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The true gospel that Jesus proclaimed was that 'the kingdom of heaven is near/within'

The temple of God isn't a building, it's between your 2 temples. Your mind. Your minds eye/third eye.

Jesus told us to have a single eye, not 2 eyes. 2 = dualistic state, a house divided against itself. It can not stand. Its the tower of Babel that collapses into chaos.

If you want to get all crazy, there are 7 chakras (churches, lamps, etc as described in the Bible)

The lower 5 are earth the upper 2 are heaven.

The lowest of the 5 is the pit of hell (burning in the groin/sex driven)

David walked along a stream and picked up 5 SMOOTH STONES. (Uncut and prefect vs man made bricks of tower of babel)

He killed goliath, struck him in the 3rd eye and cut off his head (removed his crown)

All 7 chakras are described in this allegory about how to master your mind by perfecting the lower 5 levels of consciousness, which is VERY hard to do, the hardest is mastering and defeating death that is sex, the serpents hex aka saturn and the black cube, juxtaposed to the clear cube in the crown of the mind that is the new jerusalem

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By the second Great American Eclipse in 2024, all will be completed.

7 years from 2017 to 2024

Doctors are saying most people with the vaxx will be dead within 3 years.

Many rumors of "Christs second coming" in 2024 based on the book of Daniel.

Take any of that fwiw

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I know EXACTLY what you mean OP,

Ive posted lots of similar info here. It's not received too well on this board, save for a few open minded.

Voat used to be a much better board for these truths.

Christ isn't a person, it's a mental state, like Nirvana.

Jesus/Yeshua achieved that state of mind. Many others have over the years too.

Jesus was Essene (essence) and they strived to reach this level of enlightenment.

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I live near here, but I'm unable to make it unfortunately. Prayers and thoughts.

My wife works for Cox and just said that the director will hire staff that gets fired for refusal of the death jab.

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Yes. Q doesn't want violence, but doing that will put everyone who has held back for the sake of Q right on over the edge.

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The church never talks about this event.

The first great awakening;

Matt 27:51

51 At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook, the rocks split 52 and the tombs broke open. The bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life. 53 They came out of the tombs after Jesusโ€™ resurrection and[e] went into the holy city and appeared to many people.

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Gospel = good news.

The good news was exactly what Jesus said "the good news of the kingdom of heaven is within"

That's why when he died, the veil was torn in two and the spirit left the physical and entered into the body of man and the 1st resurrection happened and the graves burst open and the ancient saints walked among men.

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Fucking EPIC.


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The Jews of the day were multi lingual.

They spoke greek, hebrew and aramaic.

The three languages were intertwined in the day.

Not unlike living in los angeles, most speak English and Spanish.

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The actual historical is based on what you call "esoteric"

It's symbolism.

It'll be their downfall when you learn it.

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Yes, but the staff is a symbol for the spine (33 vertibrae, where 33 degrees of free masonry come from)

The Caduceus is that symbol. The serpent on the staff, when u reach the highest level you are enlightened, hence the wings off the top. They are the "wings of the temple" in the Bible (temple of God in your mind, between your 2 temple s)

Q also mentions the other MAJOR symbol that means the same thing.

Magic Sword...

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