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He is testing the claim that if you make your account private it shows up more on feeds. A lot of users are going crazy with this, and in fact it seems to be true. Probably one of those "hidden controls" in twitter

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As an experienced software engineer having seen all kinds of projects - big and small - I can tell you one thing. The implementation of the tech in Google and Amazon especially did not happen in a normal project. They had access to infinite money tap for one thing, and the tech took at least 20 years - I am specifically talking about Amazon AWS and Google search platform.

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Yeah, when he puts it like that, its a no brainer.

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Just curious - in all your studies did you actually go into any ancient scriptures? Works of people like Crowley is nothing but distortion of the knowledge to suit their anti-humanistic agenda.

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Perennialist tradition is not just one single belief but rather all the beliefs that are based on spiritually handed down divine teachings to humanity. How they apply that teaching is what differentiates the Humanists and Anti-humanists.

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perennialist tradition is a umbrella term for those who believe that there is a divine truth that has been passed from outside spirits to Humans. This is the origin of Occult - essentially hidden knowledge that came from the spirits.

Research into this requires digging into different occult traditions, like Gnosticism, Hermeticism, even eastern esoteric philosophies etc.

I personally would suggest Mark Passio since he was an ex-priest of temple of Satan, and understands the esoteric teachings and some of his videos explains this from the Cabal perspective in overall terms rather than dwelling on a single tradition.

His Natural Law series is essentially him sharing what he believes this esoteric knowledge is, in depth.

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We know that this is a Movie and what makes a great movie? AOC is one of the first confirmed actual Actor

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Its the distillation of everything I have come to believe through this truth-seeking journey starting from the first Q drop.

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So what is this timeline? Kimmel is a good guy? Inb4 they are all playing their roles, but did he get assigned to a good role?

The comments are interesting. They are saying how much of a nice guy Lindell is (these are from Trump haters). This is just a small teaser into what happens when MSM portrays someone nice. Wait until MSM will be forced to cover Trump, MAGA, Q and Pepes in positive light. People will be weeping for what they have done.

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So nice to watch someone going through the Q drops and learning the World!

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"The" represents racism

"is" represents sexism

"on" represents homophobia

"will" represents white supremacy

Okay, lets see how much of this the author of the article has demonstrated!

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You are correct. The world has always been run by the 13 families on behalf of the entities that shall remain nameless. Not all the families have been anti-humanists. Infact there was an equal division between them and the humanists for most of human history. After the London fire in 1666, leading to establishment of city of London, and through all the turmoils like french revolution, civil war, world wars etc, leading all the way to JFK assassination, the anti-humanitarians assumed they had won.

However the humanist faction not only survived but went underground and created an elaborate plan to defeat this for once and for all. This plan required people to wake up and understand the true nature of the anti-humanists. This was the only way to liberate Humanity for ever, otherwise the same techniques would be used again and again to bring us back to this point.

It is impossible to wake people up by telling how bad these people are, because their ideas are sugar coated in things like "equality", "democracy", "diversity" etc.

So they reluctantly decided that the anti-humanists need to be allowed to take the humanity to the precipice to expose without a shadow of doubt what their plans were. I think everything since JFK has been part of this operation. At each point the Humanists tried to reduce the damage while making sure the Anti-Humanists believed they were winning, up until Trump when the final phase was implemented.

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Destroying the rest would also imply uncontrolled destruction of the assets belonging to the rest, which is pretty much the entire global financial system. It would end up with a result worse than the great depression and the world wars all combined together.

I believe this is what they were going to do in 2008, but decided to resurrect the carcass of the dead beast long enough to implement a control demolition leading to GA.

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You gotta really dig into the case. It felt like a quiet group of people wanting to stay away from the reaches of the government, got infiltrated by CIA, and then labelled as mass-murderers. If you want to know more, I would suggest looking up Mae Brussel (she was the Bill Cooper before Bill Cooper).

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Yeah, they thought they were rail roading Trump into a narrow path that would have lead to a civil war in Jan 6th. Instead, the narrow path, while full of jabbed suffering, is the path into GA. People who simple blame Trump as "pushing vacccines" have no idea what he says hundreds of millions of people were "saved".

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What can I say, some people are in deep denial. The longer they take to wake up, the more jabbed need to suffer. Its all on their heads.

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helping those with Down syndrome.

How dare he not help the "disadvantaged of the month" as determined by the priests of the Left instead.

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BTW the cholesterol medicine (statin I think) is probably one of the biggest frauds. Probably causes more deaths in elderly people.

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