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I am on twitter now, new to the platform. Clicked everything. Dont find "trending". I am sure I am missing the obvious.

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The other problem I see is - I hear that "he is gay" and at the same time "He is predatory towards women". Just doesnt add up.

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No deadlines here. If it takes another 20 years to eradicate the evil that has planned our enslavement for 300 years, so be it.

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But Mike didn't prevent our people from Benghazi from being rescued

You mean Mike didn't actively get out people in Benghazi killed to cover up her crimes ?

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Where do you see these twitter trends?

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Yeah I went to vote only because I didnt want to pay a fine.

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Russia has gained a marginal amount of territory in East Ukraine

Why would they gain any territory? That was not the objective of this operation. They spelt out the objective very clearly, yet the main stream screamed at the top of their lungs "Putin wants to annex Ukraine" and when he doesn't "Look! he failed!"

This is what living inside a delusion feels like, and I hope we are beyond that.

Putin is a communist, he has NEVER tried to hide it

he constantly laments at the collapse of the USSR

For us USSR is one big monolithic communist entity, but for people who lived through it, its very different. It started with communist oppression, but then after Stalin purged all the Cabal puppets it became just another country - the reason why it feels like they had it so hard there was because they were not fueled by the central bank debt based economy. After the wall fell life became unbearable for normal soviet citizens who had enjoyed a stable job, stable prices and decent life until then.

For us USSR is just communism. For them it represents everything from defeating Nazis to taking on the central bankers and taking on the Cabal for a century, relentlessly no matter how much they have been crushed.

he is also as corrupt and money grubbing as a lead could be.

Again you are parroting the main stream narrative of him. Its actually the exact opposite. Under Yeltsin the oligarchs basically started looting the country and Putin came in put an end to it. The oligarchs were all backed by the Cabal, and Putin putting an end to it threw a huge spanner in the works.

Why do you think so many Ukrainian Oligarchs are always reported as "Russian origin" - because many of these oligarchs moved to Ukraine and started sucking resources there.

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Finish up Sussman. Get him convicted. Then Durham has enterered enough evidence to start other indictments.

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This election doesnt matter. Anyone who can win will be part of the Cabal. The election that happens after the Awakening is what matters, until then its all just a big clown show

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I know there must have been quite a lot of attempts on his life. I have heard that during SOTU Nancy Pelosi tried to poison him and I am inclined to believe it.

In spite of all this, not only have they foiled each of these attempts, but the White Hats must have been 100% confident that they can foil each and every attempt. This is just amazing. I thank God everyday for keeping him safe.

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They created both the world wars and sacrificed millions. They have created pretty much all the pandemics and all the revolutions and strifes and famine and anything you can think of, and honestly the only reason they do all that is because they are jealous of us.

Even with all their secret powers and ability to rule the world, we are still, as humanity, just happy with what we have over all, and no matter how many times they have crushed us, we always slowly come back. This is what drives them nuts.

This monkey pox is nothing, what comes after that for them, now that would be fun. Their worst fears coming true - getting destroyed by the very people they have hated so much.

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I think most people around her can't stand her even if they are evil people too.

Going by what Huma wrote to her brother, people only put up with her because they are terrified of her.

Watch Mook carefully as Hillary is chucked into the Scooby Van ...

Wait, for real?

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I watch this kind of stuff in court shows, and think "C'mon no one can be dumb enough to do that"

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