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11,326. A seemingly random number. A unique, specific number. So what’s in a number? 11,326.

That’s the exact number of UNREGISTERED people who voted in Maricopa County, AZ in the 2020 election.

That’s the exact number of people who illegally voted, had their votes counted, and added to the certified election results in AZ.

11,326. That’s the exact number of UNREGISTERED people who voted in AZ in Maricopa County and DID NOT APPEAR on any AZ voter rolls on 11/6/2021, but magically appeared on AZ voting rolls a month later.

Let me break down what that means:

11,326 people who weren’t registered voted in AZ illegally. Someone found this, and found they were not on the voting rolls.

Someone then added them to the voting rolls a month later, to try to cover this up & hide it.

The ONLY people who can change voting rolls is a state’s secretary of state.

Katie Hobbs. Soros bought & paid for Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

The same Katie Hobbs trying to stop the #AZaudit

You know what this shows?

  1. Knowledge of the votes & no action taken to remove them from results.

  2. Knowledge that someone was looking into it.

  3. A DELIBERATE attempt to cover it up by illegally altering state records.


EDIT: According to multiple websites ( not using Google) they all state it is 10, 457. Sorry for the error (not my post).

H/T: The Library : Harold’s Library https://t.me/The_Library_II

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So you are saying it was a dead tie?