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More info to add in my friend. Yep it started yesterday and Taiwan is worried about provocation before the U.S. Elections. Very interesting.


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That’s why some of us are chosen to Mod for the Anons and Patriots, and some are not. The Awakening on all knowledge levels takes required delicate hands to be empathetic for all levels. Christ bless you on the rest of your week Anon.

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And I bet keeping certain idiots from causing trouble there.

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Here is the key Anon. We Mods choose what is Stickied. If we think it’s relevant for right now or for newer Anons, WE Will Sticky it. Deport all you want, but it may be ignored.

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That is for sure true! Especially in the farming valleys and the far Northern and Eastern hills/mountain regions. Basically the whole State is Red except: Blue would be half of Sacramento stretched down I80 to San Fran, then just north 101 to Santa Rosa, then back south 101, all the way to Los Angeles, then just color all that blue to the coast/Highway 1, that’ll give you a very clear picture of the Red vs Blue area. Unfortunately the blue area is where the majority of the population lives. But, but people are fleeing those areas too. And all because of the stupid DemoLib laws and policies put in place to allow price gouging, crime, homelessness all over the streets, and just more stupid Libratard stuff.

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Where We Go One We Go All, together with Christ our Lord.

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Yep, Christ is working to save us over here. Must have faith.

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Maybe he was just subconsciously admitting he does hate his job? Kek!

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This I can see the DS doing instead. I can see them taking the quick duck-out so they can still throw media crap at Trump for “not being” exonerated. This allows them to avoid a possible full “front page” loss from a jury that has a solid 50% chance of not finding Trump guilty now. Then they can State they are working to bring the case back “bigger (stupider) and stronger”.

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GITMO under for him would be a better way of stepping back, in fear from the gallows he is lead to. Sorry brother but I dislike this man extremely. 😒

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I should’ve wrote a paper a few years ago knowing the COG was in play. Well I guess it’s documented here if my past posts are still around from two years ago haha. I enjoyed this video as everything Derek said is on point of what has come to pass, and what is yet to come. Of course Dave has been hinting much of this, show after show, for 6-8 months. And it’s all to keep us and the newly Awakened apprised of what’s going on.

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Obviously the guy was too chicken-shit to walk over there and say anything to them. And I bet now he is being Tok-Whipped like the beeeotch he is! Kek!

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It was reported to be raining heavily in those mountains to as was shown on the first few videos of the rescue staging area with the heavy sheet of fog. Just seems too convenient suddenly all the Sat Weather has been wiped. I wonder historically if that area has sudden odd weather patterns like some rare places here in the US? And if not, what or whom are they covering up for?

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Agreed. I found it too convenient just the Irani President’s chopper went down, while the two escort choppers made it safely. And it went down in a mining area, with only a mining road and village nearby in bad weather. And from the pictures the tail is laying on the ground still relatively in one piece while the rest of the chopper is obliterated. I’ve seen that look on Airwolf after a missile before.

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I understand your question actually. And I think it is going by the shift of people to other media and away from MSM. So the drop in their networks, them laying off people, and media businesses selling suddenly, people flocking to X and Truth, or Breitbart, GWP, or Epoch Times vs Fox, CNN, and MSNBC. I think theoretically that’s how it’s being tracked.

And only 1 person ever has discussed your question. And it was Juan O’Savin 2-3 years ago. And he still says today, and in his 2nd Edition of his book, when America reaches 80% Awake to the Cabal, then the mass shift will take place. And back in Feb I think it was, Juan said we were at a very slow reaching 72% or so. Clif High discusses the percents too, so it’s not just Juan. Anyway, both Clif and Juan seem to be in agreement that the last push of awakening, that last 10% won’t Awaken until the precipice is reached.

Does this help some my friend?

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Let’s see hmmm. I wonder if this has anything, anything to do with Gates, or the Chinese, or any high level Elite buying up farm land after actual farmers get screwed somehow. Or after disasters, fires, or Bird Flu to chickens? Hmm now what could be happening, and how much dirt is about to spill? 😏😏

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Wow!! This is awesome! See I never knew WTF they were out to prove, but now I get what these criminals have done. And sadly I loved Toys R Us and it makes total sense why they had theee toy market but then blasted their own prices out of control, way above WalMart, Target, Sears, and K-Mart. And they imploded. And this is just dirty pool to monopolize really. I’m sure from this Amazon and WalMart are tanking all the other retailers. I mean if you go even to Target today, and all the stupid stupid DEI crap they’ve supported, and now their store shelves seem to always be half empty of merch…… This video just made sense on what is going on. And I bet Target, some point after JC Penny’s is the next big retail to go down.

Before any more damage is done, it would be great to see these dirty people go to prison. Soon I hope. Hurry up Trump, and November, we need you!

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Wow! This is just beyond Clown-Stupid! Talk about an insensitive, racist, should be political suicide, moronic move! Either these people do not know their history, or they were paid heavily to make this stupid of a mistake! 😣😒

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Nope. Q is not on the couch. He is in a very safe and secure location strategizing the next bombdizzle drop on the Cabal.

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