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Pirate Chain for the win ARRR!

(or zcash)

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it's enforceable for public sector employees and enforceable in a sense thru insurance and thru at wills for federal grant receiving companies

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It IS evil and bad, depending on the context

symbols are funny like that. they can mean a thing as well as their opposite

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This is my opinion: each point is false. I am sorry.

  1. Never heard of quantum internet. What would that even mean? Suggesting that Elon Musks starlink are actually quantum teleportation / communication sats? I think not. Even if so, the rest of the internet is linear, so it would only speed up things between musk's sats

  2. QFS being activated would have no bearing on the cabal. QFS is AFAIK is a blockchain based voting system patent by the USPS. If no one adopts it, then it becomes like 1000s of other company-coins that are going no where. QFS being activated means it's just one of many blockchain companies competing in a very wide space. If USPS adopted it, there's still the enormous hurdle that its' competely useless and authorityless without the Legislative branch of the government to give it authority thru law. Even Executive branch can't authorize; but EO can start moving the FEC into the USPS in a collab effort, but that's one small part of it

Keep in mind that elections are LOCAL and county level. the constituion determines this. It specifically designed it so it could not 'centralize' under the fed gov because the framers knew central / fed was a corruption / consolidation threat to freedom

  1. Maybe. But this is sheer speculation

  2. Absolutely no. The global empire (deepstate) and their allies want INFINITY QE. When they reset, they want to QE with FIAT again. They want to keep the illusion up forever.

Sound money has always been the purview of the birchers, ron paul institute, smart people, populists, people who believe in democracy, fairness, libertarians, anarchists, etc

Sound money is the ally of freedom and therefore the enemy of empire

  1. I can assure you NESARA/GESARA is total fucking bullshit and I'm as tired of hearing about it as flat earth. WHy? Because I went down that rabbit hole and there is absolutely no proof of it. It's a GRAND ILLUSION and it's fooling people with false hope. I know you are all good people but for the love of God, please learn how to source stuff and critical thinking skills

  2. MED BEDS---ok you're getting further from the truth 0% evidece of Med Beds

Stop pushing Robert David Steele level bullshit. It's insulting


Not ONE IOTA of evidence of these things. Flat earth level stuff here. Actually it's more interesting than that It's more like toroid earth level stuff

  1. Possible. Where is the evidence though? The evidence FOR polio as an organism is far greater than evidence that polio is a heavy metal or poison. Try again, but try better

If you said 'manmade viruses and pathogens' that is much more plausible...and also 'oncogenic viruses' are real. (viruses that cause cancer)

It's weird to believe in cancer viruses but polio is not real but really just metal sprayed on food. Isn't it?

  1. 'Reptilians' -- no proof. No proof of reptilians, no proof of robotoids / android people. Sorry. We don't have any proof.

"reptilians' as 'hobo language' (substitute words) to describe psychopaths or people who are possessed by 'demonic forces' (ie: they have dissociative identity disorder and one identity happens to be a godless psychopath or something evil)...and those people running the world...I could buy that.

People with a specific kind of brain damage that keeps their faculties high but their morality low..(explaining the black eye club)...I could buy THAT

But reptiles ? no.

The moon being a transmitter that transmits 'perception rays' from the hexagon saturn? No thank you I already read that book, David Icke. It's called "mind parasites" by Colin Wilson and it was inspired by HP Lovecraft, as lovecraft was very much a part of this book, as in an homage

  1. Paredolia

  2. Interesting. Quantum is pretty much meaningless by now. I'ts a buzzword that everyone is using. Like "Turbo" of yesteryear

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I don't like 'get' math

But I can tell you everything about white fragility and explain each of the 72 genders

[Laughing Putin Meme]

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No dancing on his grave. No wishing him dead. If you want to read those types of comments, they've already been done in the comments section of the link above. I wont judge you though, if you do. I've had similar thoughts, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't.

Let's be better than Pope Francis and his 'Team'

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And I say that because BIDEN IS A FUCKING PUSSY and won't do anything

They will talk big smack, but Russia has China's hypersonics, and we don't. (or we may and say we don't)

Biden will back down

He's ruined our military and now we're not in a position to have a war

It's obvious Biden doesn' want war, because the deepstate's INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY keeps pushing BAT SOUP, which is a signal to China that USA has given up

Either that or COVID was a DOD+CHINACCP collaboration and they don't want to both be liable

SO BAT SOUP means that the US military has capitulated to China and that's the white flag

Russia is a threat maybe 3/4 to 1/2 that of China. I think we don't want war with Russia either

We can't afford it

Our supply chains are collapsing

No one is working

This is all the democrats fault

They did everything wrong

WE can't get replacement parts

WE cannot afford a war and we all know it

So russia, be my guest. PLEASE TAKE OVER UKRAINE


Capture the TOP 10 Levels of UKRAIN MILITARY



Then declare Ukraine to be RUSSIA



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Sushi grade hopium from Bannon. It's as important not to get stuck in an alternative media bubble, as much as being stuck in rachel maddow bubble.

I think the safest thing to say is that america is depressed, and everyone knows that we're "on the wrong track" and many who voted for Biden have severe buyers' remorse.

None on the left want to talk about the elephant in the room which is that the vaccines don't work and that's why they're being heavyhanded into taking them; and they're being made into the oppressor by their membership in the democrat party of causing divisoin (they realize THEY are the bullies)...and with this realization they also realize they are projective hypocrites but don't want to admit this

They keep saying it's going to get better and it's getting worse

They are realizing that their party has no integrity

And that without integrity nothing works

They are the party of integritylessness and that people around them are actually acting in evil ways that the nazi party acted.

It's starting to disintegrate and america is losing and the ONLY way that America can win is if it starts having integrity again

  • It needs to stop its bullshit
  • The media needs to be arrested or shuttered for lying to the public
  • THere need to be consequences for the financial coupdetat of 2010s
  • There need to be consequences for the administrative state coup of 2016-2021 against Donald Trump with the dossier and the pandemic
  • There need to be consequences for "Russiagate hoax"
  • For "Smollett Hoax"
  • For "Antifa burning the cities"
  • For the Jan 6th "Insurrection" hoax
  • For the tiki torch Hoax
  • For the Patriot Front Hoax movement
  • For the Antifa Hoax Movement and Sunrise foundation or whatever its called
  • For All of Soros funded, Lincoln Project, Catholic Church, DNC, and FBI hoaxes
  • For all the various malicious prosecutions and SLAPP lawsuits against Trump and Trump supporters
  • For congress and big tech undermining the constitiutionally protected rights
  • For constant gaslighting through the media
  • For algorithmic AI and flashtrade manipulation of the stock market and for 70% of wash trades in cypto DEX's
  • For Congressional Insider tradiing
  • For all of Hillary Clintons illegal activities both as SecState and outside of that position
  • For all of Clinton Foundation crimes and tax evasion money laundering and AIDS drug / charity fraud
  • For all 'official' activity by public figures related to any of the above
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AZ Brnovich is sitting on it while he practices his nunchakus

We think he's waiting for the bat signal to release the kraken

Based on his public statements, I don't buy that he's part of the deepstate or 'in on it' or actually trying to undermine. But that he's waiting for the right timing to come forward; or that the investigations that will make it irrefutable are taking time and he's 'absorbing the anger of the impatient'

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Whatever you do, try your level best to REMAIN CALM and not hysterical or angry. These robot nurses and robot MDs respond disfavorably to hysterics and they will shut you down and undermine you because their profession foster psychopathy and diminished empathy, even though we think it's the opposite, it's not. They are among the most dysempathetic people by way of their profession--it demands it. The profession demands decreased empathy so they can make level headed choices grounded in logic not emotion.

That said, you REMAIN CALM and yet be UNSTOPPABLE, PERSISTENT. Never ever give up (NEGU). WHen you hit an obstacle find a way around it. Keep asking WHY until THEY lose their shit

But you dont' lose yours. Stay calm. Stay level headed. KEep asking why until you find the ultimate authority and then challenge that person and/or institution in court. And if that doesn't work, Appeal to higher court

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Despite the downvotes this is actually something that needed to be said.

You have to try legal--a rapid injunction against remdesivir and to administer ivermectin.... first

But then you do the John Q thing

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This kind of thing 'BEGS' karma to do something

I'm serious

I haven't shamed people for taking the vax, although I AM disappointed, only because I know they could be harmed. These people are assuming they are safe and that unvaccinated are going to be harmed and so they SHAME them

kind of like kicking someone when they're down

but then karma happens which corrects their false view

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I'm just surprised he's wearing pants

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18 USC § 2384


If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

These people directly undermined the will of POTUS and contramanded his order


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