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Some background, I am the maskless man in Korea. I am the only person to refuse to wear one in a city of 1.2 million.

Just needed to rant here, will make a more in depth video later the week.

Long story short went to my local park, outside by myself. Was accosted by some employee who demanded I put one on. Told him I'm by myself, no way I'm putting one on. Laughed at him and started walking. He ran around me, put himself bodily in my way and said I need to put one on. I asked him why, I'm alone. He said he doesn't care. I told him neither do I and started forward, he put his hand on my chest and for a moment I considered flattening him. The reasons for not physically assaulting him are myriad. I think back home it probably would've ended in violence. He told me I have to leave. I called him a fascist nazi and walked away.

Fyi it's the same park I make most of my videos. I will be back tomorrow. Still won't wear the mask.

Between this and what happened yesterday (will explain that in my video) I am feeling black pilled AF about Korea and my sympathy for these people is almost non existant. I do feel extremely sorry for the kids. This country is fucked!

Rant over.