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The point of Q operation was not to "catch all the bad guys" because doing just that would result in the replacement of the bad guys with a new generation of bad guys.

The point was to show people what evil is, how people become evil and what is the ultimate evil thing they have in plan for us.

The point is to make sure that never again will Humanity allow Evil to thrive

And yeah, its not painless.

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There are quite a lot of clauses. What are you referring to?

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Regardless of whether this is real or a joke or whatever, we have to keep in mind that folks who were on the wrong side of Q during the drops, may have very well changed sides since. @Jack also comes to mind. Perhaps even Snowden as well.

It does not mean these people will go unpunished for the crimes they already committed. They have accept they will be punished, but given a chance to dismantle the evil system they unwittingly became part of and felt trapped inside, some would take that for no other gain than just that.

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So, grapevine had it's uses. I thought it was just gossip!

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Whoever did this is Masterfully getting sheep to watch the interview! Classic redpill technique!

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I am curious to see what the comments are like, but too afraid to look, lol

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Came here to post my favourite Q drop - this^

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He still has to do his duty and meet the pope who was visiting Budapest, considering about half the people in Hungary are Catholic. Only when the world wakes up to understanding Cabal and what they are doing, then leaders can afford to throw optics out the window. And luckily we are headed there soon.

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I hate fathers' day because unlike mothers day which seems to be celebrated in most of the world at the same time, Fathers' day seems to be on different dates for different places. For instance, out here downunder, its not for another 3 months.

Just another example where things to do with fathers is an after thought :(

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The release of information has to coincide with the damage done because of that information being secret.

Just saying Biden is being blackmailed wont have the same impact as showing that such a blackmail can be used to bring about WW3.

"You cant tell them, you have to show them"

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U.S. continuity and security

C.O.G ?

is a key player in national emergency management

Anything to do with the famous "EMS" in Q post 34 (which incidentally was the comms from Trump's "conviction"_ which seemed like a typo?

Continuity of Government: Mount Weather is part of the U.S. government's plan for Continuity of Operations (COOP) in crisis situations.

Interesting that they call the COG as "COOP". Sounds like COUP? Is this the "reverse-coup" that Q operation is all about?

Very interesting ...

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Spread if the weirdo is not organic. It’s part of the cabal operations

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Funny! Only suggestion is, Trump should have been standing on the wrecking ball and jump on to the stage!

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But WW3 is precisely designed to make you forget about the CBDCs!

Just like WW1 made us forget about thee Fed, the IRS and the while shebang.

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I came to the conclusion that WH have planned to force the Cabal to run with Biden as their horse in 2024. And at the same time they keep throwing more and more hurdles in front of Biden. Its a next-level trolling so to speak.

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World currency can never become bitcoin. Its just not technically suitable for that.

But I am sure there will be a better implemented crypto that would be suitable for a world currency, or rather national currencies.

(The idea of world currency is scary. It will make it hard for each country to manager their own currency supply. It will have the same pitfalls as the current Cabal systemm)

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Ah, thanks for the context!

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"Trust Grassley" deltas : Nov 07 and Sep 23.

Sep 23 could be the perfect time for these tapes to be released for a nice october surprise.

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