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lab leak info starts becoming more and more mainstream

Fauci called out on the spurious funding for gain of function research on CSPAN


Government and CDC quickly start dropping lockdown limitation guidelines

"Eh, we can't force people to take the vaccine, we just have to rely on an honor system"

"One doughnut wasn't enough? How about entering a lottery to win a million dollars, if you take the vaccine?"

"Please take the vaccine, we won't mock you anymore..."

China also seems to be getting more aggressive.

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Given the current covid strain was "unnaturally" generated (i.e. modified in a lab, and not from evolution in nature), it would be idiotic to think that the DS has not already made many additional variations that are currently "on the shelf" & "ready to go." Some of these variants may be extremely deadly (for targeted executions and fear generation) and some more like covid-19 for long-term sustained public fear in order to justify taking freedom after freedom away and never giving them back (and to provide the cover-up for targeted executions). This last year with Covid-19 was a trial run - expect an improved strategy on the next wave of attack. WE ARE IN A BIOLOGICAL WAR and the obvious goal is world domination which requires conquering/humbling America.