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I have been awake for 10 years but after discovering Q I feel like I have grown spiritually and just detached from mainstream society. Q is just different then what I knew in the past. The magnitude of our situation has made me just realize how superficial and fake mainstream society and culture is.

I used to be a big football fan. College and pro. I couldn't give less of a fuck about it now. I don't care about any sportsball now. Occasionally I'll watch some UFC and that's it.

Used to browse social media. Haven't been on Facebook for months now. Barley ever on Instagram. I used to post on snapchat a lot. Don't at all anymore. I still snap my actual friends but I don't look at stories or anything.

I used to be kind of a "chad" I hate using that term cause it makes me sound like a douche but I don't care about casual sex at all anymore. Have had opportunities to get laid I just don't care. It's just meaningless.

I don't even care about dating anymore. I have tried but trying to be in their fake world is impossible. Knowing what I know now it's like I am from another planet. This is truly a war for people's minds and souls. They talk about a new movie or show and I have no idea what they are talking about nor do I care. I don't know anything about new music either. Most of it is garbage and for the simple minded.

Not to sound like an arrogant asshole but it seems like many of us have outgrown normies and mainstream society. I feel like Neo in the Matrix every day trying to blend in with people who are human but in a completely different reality then me. I don't relate to them anymore and I only care about things that have a deeper meaning nowadays. Sometimes I have wondered if I am insane from all of this.

I just in many ways feel like a completely different person then I was before Q.

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DOWN TO THE T ....same here 5:5