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I have noticed that American MSM try to minimize their attention to the audit and that in Europe, few people know that it is happening at all.

While until recently, I could excuse the behavior of the European media with lack of proximity to what is considered a minor foreign political issue, the results already claimed should have provoked at least the usual "Evil nazis trying to overturn the democratic election of our lord and savior Biden" reaction leftist/MSM journalists from my side of the Atlantic show when confronted with anything related to election irregularities in your country.

Does this qualify as the TOTAL MEDIA BLACKOUT, which was, as far as I know, promised on multiple occasions?

If yes, how else does the Audit explicitly fit into Q's predictions and qualify as part of the Plan?


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Quite. But they can watch him steal an election and billions of dollars and all they can find to comment on is the exciting colour of his new tie.

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