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Rush was a devil worshipping member of the Latter Day Satan cult. I didn't know that until recently, and now he is burning in hell with the pedophile polygamous devils who started that evil religion. Sorry Rush, you said some good things, but you believed in lies and a different Jesus. They literally teach that Satan and Jesus are brothers, that if you live as a good Mormon you become a god of your own planet, that there are a multiplicity of Gods on other planets, and all kinds of strange and satanic doctrines. Mormons are not Christian, and they are definetly saved. They believe in works salvation, that you living a good life, and that your righteousness are what make you a god one day. But my bible says our righteousness are as filthy rags before God.

Editing this because I am an idiot. Glenn Beck is the devil worshiping Mormon, not Rush. Rush did indeed claim to believe on Jesus Christ, so he may have very well been saved. I certainly hope he was.