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When the time comes for the antiChrist to emerge, does the antiChrist know he is the antiChrist? Like, has he always known? Or is it something that just manifests when the time is right?

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If the Catholic Church is pushing something Im not believing it, to my knowledge they are still pushing the NT, Jesus and the ritual human sacrifice of the Eucharist. They effectively eradicated the Gnostic religion, that tells me that the C.C. didn't want us to know something the Gnostics did, so sign me up for Gnosticism.

The Flavins and Joesphus wrote the NT to control the masses and to usurp the Jewish religion. The link shows you how they faked it and most definitley pulled it off. The C.C was the MSM of the time. If you were to tell someone what the DS and MSM was doing 30yrs ago they would have said the exact same thing you did, "someone couldn’t just fake or do on purpose to try and pull some trickery. "

I will watch The Case for Christ . Thanks

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Maybe you're the anti christ.

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I dont require my followers to eat my flesh or drink my blood so... Its amazing what sheep can justify.

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I watched The Case for Christ last night.

I think its fine for a feel good movie, but as far as proof of anything, I founded it severely lacking in academic or scholarly verification.

There were no biblical scholars, biblical archeologists or biblical historians verifying any of his findings. Furthermore they cloaked the story with feelings, emotions and pulling of heart strings, it was like something straight out of the leftist handbook, playing on your emotions to distract you from the lack of evidence.

The majority of the movie was about his relationship with his wife, father, mentor and the convict. If you were to take out these four relationships the movie would have been about 15mins. long.

My objective is to find the truth, whatever that maybe, and for that I need hard evidence. Unfortunately that mostly comes from ancient texts which are incomplete, mistranslated, hidden, destroyed or falsified.

I do believe in God/gods, I am not an Atheist. When it come to siding with one religion...I don't, I study all of the ancient ones mostly Sumerian, Hindu, Judaism/Canaanite, Egyptian, Greek and Roman but also Buddhism, Zoroastrian, Mayan, ect. and I have decided that they are all telling the same story, there are similar characters throughout all of them.

"We are a civilization with amnesia." - G. Hancock

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I do thank you for your recommendation because I did learn something, I had never heard of the controversy of only having women as witness at Jesus resurrection. That makes it all worth while.

Good Luck on your journey and hope to see you around the boards.

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You're thoroughly confused about RCC. It didn't exist until 1054 AD.