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Who knows. But they need the Patriot congress to audit the fed. The Fed is the main target.

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This is expected. I know it sucks but the Patriots need 3 big things to happen until they make the big move.

  1. Economic turmoil on Biden’s watch.

  2. The pandemic is removed when Trump’s social media starts spreading the truth.

  3. The Republicans absolutely destroy the Dems in the mid terms.

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That’s what I really meant. God created nature and the natural order.

Most modern suffering comes from ungodly diets and ungodly prescription drugs.

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Natural medicine. Most aliments wouldn’t exist if people ate a cave man diet and cured themselves with what nature gave them.

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I already have

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Not a Catholic and have my issues with the church but Vigano is a true man of faith. It is up to us and true leaders like him to rid Christendom from wokeism.

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God damn at this point I am beginning to not care if the vax’s are a cull. I am not sure the insanity can be repaired.

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Me too. My life is on hold and I hate it. Also my families income is based on the service industry and non essential goods. When hyperinflation hits we’re fucked unless MOASS happens. I am trying my best to stack silver and get more bitcoin but I am poor.

My Dad has a good amount of money but doesn’t understand the full picture. I am trying to get him to buy more silver and invest in bitcoin.

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No when it comes to the vax woke white liberals and guilble East Asians/East Indians are the ones who are eating this shit up.

I live in Seattle area woke central. The people resisting are blue collar white people, hispanics and blacks.

Yes I understand the attacks on white males but when it comes to this issues hispanics and blacks are our allies. Where I do my business has completely changed. I only go to the biker bars that don’t enforce vax passports. And I actually go to the black barbershop to get my haircut cause nobody where’s a mask and a large portion of the black community knows this is bullshit.

My number #1 issue is covid tyranny right now. Anyone who is against masks and vax mandates is a brother/sister of mine. People for this shit are the enemy and I view normies who support this as subhumans at this point.

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Same brother. I have lost friends in IRL but now I have made new friends with random pure bloods from all walks of life. We’re mentally and spiritually stronger then the majority of the population which is why I lift my glass to all of you.


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It’s up to the people to take things from the bottom up. The Q team can expose but the people must learn to fight for their freedom and realize this all happened cause the average person is too lazy to get involved.

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It’s obvious this was a Fed fag move. They all dressed the same. Normal citizens don’t have the money and organizational skills to do that.

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Unless you have a bug out location I would bug in.

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