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I am wildly fascinated by Mike Lindell, you have got to hand it to the guy, he is a hurricane of high energy vibes and patriotism, but I can't shake the nagging suspicion that something is off about him. No, I don't mean in a bad way I just mean in an incredibly convenient way. You mean to tell me a Pillow salesman seemingly emerges overnight and becomes a spokesperson for American patriotism? And may I add, quite the popular one at that, he is in my opinion number one among people like Lin wood and General Flynn.

So this brings me to the question of why, and I got to thinking about the man and who he represents. I just recently visited mypillow.com for the first time out of sheer curiosity and I immediately understood why he is here. Mike Lindell is the absolute picture perfect image of everything the cabal HATES. Visit his website and you'll immediately see the genuine smile of a happy man embracing a pillow, a symbol of everything he has worked hardest for to bring meaning to his life, and just as the pillow is a symbol of his success the cross he wears around his neck shows his dedication to Christian beliefs, a core standard of American morals.

His website design is dated to say the least, and I absolutely love the heck out of it. Its like stepping into a time capsule to the early days of the internet, before American wokeness and corporate homogenization, a time where there was potential and freedom to express oneself in their own way without criticism. I'm reminded of the magazine wrack next to my grandmothers toilet, you all know, its the one with tv guides and stacks of southern living and better homes and gardens magazines. He represents classic American capitalism and culture during a time where a man could make a living for his family and be happy doing it, a more simple time without all the brainwashing and corruption that plagues our society today.

This is why I believe he is a psyop, because he is an insult to the cabal, a play at their own games of mockery to the American people. He is the salt to the mortal wounds of a dying system of greed, corruption, and sin that has been destroying our country for decades and I genuinely believe Mike Lindell is a great man and patriot.

Thanks Mike!

EDIT: Perhaps psyop wasn't the right word, oops. I hope you can understand where I am coming from.

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Love this theory! Plus if you are asleep, what do you need? A pillow!

The pillow man waking up America is so fitting! From asleep to awake.