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Gettr uses Aws (Amazon) Big tech therefore has all your information. Parler repeat. Gettr informed.

host upload.gettr.com upload.gettr.com is an alias for getter-gofastdfs-elb-prod-cbcbbe2fc0577acd.elb.us-east-1.amazonaws.com. getter-gofastdfs-elb-prod-cbcbbe2fc0577acd.elb.us-east-1.amazonaws.com has address

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Right on!

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NObody seems to see the patterns of WORD PLAY and SYMBOLISM!?!? - Let's review.


  1. Symbol was the Jewish Shekel turned on its side.
  2. Advertised to "Right Wingers" and "Republicans" - two words that only describe categories which leftist media acolytes usually group conservatives into; neither of which actually describe PATRIOTS.
  3. Backed by Dan Bongino - Former secret service for George Bush. - After Parler collapsed - Bongino is fuckin' SCARCE. - Yeah I know he has had cancer. - Don't give a shit. - LOOK AT THE FUCKING TIMING.
  4. They branded themselves as an Echo Chamber. - RETWEETS are called ECHOS. - They built a fucking cattle pen to herd people into. They built it to function like an echo chamber.
  5. User interface and infrastructure was COMPLETE SHIT. - It wasn't a platform that was given lots of time to develop. - IT was a RAMSHACKLED cattle pen built in a hurry to contain people.
  6. Most of the recommended people were media personalities that are questionable at best. -

I'll ask you now - take a look at GETTR - What can we see? See some symbolism or hidden meanings? Plays on words? What's the language like inside of the app. - GETTR? - Get Republicans? Get...what? Symbol is a torch? You can burn things with a torch. - These are rhetorical questions and sample ideas. - Think for yourselves.

Go to the fucking homepage. - The first recommendation on the fucking page for me was NEWSMAX. The very FIRST! - I've never visited the page in my life. - NEWSMAX gave money to HILLARY. - AND THEY FUCKING FELL IN LINE WITH THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA concerning the FRAUD election. - Also their SHIT reporter is BESTIES with PIZZA PEDO - Chrissy Teagan.

Can you guess who the 4th recommendation was? - Somebody named ALAWANI from the UAE. - WHY THE FUCK WOULD THEY RECOMMEND THIS TO ME? I CAN"T EVEN READ THIS MOTHER FUCKER'S POSTS.

They want your personal info folks. - they weren't able to round everybody up using PARLER. - This is a watered down version of that. Of course they keep trying to fix their mistakes. - Change the look. Change the feel. Change the language. - In order to ensnare you in temporary mindpit. - Sort of like a quicksand trap. - Stay vigilant mother fuckers. - IF THEY NEED your PHONE NUMBER or other personal info YOU DON'T FUCKING NEED THEM.

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i read some of it.

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GhostEzra is a major LARP. Throws truth in with some of his bullshit.

*Gettr definitely still needs digging

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Parler still exists? Lol

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I can't delete my gettr, emailed and no response. Always use an anonymous email, you can use guerrilla mail or you can use proton using guerrilla as 2 step verification

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This is pretty much all I have lol I deleted everything

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GhostEzra is a repeat of EyeTheSpy

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Also - Check this shit out - https://www.gematrix.org/?word=gettr

Some of the results you get from the gematria is Pied Piper, Tricks, Comeback Special. - Coincidence? - I think not.

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That's not how gematria works.

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Explain it then professor. I'll wait.