscribe to solari report
  • Reconsider anarchism, agorism and voluntaryism
  • Do things that create a parallel society
  • Do things that help create a community-based internet for we the people
  • "Build your own" whatever---better make sure it's decentralized so it can't be canceled by the centralized server hosts
  • Capitalize on stupid leftist trends...when you see something that pisses you off, make a CAFEPRESS Tshirt or mug or something and then sell them back to the lefties. When it's popular, double the price. Make your anger worth something!
  • They're going to buy that stuipd shit anyway, might as well be from you
  • Take the proceeds of selling leftist crap and use it to fund a Right Wing or anti-government thing that depletes the government and then make it known to the people who bought your stuff, so that it demoralizes them.
  • If you think that is evil or luciferian, that's fine--you're probably right. After all I'm citing from rules for radicals I'm just telling you at some point, it has to be no more mr nice guy and those fucking gloves have to come off, man. Really, they HAVE to come off.
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DC would be WAY more symbolic of a target

NYC is a cultural symbol

DC is a "spiritual" symbol ("spiritual" meaning...to a nation of secular humanist / atheists / nonreligious, and/or 'spiritual' and/or "gnostic" (cryptotranshumanist) people)

DC represents "Empire" -- by attacking DC you attack the idea of being number 1, you attack 'the monopoly' you attack the symbol of the system itself.

Chicago is a "strugglist" / "national identity" symbol -- it represents the human struggle for people to get along, mostly...it represents the story of america, from the woes of growing pains thru industrialization, to advanced markets, all the while struggling with human rights issues to figure out who we are in the world

LA is an "Image" and "melting pot" symbol

San Francisco is an "art and artist" symbol -- architecture, fashion, art, innovations

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Their autists would start digging and they'd find out that there are cabal havens in Argentina mostly; and Uruguay, Paraguay; but also in Bolivia, Chile and Peru

They'd root out the old nazi and new nazi (NATO CIA) ratlines

and go after 5eyes COG staff specifically.

they'd find their tunnels

Theyd blow them up and make them fill with seawater

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I hope so.

Would be better if it were DC or Chicago

It wont' be Miami or LA...then it would be a latino hate crime that would get international support against Russia, which would initially be GOOD for the cabal, however it would put too many latino intelligence agencies looking into it and that would ultimately be BAD, because when they find out the CIA fooled them it will cause a counterreaction that would make USA enemy #1 of the entire world.

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This question has been asked 6 times now, and I only point this out because it has been unanswered 6 times now. I wanted to know also, couldn't find out, decided it made me so mad I had to leave

That is why I'm leaving DWAC until this is over, then I may re-buy; and if they extended it again, I am OUT forever.

I can tell you this, it's only going to fall. It won't like jump up. At least not immediately. That is why say get out and rebuy. Not finanical advice but common sense.

I may just buy monero with dwac money. It's kind of like flipping the board and saying I"m taking my fiat and putting it into something that is a big fuck you to all governments and their rigged markets

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I think because of this DWAC is doomed. Sorry to say. I recommend you get out and then if this succeeds, re-buy

You don't owe anyone anything in terms of making yourself a sacrificial lamb

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Ok well I just sold my shares. I forgot I put in an order. I just wanted my money back and I'm tired of having to vote and revote to not lose money

Soon I'll be just investing in gold, because frankly I hadn't played stocks in a while and I just wanted to support Trump, and this experience has been awful

Sorry if some of you may perceive this as dooming. I kind of don't care what you think if you do think that. Keep in mind you are listening to someone who like you is one of the few who supported this.

I'm seeing that we are supporting him a lot but his committment back to us has been kind of crap. Don't you think he should have truthed out what to do about this situation with DWAC? Or do you think that would have invited more manipulation by liberals?

I just think he could have had like a scavino or bannon be a point man to tell us what to do and/or have dwac people provide more insight.

I think i still have 10 shares. I'd like to support this but after losing so much in crypto I am kind of tired of losing all of my money. This whole dwac thing does not inspire confidence. It's almost like a money pit on purpose to drain Q people

kind of like LUNA was for the left, or all of their go fund me for people like Peter Strzok and Andy McCabe who CLEARLY did a wrong and immoral thing

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