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Almost every tech in the past 100 years (perhaps more) is part of a broader Cabal long term plan, which is always associated with comms to tell their brethen what they are doing.

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Quail eggs might look funny but they are very tasty. Just boil them and eat!

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Looks like it was a mod action. If you would like to know more, consider asking in modmail.

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Thats why they all have non-profit orgs and companies in relative names.

Donations to non profits.

Contracts to companies.

Buying art/real estate at inflated prices


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Where did all of the goons go? What happened to the goon squad organizers?

I have a feeling we might owe ol' Vlad a bit of thanks for making them disappear.

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Its been going on for 8 years. We were told what to expect. No one said it will be easy.

to sweep up every last small fry

I hope you realise there is much much much more than that. 8 year timeline is pretty good considering:

  1. We are undoing atleast 2000 years (probably 6000 more like) of systemic evil in our world

  2. We want every single person in this world to wake up and understand the true reality we lived in.

  3. The cleanup cannot happen without cleanup of our controlling entities, and disclosures about that.

8 years is probably very small when you look at this.

is a lot of blood, sweat and tears

Humanity has been drenched, soaked and pickled in blood, sweat and tears from time immemorable. But only now we are actually seeing it. Seeing an enemy is the first step to stopping that enemy.


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And boy, being sober in a party can make you quite unpopular.

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Every share of GME is worth DRSing. If you hav direct registered your GME, you should have gotten your login details from ComputerShare. If so, you can purchase more shares directly from them and it will be direct registered as well. Its worth registering however many shares of GME you own.

Afaik, you cannot direct register DWAC yet since its a SPAC. Upon merger with TS it will become a normal share when you can DRS it.

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When it comes to sensitive things like Judaism, its best not to put the info out there directly. They have to be at a point where they are asking questions and wanting answers. Until then all we can do is just drop some crumbs and get their interest piqued.

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There are no Cabal heads anymore. All we have is Cabal puppets being controlled / manipulated by the whitehats who leave these deltas as proofs that they are in control.

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I am guessing, given the circumstances, there were no one in the plane when it crashed. Letting the Cabal think they killed, while taking them to safety.

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I think Eliza Bleu story is FAR more complicated that people try to make it out. What she did with the screenshot of the public video was stupid, and she definitely has some very bad advisors (I am guessing "E" is one of them) but I have not seen anything that really smears her story.

The thing that was alarming was the ferocity with which anti-Eliza stuff started spreading. I am keeping my mind open on this one regardless of the obvious narrative.

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For a second I was wondering when did South Australia become a major player in energy! 🤣

But yeah, I can already see at the gas stations put here that the prices are slowly edging up in a fluctuating pattern - the same way in early last year when it finally ended almost 60 cents above.

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Can easily believe this news. I know a friend who does Gold prospecting and these folks tell you that land is filled with Gold, all over the world. Every year he comes back with a decent haul.

Bix Weir from RoadToRoota has done a lot of research into the metal prices and Cabal shenanigans, and he has come to the conclusion that gold and silver price must be 1:1 based on real availability.

He also has theorized that Grand Canyon had shit tons of Gold and when Rothchilds found out about it, they got the government to suppress it, make it all into restricted park area, and was one of the important reasons for accelerating the plans for a Fed.

We might start seeing these kinds of news more and more often. For those who are collecting metals, I think a good way to go about is to hedge between gold and silver. Regardless of how much gold is there, both will shoot up in a free market since dollars are only 3% of what they were in 1913. So definitely no need for gold bugs to panic.

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Is that crashed plane something to do with this? Distraction?

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2016 onwards all elections were safe. We have been in devolution, but no one got away with any election steal. The timeline is Oct 2025 at the most, so until then dont let your heart break no matter what optics you see, including 2024 election optics.


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Absoliutely. Q even showed us how MS13 assets were used in murdering Seth Rich.

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[7:02] The text is discussing a plan to overthrow the Jewish establishment in Russia by placing Vladimir Putin, a Jewish cousin, into power. The plan was to make it look like Putin was throwing out the oligarchs, but in reality, it was Chabad gaining control of the country.

If we take the "All Jews are Evil" simplistic approach, this part sounds ominous. However, if we take the view "Only Khazarians, who are pseudo-jews are evil, but there are plenty of Jews who oppose the Khazarians", this part actually starts making sense especially in light of "Save Israel for Last".

Chabad Jews are traditional, more orthodox Jews. The Khazarians are typically the progressive pseudo-Jews. There have been many Rabbis speaking about how even in Israel the traditional Judaism is being marginalized and demonised by the same Cabal elements like what they do to the rest of the world.

So if Trump had to align himself with some faction of the shadow groups - the "good guys", it makes sense to align with Chabad Jews, especially if, by being Jewish, they already have hooks into Khazarian groups (which I believe they do).

It gets really interesting when you start looking into Jared Khushner's family and their connections to Chabad Jews. His father has been involved in Chabad Philosophy, and Khushner's Rabbi is a Chabad Jew.

I think Anons should analyze this video as a source from someone who has a partial picture of whats going on, but that partial picture can works a piece in the jigsaw puzzle we have been trying to solve using Q drops.

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AI generated automated summary of the video. Experimental


This transcript appears to be discussing a potential war between Russia and Ukraine, with the involvement of other countries such as Germany and China. It also mentions the use of advanced technology, such as missile systems and proxies, in the conflict. It also mentions that the Ukrainian military is in a weak state and is looking for able-bodied men to fight. It suggests that the war is not just a proxy war but a direct war.


This is a transcript of a video discussing the situation in Ukraine. The speaker is discussing the situation on the front lines, where children and the elderly are being used to fight. They mention that the front lines are a meat grinding factory and that the life expectancy of a soldier is only four days. The speaker also mentions that females in the United States can now be drafted to go to war. They mention that the draft is being implemented to send soldiers to Ukraine and other places where the world war is happening. The speaker also mentions that the agenda is to draft women up to the age of 60, like they do in Europe. They also mention that they are prepared for something big.


Summary: The speaker mentions that Russia and Ukraine are in a direct confrontation with each other, and that the Navy SEAL teams are conducting sabotage attacks inside of Russia. The speaker also mentions that Putin knows about these attacks and has held back from retaliating. The speaker also states that Putin has his own agenda and is not a knight in shining armor, and that Edward Hudeau, the former mayor and former Rabbi of Chabad, knew this years ago.


The text is discussing a plan to overthrow the Jewish establishment in Russia by placing Vladimir Putin, a Jewish cousin, into power. The plan was to make it look like Putin was throwing out the oligarchs, but in reality, it was Chabad gaining control of the country. The ultimate goal was to break the back of the United States in a war by hitting them with a nuke. The author also mentions that there are already dirty nukes planted that can be detonated. The plan is a bait and switch, similar to what was said about Putin, but the focus is on Israel and the Rothschilds.


The speaker is expressing their concerns about the current political situation in the United States and Israel. They mention that there is an ongoing civil war in Israel due to the actions of Prime Minister Netanyahu, and that this is not being reported in the United States. The speaker also mentions that there is an Elite battle going on, using people as pawns, and that most people are unaware of what is happening. They suggest that this is why the public is not informed about what is going on in the world. They also mention that there are different levels of control and that George Soros and Henry Kissinger are among the people who control global leaders. The speaker mentions that there are five men who control the President of the United States, but only names George Soros as one of them.


This is a transcript of a video discussing the relationship between political figures and the Puppet Masters, who are supposedly the real controllers of the government. The speaker mentions that the Rothschilds have a high level of influence and that George Soros controlled Trump during his presidency. The speaker also mentions that even though politicians may seem to be fighting for power and control, they are ultimately controlled by the Puppet Masters. The video suggests that while politicians may have some influence over policy, their main goal is to take care of the bodies and get their agendas taken care of.


The speaker is discussing the idea that there are Puppet Masters controlling the political system and orchestrating events such as the power struggle between Trump and Biden. They mention the possibility of extraterrestrial involvement in this process and suggest that Project Blue Beam may be a part of the Puppet Masters' agenda. The speaker also expresses frustration with the current state of the world, where citizens are left fighting each other while the Puppet Masters remain in power. They suggest that the only way to stop the Puppet Masters is to wake up to the reality of the system and not participate in it. However, they acknowledge that this may not be practical, as the choice between two candidates is ultimately rigged. The speaker concludes by noting that while voting may seem like a way to have leverage, it ultimately does not count if the election is rigged.


The speaker is expressing their belief that the current political system is a game being played by demonic entities that control us. They suggest that in order to change the system, people need to wake up to what's going on and realize that the "good cop, bad cop" routine with politicians like Trump is just a way to keep people fooled. The speaker also mentions the Noahide laws, which are legislation being rolled out in almost every government and will lead to an extreme right-wing environment. The speaker advises that we need to avoid falling into this trap by not swinging too far from the extreme left, which they believe was created by the current system. The speaker suggests that the only way to change the system is through a mass awakening of the people.


The speaker is discussing the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his recent political reforms. They mention that Netanyahu has signed a document giving a militia to Ben Gevir, the head of the National Security of Israel, to deal with the protests. The speaker believes that Netanyahu will reintroduce the seven Noahide laws in the near future. They also mention that speaking about these laws can be met with backlash, but they will eventually be carried out. The speaker believes that Netanyahu's reforms are temporary and that he is only halting them for now. They also mention that violence in Israel has increased due to the protests and that there is a backlash against Netanyahu's reforms.


This video is discussing the relationship between Jews and Christianity. It mentions that some Jews who believe that Christ is not God, see this as a reason to believe in Christ even more. The speaker notes that the majority of Jewish people do not support this kind of attack on Christianity, and that they are protesting in the streets. The speaker also notes that the Evangelical community is supporting Netanyahu in order to remove the secular government and the Supreme Court which is preventing them from implementing their policies. The speaker also mentions that the protests are not just about the judicial system, but also about the policies being introduced, which are seen as crazy. The speaker also mentions that beheading is mentioned in the Book of Revelation and that people are questioning if we are living in those times now or on our way. The speaker believes that we are definitely on our way and that people are getting it mixed up, looking at this as Gog of Magog at the end of the Thousand Years, which is at the end of that thousand years.


This transcript is discussing the concept of Gog and Magog, which is described as an unspecified amount of time in the Greek term. Jesus had already told the Christians that they were ruling and reigning with him for this period of time, and that their rule and reign over the principalities of darkness has been going on for the last two thousand years. It is mentioned that Gog is about to be released and that the word synagogue has the meaning of gathering God. The speaker then goes on to talk about persecution, saying that Christians, and other people, would do it in their synagogues and that this is sad because many Jewish people are not like that in the first place. The speaker also mentions that the Christian community is not recognizing the support for the Jewish people and the Palestinians who are hated by Israel. The speaker concludes by saying that if one stands with the Jewish people, they should not stand with the "crazy nonsense" that wants to be.
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This decode throws some light.

Of course Trump is backed by one of the shadow groups, and many mistake it to be "Israel" as in the Mossad / Zionist Israel, but I believe its the group within Israel thats against the Cabal as well.

There is a specific reason why "Saving Israel for the Last" - until we hit the precipice this particular enemy will still believe Trump is on their side.

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