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Thank you for your Z stack and fighting for our freedoms. I spread word of your Z stack to many people. Godspeed and RIP.

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I think it’s more that these agencies refuse to give up their authority and the military has to take matters into their own hands.

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White liberals are the most disconnected from reality group of people to ever walk Earth.

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LFG!!!!!!!!!! Get rid of all the 3 letter agencies except ICE. We need ICE, Border Patrol and maybe the US Marshals. Every other thing can be delegated to the states.

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It sets the precedent to do so.

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We still got WV vs EPA

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Exactly fren I know people want public justice I do too. I would love to see Bill Gates burned at the stake but the plan is working and the white hats are moving along.

We gotta remember that this plan isn’t necessary for us it’s for the normies that need to be eased into things. I know it’s annoying and at times I wish we could just fast forward but we all gotta think about our triple jabbed family members. If all of a sudden they knew all the stuff we knew in a day or two society would be chaos. People would be killing themselves left and right and society would shut down.

Think about your own awakening. It took months maybe even years to truly awaken. For me it started with Ron Paul and the Fed in 2012 and for the most part climaxed with Pizza Gate in 2016/2017? That was a 5 year process. And this sent me into a severe depression of drugs, abusing alcohol and easy women. And I take it most of us are a little more rough on the edges then normies. We can’t just rip the band aid off.

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Nope! EPA goes down and it sets a precedent just like Roe v Wade did.

Then the SEC goes down and it’s MOASS time baby! See you frens on the moon.

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Absolutely fuck em all. Disband them.

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Agree with this 100%. Just spread truth, data and facts. Telling people about Q is a major turn off instantly.

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