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I'm so sick of these people..Seriously, what the fucking hell? And know they will force the poison on children? I will never forgive these fucking idiots, i loath them more then anything. If the majority of liberals die its a win in my book, useful worthless idiots who has committed their life to destroy the west. Fuck them, fuck these atheist to hell and let them burn forever. I have a bad taste in my mouth just when hearing these snarky idiots speak.

The only forgiveness they should ask is from god, they are my enemy. I don't give a flying fuck about people who says we should be "tolerant" and "understanding" to these maniacs. Fucking pedophile enablers and filth.

Sorry, had to get that one of my chest even if it is not the prudent thing to say or think but ffs. Carry on now.

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Oh no sorry im not native in english but doing my best..Anyway.

Fren, you're not a shill for stating facts and not being naive an call these people out for what they are. if you can explain to me what it is i should come together wih them on im more the pleased to hear it, for as i feel right now, i don't want to live in the same society as many of these peopple as already stated. They want to see me dead or in prison ,forced to bow down to global marxism. Am i evil for wanting to defend myself and save future generations from suffering?

Let me ask you this question fren (with respect). At what point do you see someone as your enemy? At what point do you draw the line and defend your country from destruction? Is that the definition of evil now? Everyone is misunderstood and good deep inside so we just have to deal with the fact they are destroying our countries? If someone would let say kill your child or rape your sister to death, would you just say that the person was a child once as well who just committed a mistake and had bad experiences growing up?

You know what? That's the same rhetoric i've heard from socialists my entire life,protecting criminals on behalf of the victim. Not that it is exactly the same thing but i know where that kind of thinking has brought us. No one i responsible, everyone is a victim no matter what. Is that what you think you can say to god? Other people made me do it? You always have a choice, using money and comfort as a reason to not do the right thing is no excuse.

I get its not that black an white, but if you think these people wants to unite, WRONG. They laugh at you, they want to silence you, control your children. I'm not trying to saw split and further division. All im trying to do is to make you all understand how fucking low cunning many of these people are and they HATE you and wouldnt mind if you and me where gone as well. You wouldn't love them so much if you knew what they are really like, not all..But many. So stop with "Muh a shiill WWG1WGA"..I want to fight for my country and not let snerviling cowards let it be dragged down further in the dust with the future of humanity..I respect your views, i truly do. But i had it. At this point they are all dead in my eyes. Maybe i'm lost in some ways as well, but i just want this do end once and for all. And don't let millions of nutcases get off easy. They trust media who disgraced themselves everyday for 4 years attacking a sitting president and everything they wrote was proven lies. And they still don't care? Do understand the gravity of that? They know, they just hate the idea of patriotism because they know they are weak cowards which would have little to no say in a sane world.