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lab leak info starts becoming more and more mainstream

Fauci called out on the spurious funding for gain of function research on CSPAN


Government and CDC quickly start dropping lockdown limitation guidelines

"Eh, we can't force people to take the vaccine, we just have to rely on an honor system"

"One doughnut wasn't enough? How about entering a lottery to win a million dollars, if you take the vaccine?"

"Please take the vaccine, we won't mock you anymore..."

China also seems to be getting more aggressive.

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Yup. Based on how they operate, maybe they are just ready to move on to the next distraction. They know the Covid BS is wearing thin. It reminds me of IMPEACH! IMMEDIATELY! Like it was a life or death matter to rush through it, then Pelosi holds on to the articles for 6 weeks, and finally hands it to the Senate just as Covid is breaking out. Suddenly it was like the impeachment never happened, and we were bombarded with the Covid shit for 14 months solid.